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Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina Hits Hard

First of all let me extend my condolences to those affected by Katrina.

When I first heard the news of the hurricane hitting the south coast of the US I did not imagine that the situation would escalate to such a magnitude.

I heard on the news that there was a mass evacuation of the south. I said to myself at least these people had some sense to leave from that "disaster waiting to happen" place, which at some places was several feet below sea level.

I was shocked when I heard that so many people were still there when the hurricane struck. Then came the news of the damages, the loss of lives and now the anarchy and suffering in the affected areas. When I saw the pictures from the air I was wondering if it was a replay of the tsunami in the Philippines.

Then I started to reflect:

With all the technology and human wisdom we have we are still subjected to the power of nature. It took only one powerful hurricane to destroy a city and several towns and to reduce civilized communities to scenes of anarchy and suffering.

This shows us that no matter how rich, powerful, pretty or wicked we are...we are still like specks of dust on a scale.

4 commented:

Hi Stunner-Was watching the news last night and like the reports state, the help isn't coming in fast enough. They had never planned on something of this magnitude, but it seems to me help is very slow in coming.

Sunshine, watching the news I thought the same thing. I was surprised that it's taking so long to assist these people...especially in the US of all places!

It is truly horrifying and devastating whatz happenin in Mississippi:( its affecting everyone.all here in florida the gas prices escalating to "$ ARM.leg ". MI can't tek it!About the dispatching of troops Stunner, please remember that it is not that easy to just send a whole bunch of troops down there, thatz exactly what the U.S. hatin' terrorists want (to catch the U.S. off gaurd). The borders of the U.S. still need to be constantly watched. Still, Americans are extremely patriotic -trust me, they are trying their very best to get the help the victims need. Too bad there won't be any Mardi Gras in New Orleans for a while.

We truly are specks of dust on the larger scale of things...but that doesn't stop me from wanting to be a speck of dust that blings like the neptune sound.