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Friday, October 23, 2009

Still Here... Just A Bit Distracted!

Wait, don't file that missing blogger report! I'm still here, still around and very much still alive! I know I have been a very bad blogger and have been so scarce in the realm of blogging, but I have been somewhat distracted. No I have not found a job as yet, still very unemployed and have unfortunately maintained my bum status. I am still looking though and hoping I will land something very very soon before this money runs out and things get desperate. So what have I been doing to be so distracted?

Well I have been pursuing my photography even more and have been working to improve my skills and trying to be good enough to make a decent change from it. This involves watching several photography courses online and practicing by means of taking lots photographs. I have invested some more money in more photography equipment in hopes that it will improve my photography and start bringing in some form of income if it's even to recover the cost of my investment. You can see mt latest photos here Here is just a sample of my photography work.

Apart from photography I have not been doing much, the rest of the time is spent refining my survival budget and job hunting. Going to bed late and waking up late on a regular basis just seem to make the days go by so quickly. I'm so not used to this being unemployed thing, even after almost three months! Still hoping that will change soon.

Speaking of distractions, I have found that a certain ad has been very good at grabbing the attention of a lot of Jamaican men... I bet you can see why! Check out this Mandingo Ad!

But have no fear I am still around, and I should be back on the blogging scene again as of now. Sometimes a little break is good, but I can't just leave you guys out like that, right!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Red Bull Art of Can Exhibition

Last night I decided to go check out the Red Bull Art of Can exhibition to see the creative pieces that were on display. The Red Bull Art of Can is a competition in which the entrants make creative pieces almost entirely out of empty Red Bull cans. I must admit that there were several creative pieces on display and a testimony to the creativity of our fellow Jamaicans. Not all the pieces were mind blowing though, some were somewhat simply, while some were a bit confusing. But nonetheless, they all stemmed from the creativity of the designers and for the most part were very impressive. Of course you know I couldn't go the such an exhibition without carrying back a few photos for you guys! So without further ado, here are some of the pieces on display.

The exhibition is being hosted at Devon House here in Kingston and runs from October 1 to 11, 2009 between the hours of 10am to 10pm. So if you have the time you can go check out the pieces and cast your vote for your favorite entry.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The News...

This post is in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is this month, October. The post below, was written several months ago, March 9 to be exact. I had declined to post it, as I still wasn't sure I wanted to post it... I guess I was thinking it was a bit too personal. However, I have now decided to actually release this post as my contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The News... (09/03/09)

A few days ago, was about early last week I got some very disturbing news. It was like something so surreal, shocking, it was to the point of numbing, I didn't know how to react. When I heard it, I was in total disbelief, yet it was true, I felt as if I was in a bad dream. Yet I could still feel the the temperature of the air on my skin. My sis called us into the room and sat us down, trying to comfort us that we should not worry, as she took a deep breath to tell us the news. She was rather calm, but no one in the room was, especially my mother who kept asking what it was, to the point where we had to tell her to just be quiet. Then my sis began to explain, she had felt a lump in one of her breasts, she did several tests and all confirmed that it was cancerous. We all sank, our hearts plunged into a pit of sorrow, mixed with disbelief, feelings of sorrow mixed with the anxiety of what can be done.

This was especially shocking to me, as I have never heard that my family has a history of cancer. I am all too familiar with Diabetes (often referred to as sugar) which my father has, Hypertension (also called high blood pressure) which my mother struggles with, but never have I heard about cancer. Then to learn it was someone so close to me, my own sibling, my sister. It was a bit... well it was hard to swallow, I, no one expected this. The others took it harder than me, even tears ran down their cheeks. I stood there, just trying to make sense of it, it grapple with the reality of the situation. Truth is, I am not that much of an emotional person, I do show affection and grief, but I mostly keep it inside. It still didn't really sink in even when my sis was explaining what she was going to do and the dates, it was just too surreal at the moment. The gravity of the situation did become more apparent when she drove to the Hospital today to begin the first stage of her battle with this enemy.

I have heard, read and seen a lot of information about this major killer, even given somewhat some supported the fight against cancer with a small donation for my pink ribbon. I also personally know people who have fought with this disease. So I know how terrible this disease is and how it can affect the patient and the family and friends of the patient. However, the feeling is just not the same and the full impact is just not there until you know that someone so close to you has it. This is not only scary to me because it is affecting my sister, it has also unearthed a fear that I too may be at risk, If my sister has it, then it is in the genes and thus I too am at risk. I took my last prostate blood test a few months ago as a part of a random medical. I took it lightly and just did it because I wouldn't be paying for it as my health scheme covers the cost of the tests. But now I think this is something I should do every year.

I pray that my sister will be strong throughout this ordeal and will pull through just as many other cancer survivours have done in the past. The only immediate comfort we have now is that the tests confirmed that it has not spread. She has began a life changing journey, a fight against an internal enemy, a battle that will take strength, courage, support and love. May God be with her in this time of need and may she emerge from this the victor and even stronger. That is my hope, as wishing it never happened is futile, but dealing with the problem together with help from above is the only way.

My sister has already completed her chemo therapy and her final radiation treatment since I wrote this post and is well on the road to recovery. Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and a very prevalent disease in the rest of the world. It is a disease that has touched so many lives and more people are diagnoses with this disease every day. The fight against breast cancer is still ongoing and the search for a cure continues in earnest. For those who are now fighting this disease, may you be victorious in this battle and be one of those who can say they are survivours. Condolences to those who have lost loved ones to this disease. I guess I can repeat the advice that the the Medical Practitioners give to all females: do regular self breast examinations and mammograms (where applicable). I would also like to add that a proper, well balanced diet coupled with regular exercise goes long way. Hopefully a cure for this disease is in the near future that will spare many from the clutches of Breast Cancer.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

More Increases, More Hardship!

Once again, the hardship of the Jamaican people has increased. The Government recently tables its supplementary budget in Parliament and increased hardship was on the platter. The government has hiked the taxes on telephone calls, cards and instruments from the already high twenty percent (20%) to a whopping twenty five percent (25%). So now you will pay a quarter of the price of a call, phone card or instrument, plus the stipulated cost each time your take up that phone to make call, buy a phone card or purchase a new phone. Whoever said talk is cheap certainly didn't live or visit Jamaica! However the increase didn't stop there!

If you are thinking of traveling overseas any time soon you will be required to fork out some more money coupled with the already ridiculously high airfares. Why? The government has also chosen to increase the departure tax by a whopping eighty percent(80%)! So now instead of paying the regular JM$1000 for departure tax you will now be required to fork out an extra JM$800 to pay the new fee of JM$1800each time you purchase a ticket to travel. This government never fails to surprise as yesterday when they announced the increases they pulled a fast one and announced that these increases would be effective today, Thursday October1, 2009! Surprise!

However, the government wasn't all about increases as they announced that they will indeed be cutting something! What would cause the government to deviate from their trend of increasing? The government confirmed the fears of many public servants on Wednesday when they announced that they will be cutting the number of people employed to the public sector. Up to earlier this week the Labour Minister, Pernell Charles, stated that as far as he knows the Prime Minister would not be cutting jobs in the public sector, but the Prime Minister sang a different tune on Wednesday! No time-line has been given for this cut, but many speculate that it will be soon, with the IMF deal in sight. So once again the already high unemployment figure in Jamaica will increase.

The only good announcement that came from this supplementary budget was that the Cabinet was not immune from the public sector job cut and that the government will be seeking to cut down on the red tape and gymnastics required to start businesses. But even with this gleam of light the days ahead grow even darker and hardship will only increase for the average Jamaican.