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Sunday, June 29, 2008


After watching the flashy previews and trailers and after going to to see the local ratings I decided that I wanted to see the movie Wanted on the big screen. So on Saturday night the opportunity presented itself for e to go see if it was all hype or something that I really 'wanted' to see.

The movie started with some funny scenes and narration, but this did not drag on as the action didn't hesitate to jump in full force! If you wanted a definition of an action packed movie, then Wanted would be one of the illustrative definitions. If fast, racy, gun slinging, car chasing, stunt filled action is on your menu, then Wanted is certainly the movie to wet your appetite! The main characters James McAvoy (Neva know him till this movie) who played Wesley and Angelina Jolie (Fox) delivered some serious action and did the movie justice and then there is Morgan Freeman (Sloan), well what can I say it's Morgan Freeman you can't expect nothing less than the best. What would an action movie be without killer graphics? The graphics in this movie was totally awesome and blended well with the action this movie spewed.

Of course no movie is perfect and thus Wanted does have it's own faults. There are one or two scenes that just seem out of place with the movie and one particular scene that I just think pushed the limit of my imagination a bit to far. Of course you know I won't tell you the scenes as this will just spoil it for you. However, it did not spoil the movie for me as the action was good enough to keep me occupied. Overall Wanted was a pretty good movie, and certainly a gret movie if action is what you are into. I give it a Stunner rating of 4 out of 5.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Portie Weekend! Yay!

Winifred's Beach

Once gain I braved the tumultuous road to Port Antonio, through the winds and turns of the Junction Road in the highlands of St. Mary, along the intermittently paved roadway under construction in Portland. The road to Port Antonio, although extremely terrible, is much better than it was the last few times I dared to travel along it's rocky, precipice infected pathway. There is a good stretch of paved road now starting from Annotto Bay, and trust mi it feel sweet! There is also a very long section that has been prepped for paving, so it is slowly looking like a road again.

My weekend getaway from the City was wonderful as I got to spend times with a few of my good friends and of course I went to the beach! I got over at about 8 pm on Friday evening and was quickly ushered to a little restaurant on the outskirts of the town in Breast Works, called... shit, I forgot the name. Anyway, it's not one of the official restaurants you are used to, it is actually located in what appears to be someones front yard. but the ambiance created by the bamboo seats and bamboo roof was a welcomed change from the traditional food places. The food was pretty decent apart from the steamed bammy, which was more like bammy porridge! We all had Cray Fish soup which was actually a combination soup of craw fish, conch and bussu (a small river snail) with more cray fish to distinguish it. We also had some curried goat and roti and some jerked chicken.

On Saturday, it was off to the beach! This time, we opted for Winifred's instead of Frenchman's Cove, even though we swung by Brian's Bay as that was also an option. Winifred's Beach is one of the largest beaches in Portland even though it is only an arm length when compared to the 7 miles beach of Negril. It is located in the Fairy Hill district of Portland just below a housing scheme. But it will take a lot of patients, nerves of steel and possibly a good 4X4 vehicle to drive down to the beach, so I drove as far as I safely could, parked the car and we trekked down by foot through the short-cut. This was the first time I have been to Winifred's Beach in almost four years.It was just as lovely as it was when I last visited, nice expanse of white sand and inviting turquoise water glistening in the sun. The only difference was that once I entered the water I noticed that a great portion of the beach was rather stony. Hopefully, the authorities will initiate a cleanup of this lovely beach and fix that damn road down to the beach! We eventually found a spot with little or no stones and soaked up some of that nice Caribbean Sea sun and sea. but for some reason though, that beach seamed pretty salty, yeah I know the sea is salty, but this is one was double sized! After swimming we replenished our bodies with a cup of Chicken Foot Soup and boiled corn. We again linked up at a little lounge and bar where we chatted, drank liquor and played dominoes until about four in the morning before heading home and passing out.

Me eating boiled corn

On Sunday, it was time to head back to the city and to leave the beautiful mix of lush green and turquoise behind, and say good bye to a wonderful weekend. How was your weekend? Yeah I know, I just had to ask!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Videos, Videos and More Sex Videos!

It seems like it is a new phenomenon to sweep the Jamaican landscape, no not hurricanes we get that almost every year, it is sex videos galore! From horny adults, to high school teens, to pre-teens, television personalities and even actors, everybody seems to be doing it these days. It seems the voyeuristic side of Jamaicans has grown exponentially these last few years with several videos being circulated on the Internet and on cellphones via bluetooth! Adults and children alike having sex with their partner, some performing oral sex and even orgies are being recorded by the parties involved or their compatriots!

I can seem to count the amount of "school girl" videos I have received in my email and on my cellphone, as it seems the "schoolers" seem to be the most common perpetrators... or should I say porn stars! I can even remember the most shocking video I saw, where pre-teens were having sex on the steps of a school in plain view of even younger children! I have even received one with high two high school boys batterying (orgy) a school girl. But the "schoolers" aren't the only one getting in on the act as there have been several videos of adults having sex and oral sex have been in regular circulation. This is not limited to just your average unknown faces, but local television personalities and actors have been participating in the habit of recording their private sexual acts! this has been highlighted by the latest videos, one featuring Milk and the other featuring Johnny and Donisha (Yes mi a call name, everybody done know already). But it seems these tapes are not ending soon as even up to tonight I received one of a female, supposedly an employee of a well known bank, having sex with who appears to be her boyfriend.

But the question is, what prompts people to knowingly record, or allow the recording of there most private acts with the knowledge that there is a very good possibility it might fall into the wrong hands and get circulated? I it too much exposure to pornographic movies that has induced this voyeuristic behavior? Is it the ease of videoing these acts, brought about by improved technology? Or is it just an inherent curiosity we all have to see ourselves "performing", that overwhelms us to give in to recording our intimate moments? I will not say it is wrong to video ones own sexual activities, to each is own and everyone has the right to seek pleasure. However, as with everything else those who choose to video themselves "doing the nasty" need to be responsible enough to ensure they can really trust the other party/parties and take all precautions to prevent that video from leaking.

But even with all the precautions, "shit" still happens and some of these videos do get out. I do feel sorry for these persons who get caught, even though the videos serve as entertainment, hehehe. Whatever adults choose to do is their private business even though it may end up public and they made their "grown up" decision to do so. But, it is the videos of the these "schoolers", teens and worse pre-teens, that bothers me. But with how do we break this trend when technology makes it so easy to make a video? When there is abundant sex videos on cable, in stores and one the streets? And when there are persons interesting in videoing their intimate moments? This seems to be a growing phenomenon, which we may not be able to stop as we continue to see videos, videos and more sex videos!

PS: This is my 300th post, YAY!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brake Up! High Prices Ahead!

Remember my grand dream of buying myself a 2005 new shape Honda Civic? Will I guess it it still and will continue to be only a dream, as the price tag certainly put some brakes on my car buying plans. Our week Jamaican dollar coupled with the increase in import duties have caused the the car prices to skyrocket. This is further compounded by my weak salary and the salary increase that seems to be eluding me.

I have been checking out the prices of the 2005 new shape civic and it has been one heartbreak and disappointment after the other. I have been looking online at Japanese export websites and even those prices seem out of my reach as the average estimate (my own calculations that is) is $1.7 million! If you think that is bad, you need to hear the used car dealer prices. I went to a used car dealer to investigate. So I went to a particular dealer near to my home even though I didn't see any on display. To my surprise they had one stashed away at the back, so I went with the sales rep to drool uncontrollably. There it was, in it's glory, glistening in the sun, it was beautiful! So I dared to ask the price and I was certainly slapped with the response of $1.95 million! Can you believe it $2 million for a three year old, used vehicle!

My friends my car hunting seems dismal as my dream has become a nightmare filled with the haunting of high prices. But the search continues, hopefully there will be a beam of hope in shining through these dark clouds of high prices. The search continues...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Can You Stomach It?

So I have been watching a few shows on TV lately, I'm not talking sitcoms, movies or porn. I'm talking shows that are a little more beneficial, like those on Discovery, National Geographic, HGTV and the Travel Channel. So it was while watching the Travel Channel that I stumbled on Bizarre Foods, a show where the host, Andrew Zimmen, travels all a cross the globe sampling as much nasty, disgusting, stomach turning, appetite killing... well you get the idea, bizarre foods that people eat in the countries of the world. This show is not for the faint of heart or for those who do not have strong stomachs, as the cuisines he samples are not your ordinary quirks, but some serious skin crawling dishes. Spiders, bugs, grubs, tripe, rodents, scorpions, worms, you name it. Once it is disgusting he has had it! One thing is for sure is that, he definitely won't die of starvation. But seriously, based on the trends of food prices these days we may need to start getting familiar with these exotic cuisines!

I don't think I'm as adventurous as he is where food is concerned, as I would never eat half of the thing he eats on his shows. But don't get me wrong, I'm somewhat adventurous, after all, I have had conch, live oysters and octopus. But that's as far as I have gone where food is concerned. So what is the most bizarre food you have ever eaten or would eat?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Bolt Beats Gay!!!

Yes you heard right, but I am not talking about some act of violence against a homosexual! On Saturday May 31, 2008 Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt beat the American, Tyson Gay at at the Reebok Grand Prix meet. But not only did he defeat Gay, but he also did the impossible and shattered the record held by the world' s fastest man, fellow Jamaican Sprinter, Asafa Powell! Usain 'bolted' away from Gay's 9.85 seconds clocking a whopping 9.72 seconds, two (2) seconds faster than Asafa's record of 9.74 seconds. So it looks like there is a much anticipated show down, between the two fastest men in the world, the two Jamaicans. Will Bolt stay on Top or will Asafa regain his number one spot? Whatever happens, Jamaica is on top and congrats to Usain on his victory and becoming number one!

PS: I posted a new photo on my photoblog and there is a new poll at the bottom of the page!