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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Irregular Posting, But Still Around!

Basking, originally uploaded by Stunnerj. A crocodile i spotted on the bank of Black River.

I have been so busy, and somewhat uninspired to blog lately. Being unemployed gets to me sometimes, but my photography and a website I am building has been keeping me occupied. So for now blogging has been placed a bit on the back burner. However, as I said, my photography has been more constant in my life these days. A part of my photography is the monthly Jamaica West Indies Flickr/ Lovers of Photography Flickr group trips that I look forward to every month end.

The latest trip on Sunday January 31 took me to Black River, infamous for it's crocodile population. It was a fruitful trip as we spotted two crocodiles basking in the midday sun at the very beginning of the tour. At first when we saw the crocodiles basking in the same position on either of two concrete walls we thought they were fake as they both laid there motionless with mouths open. But as we got closer were were totally convinced these were the genuine article as we say their eyes move as the watched us cautiously. One finally moved a bit when the boat got closer making us know they were not comfortable with us getting so close, much to our excitement! We spotted several smaller and even larger crocodiles and various birds along the river tour. These poor creatures were subject of several camera clicks, flashes and the attention of a boat load of excited photographers.

Apart from the wildlife and fun boat ride along the Black River, I also enjoyed a wonderful photo shot with a model who one of the photographers brought along. This young lady was beautiful, great facial features, beautiful skin and a banging body! The other big plus was that she knew how to work the camera and was a natural in front of the lens. It made shooting her fun and exciting, not just for me but for the huge throng of amateur photographers present. It was like a super model surrounded by hungry paparazzi seeking the best shot! We were so serious about getting hot photos of her that we literally stopped traffic, including a huge truck, which we ended up turning into a prop for our shoot!

Traffic Blocking originally uploaded by Stunnerj. Our Model striking a pose in front of the truck we stopped!

I am still job hunting and keeping my hopes up, even though it can be depressing at times. But despite the down times, I am glad I have my hobby of photography, photographers like those in the flickr group who make these trips a success and the special persons in my life to keep me going. So have no fear Stunner is still here!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Our small island, called Jamaica, has what seems to be one of the highest murder rates in the region. The gruesome crimes have become such a common item in the news these days that it doesn't even seem to be shocking anymore. Shock and awe of these terrible murders have been removed from the list of emotions I feel when I watch the news. In fact I have to come to expect to hear at least one person murdered during the each of the daily newscasts. However, such feelings have been replaced by sorrow and empathy for bot the victims and there families, when innocent persons are abducted, raped and murdered.

But no matter how such items are reported on in the news and your emotions get stirred up, it does not hit home until someone you knows suffers this terrible fate. On Saturday both the printed media and the television news told the story of a young female pharmacist who was abducted, raped, murdered and her violated lifeless body burnt. When I watched the news I couldn't help but to feel a mix of emotions bubble through my body, a violent mixture of sorrow and anger. As I read the article in the Jamaica Observer and saw the picture of the young lady the feeling sank in even deeper as her face looked more and more familiar. But it was not until I got a call from one of my friends, who jogged my memory. This was a girl that went to the same University I went to, the same time I went to the university, someone I saw on several occasions with her twin sister on campus, someone who got married to one of my dorm mates. My heart plunged when I though of her ordeal in her last moments and the loss her husband, child and other family members must be feeling. My anger blazed to think someone, some evil being could carry out such a wicked and heartless act.

This was not the first time I have experienced such emotions and in a world like this I'm sure it might not be the last. One of my friends from the University I used to attend suffered such a fate, it hurt even more as this was someone who I was close to while I was on dorm. A girl who had a crush on me and someone who was fun to be around. She was abducted too, some time after I entered the working world, no doubt raped, then murdered and dismembered. I couldn't stop thinking about that gruesome act and having the emotions bubble in my system up to my throat like a well hot soup still in the fire, a fire fueled by grief and anger. I even recall having dreams of her still alive, like flashbacks of us still on the dorm hanging out, even a few weeks after I heard of her demise. But now only memories of the great person she was is left in the minds of those who knew her.

The murder of Terry-Ann, someone who I have personally seen several times and of my friend just only gives a glimpse of the sorrow and emotions of what other closer friends and family members must be feeling. Tragedies like these also just underscores how fragile life is and how fortunate we are to be graced with another day on the face of the earth in such a vile and heartless world. The murders in this country increase with every passing year, but has also shifted focus from killings associated with gang wars and robberies. The elderly, women and children have now become a target of this scourge on our nation. The government and the security forces just seem powerless in the face of these heartless crimes that are being committed in our small island. We can't be too careful these days, even in the comforts of our homes we need to be wary and give thanks for each day we survive unharmed.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sexiest Woman Alive?

I dropped in on Princess Dominique's blog and found this post about Charlize Theron being dubbed as the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine. However, I fail to see why Esquire magazine came to this conclusion. I mean, she looks good, and her body does look nice, but sexiest woman alive! I clearly fail to see that part. I think the judges who came up with this verdict must by high on some serious seasoned coke-ass weed when they made this call. But then...

I thought to myself, maybe it's that my definition of sexy is on a whole different plane, something completely different from them, or mainstream media. Yeah, you know, curve-less, thin, no ass, big breasts, blond, etc.... Yes my definition differs a whole lot.

Well, my idea of sexy includes a woman with curves in the right places, curves a plenty! I like nice curvy hips, nice round basket ball, grab me please, apple bottom, well shaped legs and thighs. She has have got to have a nice pair of breasts, not to big and definitely not too small! A pretty face is a must, a lovely pair or irresistible lips and a walk that stops anyone in their tracks. But, sexy doesn't stop there, it involves how the woman projects herself, her confidence, her sexuality and how she carries herself. That about sums it up oh and for those who are imaginatively impaired the picture below may help.

Yeah, like she!

So I tried to give my impression of a sexy woman in a nutshell, what do you consider sexy?