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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gaza Two Mouth?


By now everyone in Jamaica and Dancehall fans everywhere should have heard about Lisa Hype and her infamous oral sex photograph. This photo received quite a few comments from the Jamaican public as well as fellow Dancehall artistes. One artiste in particular, female DJ Stacious capitalized on this revelation with a song she penned that featured lyrics pertaining to Lisa Hype's oral tendency. however, it seems Lisa Hype's fallout from her oral sex photo did not just stop at the public opinion or the damning words of other Dancehall artistes!

Lisa Hype has been "blown" off,, yes expelled from the Portmore Empire by the their leader Vybez Kartel. According to The Jamaica Star, Vybez has issued a statement saying, "the members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain 'developments' that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct. Conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire." No doubt this "certain developments regarding Lisa Hype's conduct is in reference to her photo graph and proud admittance of performing oral sex. However, I find this statement and action by Vybez Kartel and his Portmore Empire to be very hypocritical! This is coming from a man who in one of his biggest and most well known song was in full support of a woman performing oral sex! In case you forget, let me drop a quote from his song "Tek Buddy Gyal",

... Tek rod fi di goods from seprod
Plus di ceramic tiles and di gold plate door knob
That a guh cause yuh a blow job...

Mines sing and DJ like Lady G
A who pay yuh visa fee?
Grab me cocky and sing pan it like Alicia Key...

If it is fact that the reason Vybez is dismissing Lisa Hype is because of the fact that she was caught performing oral sex, then he is a big hypocrite! She is just, as I see it, living up to the expectation of her mentor, the Gaza king, Vybez Kartel. I even suspect that it was probably Kartel's "mic" she was "deejaying" on, if I read deeply into certain images. Granted I am not coming to the defense of Lisa Hype. I'm not sorry for her, as it's her responsibility to ensure her private acts remain private. However, I just find our Dancehall artistes to be too hypocritical on many topics and the subject of oral sex is one in the forefront. If they hit out against it in their songs and statements, then they shouldn't be practicing it at all (either doing or having it done to them) under the quiet. These DJs need to be true to their words and stop to two mouth, two tongue thing!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Remains of AA flight 331 Under Threat!

By now everyone should have heard about the American Airlines flight 331, which crashed at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston Jamaica earlier this week. Thank God there were no fatalities in this accident and most of the passengers only received a few bumps and bruises. The Gleaner reports that after investigations are completed and the recoverable equipment are removed, the plan is likely to find its way into Jamaica's thriving scrap metal business. That would have been sooner than later if it was not for the security forces guarding the site thus preventing the plane to suffer the fate of the ship wreck only a few meters down the beach from the plane. But the wanton thirst of the scrap metal people is not the only thing investigators and the security forces have to worry about! What else would threaten the remains of this ill-fated plane?

L.A. LEWIS of course!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ninja Assassin

Last night I braved the cold of the New York winter, the snow and ice, the bone chilling winds to make my way to the Cinema to watch Ninja Assassin. The trek in the inhospitable weather was certainly worth it as the action in the movie certainly warmed up my chilled blood! If you are into almost non-stop action, fast pace martial arts, weapon wielding and blood splattering with dismembered limbs, then this is the movie for you!

The movie spits action from the very beginning, there was almost no slowing down in this movie. Even the flashbacks that develop the story light was somewhat intriguing as it set the pace and the storyline for the movie. The movie stars, Korean entertainer/actor Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) who plays Raizo, who is a Ninja Assassin who was trained from childhood by a secret Ninja clan and is being pursued by his clan for turning his back on them. The movie co-stars Naomie Harris, an English actress of Jamaican descent, who plays Mika an Europol investigator who becomes marked for death due to her investigations into the secret assassin organization. But I will say no more, you need to watch the movie.

Overall the movie was decent, the action was almost none-stop fast paced fighting and slicing. I recommend this one for the action and weapon based martial arts fans out there! I give it a Stunner Rating of 4 out of 5 as I basically got what I went there to see! Now I need to go give Avatar a watch to see how good it is and what the hype is all about.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Bruce Who Stole Christmas

Usually on a Friday I like to post something on a light note, or even post a picture of some hot, sexy female scantily clad. And don't be fooled by the picture above, I am not even reviewing a movie! However this is not an ordinary Friday, it is the real Black Friday, not the one where you get to buy your desire at half the price, but one where you will want to hold on to your money for dear life! What is so bad about this Friday, and it's not Friday 13th?

Well, it's what was announced Thursday, that made this Friday so dark and gloomy. The Prime Minister and his henchman Audley Shaw announced yet another new set of taxes to the nation in Gordon House on Thursday afternoon! This is not just another ordinary tax package, but the mother of all tax packages that has been announced in the past, yes this one supersedes all the previous tax woes on the nation of Jamaica! Instead of being merry and enjoying the upcoming season, Jamaicans have been plunged into a solemn mood, by a picture painted with more hardship for the poor and the struggling working class of this island. But really, can one pronouncement be so bad?

Well remember a few months ago the government introduced new taxes on the poor Jamaican people who were already suffering from high prices and low pay. This is now compounded by this heavy and burdensome increase in existing taxes and the inclusion of basically all goods and services that was not previously taxed! It's as if the government unleashed the tax floodgates on the already burdened tax payers! Now let me depress you with the details:
  • The standard rate for GCT will be going up from 16.5% to 17.5%
  • Motorists will again be hit with an increase in the fuel tax which will increase to 15%.
  • GCT will now be applied to electricity, residential customers using more than 200 kilowatt hour each month.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables, ground provisions, meat, poultry, fish, corned beef and pickled mackerel which were previously tax exempt will now attract GCT.
  • Other basic food items such as canned sardines, mackerel, bread, buns and bullas are also included on the list of taxable items.
  • Persons who require medical and surgical prostheses, orthopedics appliances will now have to pay GCT for these items.
  • The Special Consumption Tax on cigarettes will be increased from $8,500 per 1,000 sticks to $10,500 per 1,000 sticks to raise $1.41 billion.
  • TVJ Prime Time News has noted that even sanitary napkins will be taxed!
Yes my friends, it will now cost more money to even purchase the basic necessities. If the average Jamaican is now finding it hard to make ends meet, what are we going to do come January 2010? The government is hoping that these new overly burdensome taxes will correct the shortfall in the budget and impress the big bad IMF (International Monetary Fund), who they have been trying to woo for several months now. But this new tax measure will definitely put a serious dent into the personal budgets of the ordinary Jamaicans! I know this news has for a certain dampened the somewhat festive mood of this merry season. But you can still eat, drink and be merry this month, for as of January we shall starve!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Michael Pryce Has Died

Journalist Michael Pryce has succumbed with his battle against the dreaded cancer when he died on Monday December 13 at the age of forty eight. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in January 2006. Pryce is hailed by the Cancer Society Jamaica as a strong advocate for the fight against this disease that has claimed so many lives. He was hospitalised earlier this year at the University Hospital of the West Indies and subsequently travelled to the UK where he has citizenship.

He was born in Birmingham, England, but attended Kingston College and Vere Technical High School. He later returned to England, where he pursued university studies as well as serving a short time in the British army. Pryce's media career took spans several national and international media houses, including: BBC World Service and Choice FM radio in London, Television Jamaica, Radio Jamaica, and then finally joined CVM TV and HOT 102 in Jamaica.He worked as a broadcast journalist with CVM TV, covering and sports, anchoring news and sportscasts, as well as hosting current-affairs programmes.

This great journalist who was easily identified by his British accent on local TV and radio, will be missed by the media fraternity and the entire Jamaican audience.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Driva A Stopped!!!

Driver, don't stop at all, drop this Arizona round a Alba Mall
Driver, don't even hitch, collect dat likkle food deh yah and come back quick
Driver, just rememba di damn speed limit
Cau if yuh, run in di Feds my friend dat is it

-Driver A by Buju Banton

Well it seems when Buju penned those words to the song Driver A, he wasn't expecting to be in the hands of the Feds! Well none of his fans, as a matter of fact none of us expected to hear news that one of Jamaica's most well known artiste would be locked up by the American police for dealing in drugs! I bet the entire Jamaica was shocked when they saw the news that Reggae/Dancehall artiste Buju Banton (Mark Anthony Myrie) has been arrested in Miami for cocaine! Buju as well as two other men have been held in a sting operation by undercover DEA agents and it is alleged that they were in the process of purchasing five kilograms of cocaine.

I was shocked to hear the news that he was arrested for drugs, but even more shocked to hear that it was cocaine! I mean if he was being arrested for drugs, the first thought is that it would have been for weed (marijuana), but cocaine! It is alleged by the US law enforcement officers that Buju was instrumental in the drug deal and has been recorded brokering the deal and even recorded tasting the drug for validity. This is one tough pickle Buju is in, even though it is reported that he vigorously denies being a part of the drug deal. However, his denial is not enough to get him off the hook and it certainly not an easy road to beat this charge.

There has been no official word from Buju's management team on the issue and the local law enforcement personnel has not indicated that they have specifics on Buju's charges. However, we do know according to the Associated Press that Buju faces a charge of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine and faces up to 20 years in prison. It will be interesting to see how this turns out for Buju, who was just recently nominated for a Grammy for his latest album Rasta Got Soul. All of Buju's fans and of course Jamaicans on a whole are eager to hear the details and the fate of this popular artiste. Is he really innocent? Was he setup? is it a great conspiracy due to his anti-gay songs and recent nomination? I guess we all have to wait to see how this unfortunate ordeal plays out.


Poll Results

Do you think Buju Banton is guilty of the drug charges?

9 (26%)
19 (55%)
Not sure
5 (14%)
What drug charges?
1 (2%)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It Was Ony A Matter Of Time...

Yes, it was only a matter of time before the great DJ from Pirate Bay, Elephant Man, caught on and copied Jay Z and Alecia Keys song Empire State Of Mind and adapted it to make his new song! Elephant man has reconstructed Empire State Of Mind and has released a song called Kingston.! When will Elephant Man ever be original? When? Ele strikes again!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

They Have Returned and FREE!!!

Well it seems it will be a merry Christmas for cable subscribers here in Jamaica, for Flow customers at least! All indications are that Flow and HBO Latin America have ended their standoff and have struck a deal. Flow has conceded and has signed a deal with HBO Latin America to purchase their feed. This has resulted in the return of several HBO and CineMax channels to the Flows movie lineup (see chart below). Of course these new HBO and CineMax channels now come complete with Latin American ads and even some programmes are partially in Spanish. Seems I need to learn Spanish now... Um, where is that Rosetta Stone DVD? But I guess, Flow can't beat the big dogs so they just have to roll with them and work with the programme to return these channels that its Jamaican customers have become accustomed to.

However, this is not the end for the bag off goodies that Santa Flow has for its good little customers! As a special treat to its customers Flow has decided to offer its residential customers all eleven HBO and CineMax channels FREE for the Christmas season up until January 31, 2010! Yes fellow Flow customers you will be able to watch all these channels free for 2 months, enough to keep you entertained throughout the holiday season. They have further stated that they will soon provide further information on the packages that will be offered and pricing for these premium channels. Let's hope they will really be flexible as they claim they will be when they announce these plans. But in the meantime, entertain yourselves with the channels as Flow seeks to reacquaint you with this estranged channels.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


For almost the entire year the island of Jamaica has been experiencing a serious drought. The normally rainy months of April, May and October proved to be fruitless and with scarce rainfall too short and infrequent to mention. Even more disappointing was the peak of the hurricane season, even though I'm glad we didn't get a hurricane, but also we didn't get not even one good tropical wave to replenish the reservoirs and quench the thirst of the parched land! The Agricultural Minister announced that this is the worst drought the island has experienced in the past twenty years!

This drought has already begun to take its toll on the island, especially here in the Corporate area and even more so where I live. I have been experiencing water lock-offs since about June of this year, At first I used to loose piped water at about 10:00pm every night until e:00 the following morning, but things have now taken a turn for the worse. Now the water is being locked off as early as 7:30pm! And there is ominous news that as the drought progresses water restrictions will only increase, which would mean that customers will be seeing only a few hours of piped water per day.

However the far reaching consequences of this all island drought is not limited to just our individual pipelines, but the Agricultural sector too is feeling the effects if this drought being caused by what the scientist call El Nino. The longer this phenomenon continues our water supply, agriculture, livestock, and our normal day to day lives will continue to be placed into even more grave danger.

The National Worthless Commission... I mean National Water Commission (NWC), even though they cannot be blamed for the long term effects of this drought still needs to shoulder the blame along with the Jamaican Governments for the inadequate water supply the nation is facing. It seems that quite a few of the islands damns, especially the Hermitage Damn, which supplies the Kingston Metropolitan area have suffered reduced capacity over the past years due to silt. This reduced capacity coupled with increase population and businesses has further reduced the ability of these damns to collect and store enough water especially for times like these. However, our governments and NWC over the years did not see it prudent to increase our water storage capacity by dredging and/or increasing the number of reservoirs across the island, especially the city of Kingston.

It seems we all now need to take a backward... or I should say a forward step, to erect tanks and catchment facilities at our homes in order to ensure we have a fresh supply of water at our homes. Right now i think a meeting is in order at the half dead complex that i live to amend the Strata agreement to allow individuals to erect personal tanks, or for the strata to erect communal tanks for the complex. At this rate I will be living from bottle to bottle for my water supply and that just can't work! It's a serious state the country is in and even hotter, drier days are ahead as this El Nino drought drags on.