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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Bruce Who Stole Christmas

Usually on a Friday I like to post something on a light note, or even post a picture of some hot, sexy female scantily clad. And don't be fooled by the picture above, I am not even reviewing a movie! However this is not an ordinary Friday, it is the real Black Friday, not the one where you get to buy your desire at half the price, but one where you will want to hold on to your money for dear life! What is so bad about this Friday, and it's not Friday 13th?

Well, it's what was announced Thursday, that made this Friday so dark and gloomy. The Prime Minister and his henchman Audley Shaw announced yet another new set of taxes to the nation in Gordon House on Thursday afternoon! This is not just another ordinary tax package, but the mother of all tax packages that has been announced in the past, yes this one supersedes all the previous tax woes on the nation of Jamaica! Instead of being merry and enjoying the upcoming season, Jamaicans have been plunged into a solemn mood, by a picture painted with more hardship for the poor and the struggling working class of this island. But really, can one pronouncement be so bad?

Well remember a few months ago the government introduced new taxes on the poor Jamaican people who were already suffering from high prices and low pay. This is now compounded by this heavy and burdensome increase in existing taxes and the inclusion of basically all goods and services that was not previously taxed! It's as if the government unleashed the tax floodgates on the already burdened tax payers! Now let me depress you with the details:

  • The standard rate for GCT will be going up from 16.5% to 17.5%
  • Motorists will again be hit with an increase in the fuel tax which will increase to 15%.
  • GCT will now be applied to electricity, residential customers using more than 200 kilowatt hour each month.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables, ground provisions, meat, poultry, fish, corned beef and pickled mackerel which were previously tax exempt will now attract GCT.
  • Other basic food items such as canned sardines, mackerel, bread, buns and bullas are also included on the list of taxable items.
  • Persons who require medical and surgical prostheses, orthopedics appliances will now have to pay GCT for these items.
  • The Special Consumption Tax on cigarettes will be increased from $8,500 per 1,000 sticks to $10,500 per 1,000 sticks to raise $1.41 billion.
  • TVJ Prime Time News has noted that even sanitary napkins will be taxed!
Yes my friends, it will now cost more money to even purchase the basic necessities. If the average Jamaican is now finding it hard to make ends meet, what are we going to do come January 2010? The government is hoping that these new overly burdensome taxes will correct the shortfall in the budget and impress the big bad IMF (International Monetary Fund), who they have been trying to woo for several months now. But this new tax measure will definitely put a serious dent into the personal budgets of the ordinary Jamaicans! I know this news has for a certain dampened the somewhat festive mood of this merry season. But you can still eat, drink and be merry this month, for as of January we shall starve!


16 commented:

Wow Stunner.That is bleak looking for real. Ground provisions,fruit and all? I am assuming that GCT is like VAT right?

Lets not forget that fresh produce and other items sold in the market downtown will be hard for them to collect this tax from. I dont know is what dem grinch there thinking at all.

why don't they just take all of the paycheck? That's what they want.

damn, things sticky for Jamaica.

but as with every new tax package announced.. I realize I have been charged tax on a lot of the things from long time!

I am double upset.

why can't they just leave me alone in my house with my toaster oven and tv? geezampeas man. cho

one word...


I guess I wont be moving back to Jamaica.. People talk about the killings. Bruce waa starve you to death

yow!!! that's horrific...good grief...NOT BUN & BULLA!!! AND MACKREL too!! smh

As usual in our typical Jamaican way we fail to address the "real" problem. Based on the state the country is in as a result of the "Run wid it" Bestest Minister of Finance Jamaica has ever seen, what are the options? Well not to worry,the bitter medicine will be swallowed & come election time we can all vote the PNP with "Mamma" who loves the poor back into power & all the problems which have been created in the last two years by Bruce the Grinch will magically disappear like smoke in the wind & we will all live happily ever after! - The End

This is complete BS. This government has no consideration.

oh what a strange picture of bruce who stolen christmas.i like that u share the truth with others. thanks. discounted cosmetics.

Let’s not fail to remember that bright produce and extra items sold in the market downtown will be hard for them to collect this tax from.
Thanks for sharing your experience……

What a strange picture of bruce who stolen christmas.People talk about the killings. Bruce waa starve you to death.

yaah i also agree with the comments on repeatedly change of the tax collection. I just guess that GCT is like VAT right? thanks for this valuable tips..

nice post thanks for sharing...Lets not forget that fresh produce and other items sold in the market downtown will be hard for them to collect this tax from. I dont know is what dem grinch there thinking at all.