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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Star Poster Girl - Mucho Caliente!!!

Oh My, oh my, sooo bootylicious! This Star Poster girl has certainly got it, hot body and ass for days! Mucho Caliente!!! I saw this picture when on my routine visit to The Star's website and just had to capture it and post it on my blog! I know my fellow male bloggers will enjoy this one. Jamaica is certainly blessed where women are concerned.

How has your weekend been so far? It hasn't been good for me, I have to work the whole weekend, poor me. I can't wait for the holidays from school. Why? Well, apart from taking my very anticipated vacation, I will be able to request a change in my roster to allow me a couple of weekends off until school starts again.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe...mi gone back to drooling over di Star Poster Girl!

15 commented:

big up Kedijah booty... LOL
What would ya'llmen do with out booty...

Oh, yous about to get me into trouble at work! lol, but thats alright, I'm ready to quit!

Couldn't do without the booty Brooklyn Babe!

Just don't read this post at home Bro Buck, LOL!

Oh yes Princessdominique, I ove a woman with a nice round bubble but and lots of curves!

Yeah man, da gyal deh a seh one star!! I have to start visiting the Star page more often!

De nubian sisters sure in lacking de back area....enjoy!!!!

Ra$$ the photo on de left she look well positioned for a backsh.....umm....ok....mek me behave! ;-)

Yuh girlfriend know you drooling?:)

Damn bro! You sure got taste! White girls shake in envy!

Aya yey!!!
Mercy Perci!!

Wa da girl ya have nuh dun tiday.

Hey now, some white girls have back.

Stun, I thought you gave up on The Star?

LOL, don't talk suh loud Abeni!
I agree, justacoolcat, there are some white girls with back. I don't recall giving up on The Star.

Dr. D, De Imigrant, leon, and anonymous I'm glad yuh enjoying the photo.

Nubian princesses certainly have back, Campfyah.

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Too much 4 d not saying dat shi hasnt got a ass 2 die 4, but 2 much 4 d world 2 c...outfit look cheesie also need 2 come wid someting betta....Star u guies need some taste now man ...dis ting a look like a selling ting