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Thursday, March 16, 2006


You may be wondering why I have posted this appetizing dish. Well I carried my GF to dinner on Monday. We went to a little restaurant named Starapples, located on Hope Road. It's a nice small restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant itself is renovated old time Jamaican house, nicely painted in green and purple, the colours of the starapple fruit. The whole decor is based on the starapple theme.

The food does tastes really good and its presentation is nice, not to fancy and not too bland. You get a gourmet meal, but super sized! I had Salfish Fritters served with Pepper Jelly for appetizer, hhmm that's something you guys should try! Then for the entree it was Lasagna served with Garlic Bread and Fresh Garden Salad. Mi nyam mi belly full! Oh yes, some Mango Juice to wash it down. They make a mean Jamaican Oxtail and some decent Curried Chicken and Roti. As if the quality of the food isn't good enough, the price is also surprisingly manageable! Good food for a good price, just my kinda deal. So if you're in the neighborhood and looking for some food you can try it out. Dem shoulda pay mi fi all this free publicity!

The rest of this week just blew by, between work and school I don't know where the days went. I got back the results for my Economics test, and I'm feeling pretty ok, can't say the same for my Digital Circuits test...I won't even talk about that one &@$@^(!%&. I have a couple of labs to do and two more tests to face. The first draft of my exam time table is out. Yep the impending danger is just a month away, I need to buckle down some more. I can't wait for the Summer break! How has your week been so far?

Anyway just droppin a quick line. I'll try to leggo a weekend post. Likkle more.

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I hate you...I am starving and you just had to go and put a picture of food on your blog!!! Dang it look good too!

I haven't eaten a thing all day and I'm sitting here wondering what am I going to eat!!

Thanks Stunner! *smile*

Hope you have a good weekend.


Been there a number of times, and yes, they are pretty good and reasonably priced. Next time try the jerk shrimp as an appetizer. The bread pudding is almost as good as orgasm! ;-) Note I said, ALMOST.

Week been hectic for me too. Jus a done eat mi dinner, then hol a fresh before me go street for the TGIF link up.

You'd be surprised how much good studying can be put in in one month, if you manage your time properly. Study hard and right, and remember to get some R&R time as well.

Did someone say bead pudding? Thems the magic words! Next time I am in Jam, Starapples haffi see me!

That food look decent-love garlic bread.When I come JA Aug I gon try it.Had a hectic week but went hanging out last night so am not complaining.

Hungry Belly Washout first time mi c u pause before u eat food

Hmmm Starapples....I must visit that place....I know a certain young lady who would enjoy going to a place like that.

Stunner...exams ..arrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I get murdered on 2nd and 5th of May according to my timetable.....

Food looks good. A real mix. Not only did it have a morsel on one side as a "salad" but it had some coleslaw on the other side. Work hard, play hard, Stunner. What did GF eat?

ok you did that to make me hungry didnt you

wow... that sure looks SO GOOD, stun...

hmm... when would i have a chance to try it myself? :)

Hope you ha something wonderful to eat BQ.

Yes Dr. D di place can work wid.

MB, Abeni, Charles you should give the place a try.

Ri, she had the same, if you look at the top of the pic you will see a piece of her meal.

Glad it worked Jdid :)

Ka, come to Ja and give me a link, I'll take you there ;)

i can't even read str8
cause that food looked so good...
lawd have mercy!!!


Wow, that food looks good!

Wow, another good restaurant in Kingston town.

Boy, it's a good thing I ate before I read this!

My mother and I love starapple, the fruit, and buy bags of it.

I love StarApples the fruit and the restaurant. The food there is great

Thanx alot Stunner! Now I can't get the food out of my mind! Guess I'll just have to go there and satisfy the craving.

One of my favourite restaurants - and it's affordable!!!

Way to mek a girl miss living in kingston...hurts meh. Thanks for checking out the blog doll.

DAMN. That food is looking quite scrumpalicious. I guess the challenge would be how long my plate would stay "presentable", when I start massacre that meal. StarApples, here I come!!!