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Monday, September 29, 2008

Ring, Ring...

On Sunday I went to a graduation ceremony and dinner and during the entire programme all I could hear was the ringing of cellphones and various songs that were selected as ring tunes. This is not the first time I have been to a function and was totally annoyed by the ringing of cellphones interrupting everyone. I mean come on, at this time and age when cellphones have been around for such a long time and people still can't figure out how to silent their phones? People can't get it through their heads that it is a common courtesy to silence their phones when at a function?

I was at my Cousin's funeral some time ago, when the entire sermon was being punctuated and interrupted by the loud ringing of cellphones. And even after the admonition of the pastor to silence or turn off the phones just till the end of the programme, there was another cellphone ringing, and then another. I was so annoyed, that in the midst of my grieving, these inconsiderate bastards didn't have the decency to be respectful and silence their damn phones. I would hate to think people are just so dumb to figure out how to silence their cellphone. Or so stupid to think that they should just silence their phones when they are at a function. Maybe it would be more comforting to think so, than to think people are just so callous and inconsiderate to the point where they deliberately leave their phones on knowing it would disturb the programme.

I always practice to silence my phone whenever I am at a function or at a meeting, I may forget sometimes, but fortunately I remember before it rings and silence it quickly. But the point is, i at least put out a conscientious effort not to disturb others with my cellphone. So it can't be that hard for people to just consider others, consider the other people in the audience trying to pay attention, consider the speaker who is trying his/her best to impart a delivery, be considerate enough to just slice the damn ra.. phone! I think meeting rooms and auditoriums need to have a signal scrambler or blocker to keep these annoying phones from ringing. If that can't be done, then at least, please make it legal to do this...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dutty Wata!

They say that water is life, but judging from the colour of the water coming from my tap lately, water might take my life! Ever since the passing of tropical storm Gustav, my tap water has never been the same. I doubt I have had the clear, clean water I had before the storm even for one day since the storm passed. The water has ranged from slightly cloudy to almost chocolate brown!

I understand that the water quality would have naturally decreased due to the heavy rains and loss of power at the various plants. But having dirty water in my pipe even up to a month after is simply ridiculous! Yes we have been having heavy afternoon showers basically every afternoon, but gosh these brief downpours can mess up the water so bad? I think NWC (National Water Commission AKA Nasty Wutliss Creatures) need to do better! There must be something they can do to improve our water supply, especially in a metropolitan area where it has so many customers in a concentrated area. As a result I have to resort to buying bottled water every week, testing the water to see it I can at least cook with it and looking at the colour of the water before I wash my clothes.

Seriously NWC unnuh need fi do better!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mobile Again!!!

Have no fear Stunner is here! No I wasn't captured by big breasted aliens from a strange female filled planet, who conducted several pleasureful experiments on me. I just have been a bit busy... and lazy for the past week. But now I'm back and also baring good news.

After waiting for what seemed an eternity, I finally got my new ride! It was like torture waiting to get my car. I felt so immobile, having to rely on public transportation to take me to and fro. But that is no more, the Stunner is back on the road. Even though I wanted to 2005 new shape civic, I had to change my plans and opt for the 2004 Civic. But I'm not disappointed anymore at all. The car does look pretty decent, considering that it is the VTI model. Any shred of disappointment and heartbreak I felt about not getting to 2005 new shape Civic was blown away with the wind when I felt the power as I increased the rev on the engine. It was like music to my ears to hear the VTECH engine roar! I know I make it sound like a formula one car, but compared to the 1998 Civic Ferio, the 2004 is just that. The new ride has much more room than the previous one and offered a whole new level of comfort with stronger suspension, a pretty appealing dashboard and of course the leather interior! So I guess the 2004 Civic VTI is a decent ride after all.

I got Tuesday of last week and drove home in comfort after about 2 weeks of sponging, taking the taxi and bussing it. Then immediately I had to go get an alarm installed for some kind of pseudo peace of mind. The windows were not tinted and it was pretty uncomfortable driving with clear windows. My previous car was tinted... well dark. So this was not something I was used to, so last Saturday I went to the tint shop to have the windows tinted. I didn't get it as dark as my previous car, but just dark enough to have some privacy and to keep the inside of the car somewhat cooler. The only thing I will add to the car next is 2 fog lamps and I'm done, no whole heap of modifications for me at all! The car price was enough to keep me at bay.

So let me not let you wait anymore,


Let me introduce you to the new,


Stunnermobile (aka Stunner II)!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bus it!

Yes my friends that what I have been forced to do my the incompetent, imbeciles that call themselves car dealers. Up till now I haven't received the keys to my car due to the total lack of professionalism, stupidity and deceptiveness of the auto dealer that I bought the car from. So finally they got some customs paper they needed to get my motor vehicle fitness, yesterday. So today the will get the fitness, which I need to get my insurance, which I in turn need to get the motor vehicle registration, which I in turn need to get so the credit union will release the cheque, after which I will finally get the car. So that looks like about Monday before I get it, cho %!$!^&!@^*! Anyway, enough about that ra...

So yesterday I was forced to take the bus as I had business on the road that was long overdue. I must admit that it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. As I stepped out unto the main road and turned towards the bus stop there was a bus approaching so I lined up behind the other passengers boarding the bus, carefully observing their customs. this was my first time taking the bus since the implemented the new system of paying the driver instead of a conductor. The bus ride to Half Way tree was pretty quick and not bad at all as I had a seat. Not the air conditioned comfort that I am used to but it worked OK.

The bus

I was a budding with excitement as the bus turned in to the Half Way Tree Transport Centre, this was my first time in this impressive structure since it was constructed. I carefully observed as the bus pulled in, but kept myself in check as I didn't want to look too frighten. And of course I managed to capture a shot with my phone wile walking through the building. I was very impressed to see my fellow Jamaicans lining up to enter the bus and even more surprised to see everyone lined up at the bus that didn't have a driver in it! No one entered the bus even though the bus door was wide open! I can't believe it! Jamaicans acting civilized and orderly... in Jamaica!

The Half Way Tree Transport Centre

After conducting my business in Half Wat Tree, I headed up Hope Road to catch a taxi to New Kingston to finish my transactions. While walking up the road I heard a shout, "Brown man! New Kingston? Brown man!" It was a taxi going in the opposite direction destined to New Kingston, so I hopped on to the taxi which had only two more passengers and off I went to New Kingston.

The Taxi

After I was through in New Kingston, I decided to just walk back to my office on Half Way Tree Road. It's not that far, after all it would be a good opportunity to take a relaxing walk through Emancipation Park.

Emancipation Park

Overall, my return to public transportation wasn't too bad at all... maybe I'll take it more often... or maybe not, nothing like the comfort of my own car and AC blowing in my face.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Usain's Big Welcome and Mixed Feelings

On Monday September 8, 2008 the world's fastest man returned to his homeland and was greeted with a reception fit for a hero! The airport was a buzz wit anxious dignitaries, business representatives and well wishers who were ready to meet and great with the sprinter who brought glory to this nation in the Summer Olympics. This was indeed a great day in Jamaica, despite the heavy downpours of rain that sporadically drenched the city of Kingston, but that was not enough to deter the large throng of people who lined the streets just to see and even to meet and touch the sprint hero. The crowd was so large that is seems to have taken for ever for Usain Bolt to drive from the NMIA to the official reception ceremony at the Jamaica Pegasus. This is only under normal circumstances a twenty minute drive. Jamaica is indeed proud and so much in love with Usain and his accomplishments of the Olympics. But something just seemed a bit troubling to me about this massive crowd that was on site to greet Usain. Why?

I totally agree with the fact that people are elated to see this great sprint star that made us proud on the international scene. I too am one of those proud Jamaicans, and very happy that a fellow Jamaican accomplished such a great feat. But I can't help the worried feeling I get when I see such a large crowd of people on the road and at the airport at that time of day, on that day of the week. This is a Monday and it was not yet five pm, which means that most places of employment were still open for business and normal working hours had not yet past. Yes I know this, because i was busy at work that said day. I find it hard to believe so many employers gave their employees time off from their busy schedules just to go welcome the sprint star! Also so many persons could not have had their day off on the same day! This could only mean one thing, there is a great number of Jamaicans who are unemployed and have absolutely nothing to do!

There is little wonder why Jamaica cannot pull itself out of this ever crumbling socioeconomic situation. There is a large part of the population that does not seem to have a stable quality job, and as such this country in not as productive as it should be in order to be economically successful. Too much human resource seems to be wasting away, which is quite evident not only from Usain's reception crowd, but by the parties and dances that are kept every single night of the week. To me this is indeed a dim prospect for our country despite the glimmer of hope that personalities such as Usain bring to the doomed island. If people are not employed to productive jobs that build their self-worth and the Jamaican economy then we will forever be in a downward spiral. I know there are a lot of underlying issues that cause this high rate of unemployment that i haven't addressed in this post, but people need fi work star!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Girl You Make My Day - Pull it Up!

My car loan finally got approved today, but I think it's a bit too late to get my car by this weekend though. But I will still put out a strong attempt to push through as much I can in an attempt to get my car. So I want to be up and out of here early tomorrow morning to get as much I can, because this walk-foot situation really not working out!

Well it's another Friday and the beginning of another weekend so I have to start the weekend right. I haven't posted any video from my Pull It Up series in a while, so I decided to break the spell today. This one is a blast way back in the past, from the early days of Buju Banton, way back in 1993, "Girl you Make My Day". Back then Buju B didn't have his locks and I doubt he even had facial has at all. But this was one of my favorite music videos back then. As you watch this video, I bet you can all guess why... yes you are right, the arrangement of the song and the lyrics are great! (LOL!)

Hope you enjoyed the video and have a great fun-filled weekend!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


On Monday afternoon, I finally parted with my long time friend and travel partner. She was there for me through rain or shine on good roads and on bad roads. But at sometime, even though you have a good relationship, in relationships like this there comes a time when you have to go your separate ways. And I think that time had come, it was time for my new vehicle. So I decided to finally sell my 1998 Honda Civic Ferio and trade in for a 2004 Honda Civic VTI. I know I said before that I wanted the newer shape 2005/2006 civic, but with this salary that just would never be possible. And with that in mind, I do what I have learned to do in my two plus decades of life, lower my expectations for the time being. Even though at nights I dream endless dreams of owning one of those civics on the wide open road. [Sigh] But this will have to do for now, I definitely can't go up into that two million dollars bracket!

So, I am now officially a "walk-foot" (Definition, a person without their own mode of transportation) as of Monday afternoon. I just can't picture myself taking the bus once again, the thought of being squashed by a big fat woman, rubbing up against sweaty, musky people, standing and swaying as the bus drives and stops and worse of all enduring those "bus preachers" shouting on the top of their voices scares the hell out of me! But it's good to have coworkers that drive and to live in a central location. I get to sponge off on them for a ride to and from work. Only problem is that I have to work with their schedule and I pretty much am stuck at home.

I hope to have the new ride by this weekend and I am pretty anxious to jump around that steering wheel and rev it out on the open road! And even more anxious to have my freedom of movement! So until then I anticipate getting my new ride.