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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Increases Never End!

Well life has just got harder her on the rock. It seems the price of everything has sky rocketed over the past few weeks. The increasing price of gas become a norm now, even with the whopping increase to US$88 per barrel. It seems going to th pumps on a Thursday mooring the average driver expects to see an increase of JM$1.00 on the per litre price for gas. So despite feeling the crunch in ones pocket, the average Jamaican seems to be getting accustomed to the ever increasing gas prices. But this is not the only tribulation that was in mid air, pouncing on the pockets of Jamaicans!

The news broke a few weeks ago, when the Jamaica Flour Mills announced that the cost for flour will be increased by thirty percent (30%)! This increase in one single item might not look so drastic at first thought, but when you consider the rippling effects that this increase will inevitably have on all baked products that uses flour then the ominous picture reveals itself. Now Jamaican will have to dig deeper into their pockets for the simple necessary baked products like bread, biscuits, crackers. This ripple effect is also compounded by the many greedy resellers of flour who see this as an opportunity to fatten their pockets by stuffing their shelves with excessive increases in the price of flour. It has been reported that some store owners have already begun to practice price gouging.

But this is not the only pocket crunching food woe, it has also been reported that the prices of ground provisions have also gone up! Another bite into the ever diminishing pocket. I share the same sentiments of a consumer who the the Jamaica Gleaner quoted as saying, "Every month when I go to the supermarket the prices go up. Now I just buy the basic items, certain things like fruits and cereal I cannot afford...", as I feel the same way when I see the prices of goods on the shelves every time I go to the supermarket.

The unfortunate thing is that while everything seem to be on a rapid increase except my salary! Instead it seems to be on a downward spiral with the ever devaluing Jamaican Dollar! I guess I just have to ban mi belly learn to live with less and try to think positive, because with all the increases in the price of gas, utilities and food, compounded by negligible salary increases I can still afford to gaze on things like these...

Click on the image to view it larger. See more at My World My Lens

Friday, October 19, 2007


Oh my, another weekend is upon us! It's so amazing how quickly this week flew by, and it's not because of the holiday weekend we just had, but seriously the time flying by fast star! But I don't mind the time flying by so quickly...but just for now! It can fly off as quick as it wants until the third week in November. Why? Well, I have my vacation in November, and trust me I can't wait for a break from work and to do some traveling!

On another note, I got quiet a scare today! Well you see I was at home today when I saw something slip threw under my front door. No it wasn't a deadly centipede, a killer scorpion or a disease carrying cockroach, it was my credit card bill! I have no fear opening my credit card statement, not because I am rich, although I wish I was. But because I already have a fair idea of how much I spent on it and also because I use my card responsibly. So you can just imagine the shock, the horror, the disbelieve when I saw a whopping JM$119,000 as the balance owing!

I almost got an heart attack...well not really as I am in good condition and have no history of heart disease personally or in my family...but I was so shocked and in disbelief! So I carefully went through and scrutinized my statement. Low and behold I found the culprit. I normally buy gas with my credit card and buy JM$1000 almost once every week. But on this occasion in question the gas station didn't charge me JM$1000, but US$1000, which works out to a whopping JM$71,000! What the hell! So immediately you know who called the credit card company. I called customer care and was told by the agent that I would have to speak to the gas station to have them sort it out. Hmm, just great! Anyway off I went to the gas station to get things sorted out. Thankfully that wasn't hard though, the manager actually told me they saw the mistake and that the had contacted the bank on the same day to make the correction. Also she said that they were trying to get my contact number from the bank to advise me of what happened but the bank would not release such info. Thank God that was sorted out, now I owe a much smaller figure.

Well, the weekend is here and I'm stuck at work again, so nothing interesting to do of such. Tomorrow I hope to go look for a new frame, as i am planning to get myself a new pair of spectacles. Yes my friends, that's an arm and leg and maybe a whole torso to buy that. Hopefully I get the time to go tomorrow. Anyway folks enjoy your weekend!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sexiest Woman Alive?

I dropped in on Princess Dominique's blog and found this post about Charlize Theron being dubbed as the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine. However, I fail to see why Esquire magazine came to this conclusion. I mean, she looks good, and her body does look nice, but sexiest woman alive! I clearly fail to see that part. I think the judges who came up with this verdict must by high on some serious seasoned coke-ass weed when they made this call. But then...

I thought to myself, maybe it's that my definition of sexy is on a whole different plane, something completely different from them, or mainstream media. Yeah, you know, curve-less, thin, no ass, big breasts, blond, etc.... Yes my definition differs a whole lot.

Well, my idea of sexy includes a woman with curves in the right places, curves a plenty! I like nice curvy hips, nice round basket ball, grab me please, apple bottom, well shaped legs and thighs. She has have got to have a nice pair of breasts, not to big and definitely not too small! A pretty face is a must, a lovely pair or irresistible lips and a walk that stops anyone in their tracks. But, sexy doesn't stop there, it involves how the woman projects herself, her confidence, her sexuality and how she carries herself. That about sums it up oh and for those who are imaginatively impaired the picture below may help.

Yeah, like she!

So I tried to give my impression of a sexy woman in a nutshell, what do you consider sexy?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Why I Was Fired!

For the Annual Company Picnic, management had decided that because of liability issues, we could have alcohol, but only one (1) drink per person...

I was fired for ordering the cups!!!

I won't say much today, I have a lot of catching up to do on your blogs. Enjoy the weekend and for all my non-weekend working Jamaican bloggers, enjoy the holiday weekend... that is if the rain ever stops falling!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bumper to Bumper Rain, Rain, Rain!

My fellow bloggers I have been a bad blogger, all this absence from visiting your blogs and posting regularly. But I can explain... Remember I told you all that I have made my return to the gym? Well I have been sticking to the plan and that is why I have been away from the blog scene somewhat. I have been working the day shifts regularly and after work it's straight to the gym, by the time I get home I'm so tired. Even now I am struggling to type this post, so it wont be long.

On another note, it has been raining like crazy since Sunday afternoon. Not extremely heaving downpours but good long showers punctuated by light drizzle and only a few minutes of just overcast conditions, but for the most part it has been just rain, rain, rain! Monday morning it was so hard to get up out of bed for work, not because I was tired, but because the damn bed feel suh ratid good with the rain falling and the nice cool morning temperature! But I pulled my ass out of the bed yesterday and this morning to face the extremely slow morning traffic in the nice "tan a yuh yard" rain.

On the topic of rain, I can't cant talk about rain without talking about the awful, disgusting, leg numbing, eye closing, miserable, traffic. I think the traffic is my motivation to go to the gym in such cozy weather, one look at the traffic I instantly made a detour to the gym. It's better I spend the time to work out, than make myself miserable sitting in the traffic. Even this evening when I left the gym minutes after eight this evening, and it still took me over half hour to get home and I only live 10 minutes away from the gym. It is crazy in the city of Kingston when it rains especially in the evenings, bumper to pumper traffic, cars stationary for several minutes, vehicles poring out from every crevasse and corner, turning in all kind of directions across the roads! Pure craziness! So just remember this formula when you are in Kingston and you see the rain starting to fall by 3 pm:

From experiments it is proven that traffic varies with the amount of rainfall,

Therefore, in Kinston,

K * r = T

T= Traffic
r = Rain.
K= Kingston factor which is a very large number.

Ok, that's either the engineer in me talking or I'm typing pure foolishness because I'm falling asleep!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Chef Stunner-Yardie Does I Again!

Yes folks your fellow blogger and chef extraordinaire has done it again, another exploit in the wonderful world of the culinary arts, a.k.a. the kitchen! So after failing miserably a long time go at making spaghetti and rounded meat...most commonly known as a spaghetti and meat balls (cause man nuh eat balls!), I decided to try it again. But this time! So on Sunday I was armed with a recipe from and more years of experience. But of course being the famous Chef Stunner-Yardie, I had to add my special touch to it, yes those special herbs, spices and seasonings and of course my special touch. But this time the Stunner was victorious and the dish turned out great!

But the conquest didn't end there, Chef Stunner-Yardie did it again, but this time it was different dish. On Tuesday, it was back in the kitchen to make another stunneriffic dish. I made one serious piece of bar-b-que, chicken deh! It was finger licking good! But that was just a part of it, as I made some corn muffins with sweet corn and to go with it some steamed veggies: carrots, string beans and broccoli with my special butter sauce. Yes your boy Stunner was seriously going on bad in the kitchen. The left overs I had with lettuce and salad tomatoes.

It has been a really busy week for me, not only with work, but because I have started back at at the gym. After work in the days, it's stratight to the gym, and by the time I get home it's just enough time to eat some food and head to the bed for the next day. So that's why I have been to absent from the blogs scene this week. I'm off tis weekend, can you believe it! I actually have a weekend off...only problem I wish I was off on Hero's weekend (sigh). Nothing planned for the weekend at all, maybe just gym and relaxing.

Monday, October 01, 2007

So Busy...These Days

No not me, I'm not busy at all right now, just relaxing on the first of my two consecutive days off! After working such a long weekend, I do need to take a break and relax. But I ended up on the road the entire day, helping out my friend who got her vehicle towed away by the dreaded harbour shark traffic cops. Yeah, they are out on he roads on the first of every month like hungry vultures to snatch up anyone with expired motor vehicle registrations, even if you are on your way to do it.

Anyway that's not the reason for this post, as the title said, "Busy", and that's who I'm talking about, the new artiste on the block, busy Signal. Well he is not so new, but he is new compared to the well known Dancehall artistes. But he has quiet a few hot songs on the market and has shown himself to be a very promising Dancehall artiste. Hopefully he keep it up and makes it on the international scene. I recall MB making mention, in one of his posts, of one of his latest song that is certainly rocking the airwaves here in Jamaica, so I decided to give you a look and listen to the song. I too like it (the radio version), even though the unedited version has more than it's fair share of the 'F' word. But it does pack a powerful message and comments on the very tragic state of our society here in Jamaica and also to a larger extent the world. The title of the song is "These Days". Listen carefully and tell me what you think of it.

Warning: The song contains offensive language (I couldn't find a clean version).