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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bumper to Bumper Rain, Rain, Rain!

My fellow bloggers I have been a bad blogger, all this absence from visiting your blogs and posting regularly. But I can explain... Remember I told you all that I have made my return to the gym? Well I have been sticking to the plan and that is why I have been away from the blog scene somewhat. I have been working the day shifts regularly and after work it's straight to the gym, by the time I get home I'm so tired. Even now I am struggling to type this post, so it wont be long.

On another note, it has been raining like crazy since Sunday afternoon. Not extremely heaving downpours but good long showers punctuated by light drizzle and only a few minutes of just overcast conditions, but for the most part it has been just rain, rain, rain! Monday morning it was so hard to get up out of bed for work, not because I was tired, but because the damn bed feel suh ratid good with the rain falling and the nice cool morning temperature! But I pulled my ass out of the bed yesterday and this morning to face the extremely slow morning traffic in the nice "tan a yuh yard" rain.

On the topic of rain, I can't cant talk about rain without talking about the awful, disgusting, leg numbing, eye closing, miserable, traffic. I think the traffic is my motivation to go to the gym in such cozy weather, one look at the traffic I instantly made a detour to the gym. It's better I spend the time to work out, than make myself miserable sitting in the traffic. Even this evening when I left the gym minutes after eight this evening, and it still took me over half hour to get home and I only live 10 minutes away from the gym. It is crazy in the city of Kingston when it rains especially in the evenings, bumper to pumper traffic, cars stationary for several minutes, vehicles poring out from every crevasse and corner, turning in all kind of directions across the roads! Pure craziness! So just remember this formula when you are in Kingston and you see the rain starting to fall by 3 pm:

From experiments it is proven that traffic varies with the amount of rainfall,

Therefore, in Kinston,

K * r = T

T= Traffic
r = Rain.
K= Kingston factor which is a very large number.

Ok, that's either the engineer in me talking or I'm typing pure foolishness because I'm falling asleep!

12 commented:

looks liked you tore a nerve in your brain in todays workout stunner...go take you medication and get some sleep ^_^

LOL @ Jamaipanese. Hush yah, Stunner. That formula is spot on.

Ok, you really need your rest. *smile*

"Bumpa to Bumpa" sounds like a dance-move -- yu coulda create a new move, but yu woulda haffe show wi how fi do it.

That's the engineer..I wish rain would fall here but then I'd be longing for heat.

You on the Cbean bloggers facebook group?

I hope you will not blog about any more math problems again. I come here to take a break.
Anyway, glad to hear you actually have a life--and a healthy one too.
Happy gym going.

Don't talk to me about the rain. I'm suffering a cold 'cause of it.

Too much rain here too and it makes the traffic just as bad.

I got caught in it Tuesday night. 2 hours in traffic for a 1/2 hour trip. I eventually got fed up and stopped and had some food.

it seems like the rain is easing up.. I hope y'all are happy when it's back to the heat again :p

it tricked us, i thought it was easing up today, saw a little peek of sunshine...but alas, it gone again and the formula is more like
K*r =T2 (squared) or should i make that to the tenth power!

the rain has increased the traffic but I must admit to not minding too much the getting home and cuddling the jury is still out on whether I want the rain to stop.