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Friday, October 19, 2007


Oh my, another weekend is upon us! It's so amazing how quickly this week flew by, and it's not because of the holiday weekend we just had, but seriously the time flying by fast star! But I don't mind the time flying by so quickly...but just for now! It can fly off as quick as it wants until the third week in November. Why? Well, I have my vacation in November, and trust me I can't wait for a break from work and to do some traveling!

On another note, I got quiet a scare today! Well you see I was at home today when I saw something slip threw under my front door. No it wasn't a deadly centipede, a killer scorpion or a disease carrying cockroach, it was my credit card bill! I have no fear opening my credit card statement, not because I am rich, although I wish I was. But because I already have a fair idea of how much I spent on it and also because I use my card responsibly. So you can just imagine the shock, the horror, the disbelieve when I saw a whopping JM$119,000 as the balance owing!

I almost got an heart attack...well not really as I am in good condition and have no history of heart disease personally or in my family...but I was so shocked and in disbelief! So I carefully went through and scrutinized my statement. Low and behold I found the culprit. I normally buy gas with my credit card and buy JM$1000 almost once every week. But on this occasion in question the gas station didn't charge me JM$1000, but US$1000, which works out to a whopping JM$71,000! What the hell! So immediately you know who called the credit card company. I called customer care and was told by the agent that I would have to speak to the gas station to have them sort it out. Hmm, just great! Anyway off I went to the gas station to get things sorted out. Thankfully that wasn't hard though, the manager actually told me they saw the mistake and that the had contacted the bank on the same day to make the correction. Also she said that they were trying to get my contact number from the bank to advise me of what happened but the bank would not release such info. Thank God that was sorted out, now I owe a much smaller figure.

Well, the weekend is here and I'm stuck at work again, so nothing interesting to do of such. Tomorrow I hope to go look for a new frame, as i am planning to get myself a new pair of spectacles. Yes my friends, that's an arm and leg and maybe a whole torso to buy that. Hopefully I get the time to go tomorrow. Anyway folks enjoy your weekend!

16 commented:

LOL! $71,000 for gas!

I was about to ask you if you were one of those former SUV driving government ministers! ;-0

The bank said you needed to talk to the gas station to sort it out an obvious error?

which bank was this?

Praise God de gas station people were so willin' to fix de error -- hmm, mayB de RGD people could go there fi trainin'; Enjoy Ur weekend!

Well, with the way the price of gas going....we might all be soon paying that!!!!! Bwoy....making mental notes to scrutinize my credit card bill more closely!!!!

@Ann (MobayDP): lol! Only they could rack up such a bill!

@Adrian: Yes the customer care agent certainly did. It was Scotia.

@Melody: Thank God indeed, because I would definitely not be paying that bill! lol, maybe we should send the RGD people to the gas station for training.

@marangand: No joke, these gas prices are getting ridiculous! I have learned my lesson, I definitely have started to do that!

WTF how could they make such a mistake -_-

isn't there a chance you could sue?! ^_^

The same thing happened to me once... I went to Fedex and sent some papers abroad. They charged me J$798 supposedly. The thing came through on my (not Scotia) credit card as US$. They didn't tell me to check the vendor, they said they would sort it out. I was carrying that balance on my credit card for months. Interest was building up mightily and it reached the stage where I wasn't sure if I was paying only stuff I had incurred or if I was paying interest on the erroneous amount. Eventually I got pissed off and went there with the intention that I wasn't leaving until something was done about it! I made plenty noise in their office, including telling other people seeking to get a credit card that they should go elsewhere and why! At that point the Customer Service Rep. told me I shouldn't tell their customers that and I said "Why not? Its true, isn't it?". She disappeared into her manager's office and the money came off my card that very day!

Ha ha! Oh boy. Sometimes I wonder about these "mistakes" that these utility companies and financial institutions conveniently make.

isn't that funny
why on earth if the gas station contacted them, couldn't the bank just do something about it, or write to you themselves? What a cheap bank. Either that or gas station is lying and hoped you would not notice.

Glad you got that sorted out. I was impressed that the gas station manager was trying to contact you. You could consider writing something on this for the Gleaner/Observer. Remember that series Gleaner had where they would highlight acts of good and poor customer service?

$US1,000 fuh gas...ah wha kinda car yuh drive dey brotha. Glad yuh got things straighen out. so many people pay outrageous credit card bill simply because they don't check their statements.

Wow..glad you got that sorted out.USD 1000 is nuff gas:)

that would give me quite a heart attack....i'd be like, um no I did not just re-fuel my jet...

Yuh filling up a whole fleet of Prados there Stunner. Don't know why the bank would send you to the merchant though.

Damn! Damn! Damn it all to hell Stunner J. Don't you hate it when that happens???

Stunner....I wonder if it was you that i spoke to in megamart last week....hmmmm?

both my credit cards are dual currency and thank god nothing like that has befallen me yet...though i wouldn't if the reverse happened while i was shopping in the US..:)