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Monday, October 15, 2007

Sexiest Woman Alive?

I dropped in on Princess Dominique's blog and found this post about Charlize Theron being dubbed as the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine. However, I fail to see why Esquire magazine came to this conclusion. I mean, she looks good, and her body does look nice, but sexiest woman alive! I clearly fail to see that part. I think the judges who came up with this verdict must by high on some serious seasoned coke-ass weed when they made this call. But then...

I thought to myself, maybe it's that my definition of sexy is on a whole different plane, something completely different from them, or mainstream media. Yeah, you know, curve-less, thin, no ass, big breasts, blond, etc.... Yes my definition differs a whole lot.

Well, my idea of sexy includes a woman with curves in the right places, curves a plenty! I like nice curvy hips, nice round basket ball, grab me please, apple bottom, well shaped legs and thighs. She has have got to have a nice pair of breasts, not to big and definitely not too small! A pretty face is a must, a lovely pair or irresistible lips and a walk that stops anyone in their tracks. But, sexy doesn't stop there, it involves how the woman projects herself, her confidence, her sexuality and how she carries herself. That about sums it up oh and for those who are imaginatively impaired the picture below may help.

Yeah, like she!

So I tried to give my impression of a sexy woman in a nutshell, what do you consider sexy?

19 commented:

I don't know why they picked her. Because of course the sexiest woman alive is a white chick. Nothing against white chicks. But what happened to Aishwarya Rai?

I am confident enough as a woman to take a stab at what a man considers sexy in a woman.....All that you have described is just about right....add in a sense of humour, enough raspiness in her voice and a sensuous smile I think the profile would be complete.

BTW your lady pic may have just a little too much back....although it does give you a lot to hold on to while you ride:0)

A strong God-fearing man wid a sense of humour is sexy. (God-fearing includes: 1. Cleanliness next to godliness, 2.Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you, 3.Honesty is the best policy, 4.Faith, hope & love: but of these, love is greatest.) De rest is neither here nor there -- a beautiful soul is it.

Sexiest woman in the world is Sanaa Lathan. End discussion.

Pretty does not mean sexy, i find Angelina Jolie to be a sexy woman, but not pretty pretty pretty...and yes i agree the girl in the pic has way too much behind.......I can never understand why men find soooooooo much behind so appealing......i guess i would have to have balls to understand that! Hope MB reads and comments on this! the beauty expert!

@GC: Yeah, according to those guys who picked her. I have nothing against white chicks either, but I just find black girls sexier...well except for Jessica Biel! :)

@Emanicipated?: You just about completed the criteria. Hmm she may have a whole lot of ass, but it's a lot to hold on to, lol!

@Melody: Throwing in your criteria and that of Emanicipated? gives an even better picture of sexy.

@Fyah: LOL! OK, yes shi hot like 10 fire side!

@marangand: True sexy goes beyond a pretty face and good body, but both are important! Yes her ass is big, I guess it's a Jamaican man thing, lol!

Hhhhhhmmmm - she's very pretty but not the sexiest woman alive. I think you have to look at who made the decision. I doubt it was a very diversified group. Sexy is as sexy does my Granny used to say. Whenever I'm out all the skinny girls want to know why the crowd is around me. My sexiness is in my confidence. I'm full figured and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm happy, fun to be around and I don't worry about what I don't have cause I work with what I've got..........and that is my sexy! Oh, I agree with gc, Aishwarya Rai is a stunner!

For me Sexy is confidence and esteem bot cocky. Its all about the person and how you feel and carry yourself.I think the ass thang is a black man thang only they know why.

I am with GC on Aishwarya Rai. Yum.

i think she's ok but lots more ladies i find sexier than her

@ GC: Aishwarya Rai is not white, she is an Indian. She may be fair skinned but she not white.

Re sexiest woman, well, I could never pick that, because the next woman I come cross could probably beat the one I had just selected. I don't really have any single criteria. I like all kinds of women, big, small, slim, phat, you done know. That is why I agree with Stunner somewhat : it involves how the woman projects herself, her confidence, her sexuality and how she carries herself.

Re Buffy (that is who you have posted there, isn't it?) she may have a bit too much butt for me still. I like them big, but that is a bit too much.

At the risk of sounding like a brokenm record, I find Halle Berry (cat woman and that James Bond movie) very sexy and also Christina Aguilera.

I don't discriminate between black, white, chinese or indian either.

And thats it.

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@Mad Bull
I know Aishwarya Rai is not white. My point is that I think Ms. Rai trumps Ms. Theron any day and that the magazine people's choice was questionable.

I love Charlize so I don't mind the choice.

I can't define it but when I see it I know it

They're not gonna give it to a black woman, unless she comes close to their idea of beauty. European beauty.

yo keep on stunning kid. you da boss.. cause i look on it the same way.. (my definition of sexy as you've seen from the pics i've posted a while back)

ahh the thing is beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. its up to those that see to decide if something is beautiful or not.. its a matter of preference.

I'll just say that, I LOVE your taste in sexy my friend! Oooh yeah!

Yikes! Now that baby really got back!!

I'm with marangand. I can't understand why men love butt so much... :-D lol!

@ madbull: I'm sure what you meant to say in that second paragraph is that Mrs. MB is the sexiest woman in the world and that no one could ever in your estimation be sexier than her...ahem.

@The DC Doll said: That’s my thought exactly pretty but not the sexiest. Continue working what you have being sexy.

@gishungwa: I agree with you, that’s all a part of being sexy.

@justacoolcat: Yes she does look sexy and pretty!

@Jdid: I totally feel the same way.
@Mad Bull: I definitely couldn’t either, there are too many sexy women around and too many mix of features that I consider sexy. No MB, this is not Buffie, it’s Khrystie Hill who I think looks prettier than Buffie. That is not too much ass for me though, I could work with that! I agree with you totally, no discrimination, once she is a genuine woman!

@GC: Rai is definitely hotter!

@Abeni: Hmm, what do you think about my picture? J

@Leon: Oh so sadly true. L

@taylor2nd: Thanks, we certainly appreciate the same features in women. And you’re right, everyone has their own idea of sexiness and beauty.

@Luke Cage: Thank you Luke, I know we appreciate both all those wonderful features.

@Ann (MobayDP): LOL! I can’t really explain it, but all I know is that I love it!