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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Increases Never End!

Well life has just got harder her on the rock. It seems the price of everything has sky rocketed over the past few weeks. The increasing price of gas become a norm now, even with the whopping increase to US$88 per barrel. It seems going to th pumps on a Thursday mooring the average driver expects to see an increase of JM$1.00 on the per litre price for gas. So despite feeling the crunch in ones pocket, the average Jamaican seems to be getting accustomed to the ever increasing gas prices. But this is not the only tribulation that was in mid air, pouncing on the pockets of Jamaicans!

The news broke a few weeks ago, when the Jamaica Flour Mills announced that the cost for flour will be increased by thirty percent (30%)! This increase in one single item might not look so drastic at first thought, but when you consider the rippling effects that this increase will inevitably have on all baked products that uses flour then the ominous picture reveals itself. Now Jamaican will have to dig deeper into their pockets for the simple necessary baked products like bread, biscuits, crackers. This ripple effect is also compounded by the many greedy resellers of flour who see this as an opportunity to fatten their pockets by stuffing their shelves with excessive increases in the price of flour. It has been reported that some store owners have already begun to practice price gouging.

But this is not the only pocket crunching food woe, it has also been reported that the prices of ground provisions have also gone up! Another bite into the ever diminishing pocket. I share the same sentiments of a consumer who the the Jamaica Gleaner quoted as saying, "Every month when I go to the supermarket the prices go up. Now I just buy the basic items, certain things like fruits and cereal I cannot afford...", as I feel the same way when I see the prices of goods on the shelves every time I go to the supermarket.

The unfortunate thing is that while everything seem to be on a rapid increase except my salary! Instead it seems to be on a downward spiral with the ever devaluing Jamaican Dollar! I guess I just have to ban mi belly learn to live with less and try to think positive, because with all the increases in the price of gas, utilities and food, compounded by negligible salary increases I can still afford to gaze on things like these...

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15 commented:

Same thing in SVG..Flour gone up too and almost everything else.The bad thing is when you get a lil increase the expenses go up still..Yuh can't win

In de U.S., as yu prob'ly know a'ready, they repackage creatively (e.g. 6-pack of bagels become a 5-pack or even 4-pack) to hide de price increases. But de view U posted is priceless -- what a way to de-stress -- new meanin' to "soul" food.

Alla we suffering from inflation and stagnation of our salaries..But hang in they we humans are survival of the fittest and we will survive.

Stunner a don't even like reading it ... it depressing bad .... under dem yah vibes the future not looking too good at all a hope Bricie... Oooopssss Brucie see what a gwaan ..ooohhhhh

thanks for the sunset the way do you realise the political statement you made with posting the "sunset" has an aspect of hope ...????

Bruce, you'd better get crackin' quickly! I don't know how much the Jamaican people can take. I'd better find myself a job.

I havent really noticed the price of food going up much but I do notice gas and utilities creeping up.

You mean Bruce hasn't saved us all yet? The grass isn't greener yet? I know I will be holding on because he has told me that he will make it so that though I may not be rich, I don't have to be poor"....keep the faith Stunner the 'Chief Servant' is on the job and will make money jingle in yuh pocket...soon

That is a huge increase on flour. I can't even believe it. Ofcourse, the price gougers can.
Great picture.

As campfyah states "Alla we suffering!"

Things are no better here in the US the prices of everything are constantly going up... it makes one wonder exactly how high will they continue to send them!?!?!?

It's completely crazy!

well, I forsee a lot more yam and dasheen in your future
not that that's a bad thing

Thank God that things like air and nature scenes are free, or else dawg woulda nyam wi suppa.

i am waiting for things to start going up here...

on the other hand thanks to the rising loonie (our dollar) my money is suddently worth more...

i think prices are going up everywhere and its sad to see the richer get richer and the poorer have nothing. Still we hope

life harder than pamela anderson lee's silicone titties man.. the other day a see a lady go in a store and buy a bread with her credit card.

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