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Monday, April 28, 2008

Children Burnt to Death!

It sounds like a broken record that plays over and over again. A bad song that seems to haunt you over the radio waves. Once again the heart wrenching news echoes in your mind, from the printed press to the evening news broadcast by the TV and the radio, "Children die in fire... parents left the children unattended." This happened so many times last year, the year before and the year before that, and yet it happens again this year. On Friday afternoon, of last week three (3) children, all under the age of ten (10) perished in a fire that gutted their home. After the smoke subsided and the fire went out it was discovered that these minors, were locked up in the house and left unattended by their mother, who went to a shop.

This has been happening too many times now and yet these parents can't seem to get a clue from incidents like these that they cannot leave such young children unattended! Most of these incidents occur in lower income homes, where these parents can't afford a nanny. But common sense aloe should dictate to these parents, especially the mothers, that you cannot leave such young, curious children home alone. Then again, as one of my friends always say, "common sense not suh common". In this latest incident the deceased children's grand uncle reported that this was not the first time the mother had left the children unattended. So obviously this sort of behaviour is common practice for this mother. Such action, too me, is just pure carelessness, despite of how dire the situation is that prompts parents to leave children at home alone.

Both my parents worked six (6) days a week when I was a child, and even though I had the benefit of my bigger sisters being at home for a while in my childhood they weren't home all the time as they had work too, and they left by the time I was ten. However, my mother ensured that I stayed with my adult neighbours who were home and if they were not I was off to work with her or my father or even my bigger sister. (Trust mi, dem days at work did boring!) Everyone's situation is different, maybe I'm being too judgmental, but leaving such young children home unattended even for a few minutes in inexcusable.

When are some of these parents wake up, get some sense, and stop doing such careless, dumb things? How many children should loose their lives due to the carelessness of the ones who are responsible to protect them? I hope this will be a wakeup call, but then again it happened so many times before, and yet it still happens, so that's just wishful thinking!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

So Disturbing

I said in a previous post that I would rant about the increase in taxes on motor vehicles, but I have accepted that no matter what, taxes will always increase and I will have to pay them, no matter how much claught (indecent language) I curse! Also I won't even stress myself over the road to Port Antonio, as my two experiences last week driving to and from was too traumatic for me to recount the painful details. However, while browsing through The Saturday Gleaner I came across an article with even more disturbing news. What could be more disturbing than increased taxes in an overtaxed country and driving on over 50km of treacherous dirt track?

We have heard so many stories of young teenage girls being sexually assaulted and raped by their step fathers or their mother's common-law husband and the mother refusing to believe her own child, often chastising the child for making such an accusation. But this one was a real shocker to me! A woman was recently charged and sentenced after she admitted to restraining her thirteen (13) year old daughter while her common-law husband raped her daughter on more than one occasion! What the hell! How can a mother do such a thing to her own child? Her own flesh and blood that she carried for nine months and gave birth to? Instead of protecting her daughter's innocence from this wanton predator, she willingly helped to violate her own thirteen year old daughter!

A man like this should be made to pay for for this awful crime to the fullest extent of the law, but what kind of punishment could befit the crime this woman committed? The courts only saw it fit to imprison her for two meager years, which I think is woefully inadequate for such a heinous crime. She should be punished more severely than that for scaring the life of her own child in such a wicked manner. I would say she should be publicly stripped and flogged till she bleeds, or even thrown in a male prison, where she would be raped repeatedly for the rest of her life! But I won't, as I would be viewed as cruel, inhumane and may be censored by Human Rights organizations. But it is just so disturbing that a mother could do something like this to her own child and really angers my soul how this woman betrayed her own daughter.

This poor child has been scared for life, and no doubt this will affect the relationships she will try to form from now one, intimately and even with her own children if she has one. Hopefully someone will help her through the trauma and that she will be able to recover to a measurable extent from such a painful ordeal.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Eye Candy - Soca Princess

It has been a while since I have posted an Eye Candy, so I decided to post one today, especially since I am pressed for time. This is a shot of the sexy Soca Princes Destra! Bwoy, shi have a nice piece a body sah!

I hope you all had a great week so far and that your weekend will be even better. This weekend I head to Portland once again and face the poor excuse for a road. Hopefully this time I will get the time to stop and take some photos of the scenery along the way this time. The pictures Tami posted have motivated me to try and get some pictures of this beautiful parish, even though they may not look as enchanting. We'll see how that goes. Anyway likkle more mi peeps!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sawed in Half,Weekend Recap (Not Necessarily in that Order)

I was going to blog about the increase in taxes, but I don't want to start off your week on a sad note. So I think I'll leave that till Tuesday. How was your weekend? Great I hope! Mine was kinda busy, went to the airport on Saturday to pick up my parents who are visiting for the first time after migrating to the US two years ago! Boy, were they glad to feel the nice warm Caribbean climate and see the brilliant sunshine. There faces were almost as bright as the sunshine itself! I quickly dropped them off at my apartment and I was off to work by 4:00 pm,... sad eh. After reaching home at midnight, I had to get up by 6:30 am Sunday to get ready to head to Port Antonio! Why so early? Well if you have been to Portland in the past months you wouldn't need to ask! That damn road bad... well, that's a lie... there is no damn road to ratid! A two and a half hour journey now lasts almost four hours! Well, I guess it's not too bad as the road isn't just in its usual deplorable state but it is in the process of being upgraded to a major highway, the final leg of the North Coast Highway. Cyaan wait fi it done star, cause mi going deh deh every week! Anyway after driving through that pathway to Portland I had to plow my way back with the Stunnermobile to get to work by 4:00 pm once again... Jah know, mi tyad [tired], can't wait to go home. But, alas, I will have to endure the treacherous route once again when I go back to pick them up, grrr!

As I said in the beginning of my post, I have to start your week off right. Although this "work week jump start" might freak you out, I'm sure you will enjoy it! Check out this video...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Red Stripe Attempts to Clean up Dancehall

Recently Red Stripe announced that it has made a decision to withdraw its sponsorship of live music events which it describes as facilitators of "violent and anti-social" lyrics. This move sees Red Strip ceasing to sponsor two of the biggest annual shows in Jamaica, Reggae Sumfest and Sting. In a statement to The Star, the Red Stripe spokesperson said, "... a very negative trend of glorifying violence has crept into some of the music, causing much consternation among well thinking Jamaicans and others at home and abroad. This has far-reaching and damaging implications for the industry and for the country as a whole," the release stated... While our most recent efforts through the Coalition of Corporate Sponsors have met with some measure of success, some performers continue to propagate, through their live performances, violent and anti-social lyrics..."

I applaud Red Stripe for this bold move in an attempt to stem the violence and violent behavior being projected by some of these Dancehall entertainers by means of their songs. I'm not sure if they are being pressured by the government or their international partners, but whatever the driving force is behind this decision, it still is a very good decision in my eyes. I am not anti-Dancehall, in fact I do love Dancehall music! Which Jamaican in his twenties wouldn't? And yes this move by Red Stripe is a blow for Dancehall music as the sponsorship dollars Red Stripe pump into these world renowned events, Reggae Sumfest and Sting, is a much needed boost as people from all over attend these events. But some of the lyrics a lot of these Dancehall artistes radiate through their music and performances do glorify violence and guns, which in turn does affect our society negatively. The crime rate here in Jamaica keeps souring to new limits every year and instead of sending out positive messages, denouncing this trend, these artistes continue to support this trend with the songs they continue to release.

Some may argue, especially some of the artistes, that they are singing about reality and what they see around them in the "garrisons' and "ghettos" and just reflecting what is going on in society. Some of these artistes may also argue that they are not role models and they don't want to be role models and that parents should be the ones to instill good values in their children. All of that is just a load of bull sh..! and a lame way of excusing themselves. Yes, our society is violent, and life in these lower income communities are harsh and marred by violence, gangs and dons. But that doesn't mean you have to glorify violent behaviours, put the gun on a pedestal and encourage "bad man" behaviour. There are many other issues that a Dancehall artiste can use his powerful music to sing about and yet still keep it real! Also, whether an DJ, likes it or not he is a role model. Many youths, teen and adults, look up to these artistes and emulate them, their style of dressing, their slangs, their speech and even the content of their lyrics. Not everyone in Jamaica has the luxury of great parents that will set good values and steer them in the right way or have the level of reasoning to only view these songs only as entertainment and not a way of life. As, such Dancehall artistes have a social responsibility to honour. The fame, the money, the rides, the bling all come with a price, social responsibility. And since these artistes accepted all the goodies, they should also accept the responsibility that comes with it.

Red Stripe has made a step, now the question is will others jump aboard this campaign to cleanup one of Jamaica's best export and local stress relief, Dancehall music? I would love to see other sponsors in corporate Jamaica as well as the media, take a similar step to curb this ugly trend that our great Dancheall music has developed. By doing this they will be sending a message to these artistes and to their producers who are equally responsible, and cleanup our great, powerful, culture defining Dancedall music. That is my two cents on the matter, what do you think?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

As the Dough Rises

Once again Jamaica, as well as our Caribbean neighbours, brace for another increase in the price of flour and the imminent drastic increase in the prices of related baked products. This related increase in baked products will be most felt by consumers when the bakeries increase the price of bread next week, as bread seems to be the most consumed baked product. With these increases in the price of flour we may soon have to do without them. Hmm, no flour, no bread, no dumplings, no pastry, no cakes... damn that's going to be hard! I guess we will have to start looking to some form of alternative to bread. Yam, potato, plantains, sweet potato... but wait... these are all expensive! But where there is a hunger there is a way, so I guess we will soon have to echo the sentiments below...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cheating Must Be Based On Trust

That's why they say, 'Cheating must be based on trust',
A man and a woman were asleep like two innocent babies.
Suddenly, at 3 o'clock in the morning, a resounding noise came from outside...

The woman, sort of bewildered, jumps up from the bed and yells at the man,
Shit! That must be my husband! So the guy quickly got out of bed, scared and naked.

He jumped out the window like a crazy man, smashed himself on the ground, went through a thorn bush, And then he stood up and started to run fast to his car. Just a few minutes later he returns and tells the woman I'm your husband, you slut!!!

So the woman answers: Oh, yeah!! And why were you running? You son of a bitch!

Just wanted to lighten up your day!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Great Canadian Homosexual Boycott!!!

Almost everyone in the world, by now knows, the stance of most Jamaicans on Homosexuality and in particular gays. Jamaica and Jamaican Dancehall artistes have been the centre of much debate, verbal attack, protests and boycotts due to their strong stance and unmistakably denunciation of gays and homosexual relations. Yes Jamaica is a very homophobic society, and this trait has led to public denunciations , a law against buggery, verbal abuse and even violence against of such relations and the perpetrators. This has not gone unnoticed by worldwide human rights groups and countless homosexual rights groups which have made it their mission to change our views and actions against homosexuals and to impose their way of life on Jamaicans.

The latest [see also] in this attempt stems from our neighbours further up north, Canada. According to the Thursday Star, a leading human rights and a church supporting the rights of gays and lesbians in Canada has given a May 12 ultimatum to the Jamaican Government to protect the rights of homosexuals or face an all out boycott against Jamaica. they have also made a "list" of demands of the Government which includes:
  • public service announcements to to denounce homophobic/transphobic violence
  • a national homophobia/transphobia education campaign
  • repeal of the buggery law
If these demands are not met by May 12, then on May 17, they will call for a boycott against our dear country, which includes a Canadian tourism boycott and also a boycott of goods and services from Jamaica. they have even threatened to push for expulsion of Jamaica from the Commonwealth.

Let me begin by saying that I am totally against homosexuality and homosexuals. However, I don't care what anyone wants to do behind closed doors, that's their business and their choice, after all it's their lives. Also I don't condone violence against someone just because of his/her sexual orientation and suspected private behaviour. But, I do have a problem with homosexuals exhibiting their homosexual activities and lifestyle in public, frankly it disgusts me! Simply put, as far as I see it, it is wrong and an unnatural behaviour [although some scientist may say it is natural in the animal kingdom]. Therefore, I am pretty upset with all these so-called human rights people, homosexual rights groups and, lord have mercy, churches forcing us to accept this lifestyle. No, I do not want any public campaign telling the children of Jamaica that homosexuality is alright, no I don't want to see two men kissing in public, nor two women joining hands in marriage and definitely I don't want another man feeling free to approach me with homosexual advances! The religious beliefs, greater society and even the laws of Jamaica do not condone this "alternate" lifestyle, therefore one who choses this form of lifestyle should not flaunt it in the face of the public and these human rights and homosexual organizations have no right to be forcing this deviant behaviour down our throats!

If a homosexual is well aware of the stance of the wider Jamaican public and decides that he/she is going to go out in public, at a place where a crowd is congregated and publicly engage in homosexual activity, like what a group did at our recent Carnival, then they should expect to deal with the consequences of their actions! I have seen several lesbians and gays here in Jamaica working and going through the normal routines of life without being attacked, but they do not go out in public and flaunt their sexual preference with homosexual acts. If these groups have such a problem with our low tolerance of such behaviour, then why don't they file for these homosexuals here and integrate them into their tolerant societies!

One thing though, these human rights and homosexual rights group have a lot of influence and also so do some of these homosexuals, also, there is the fact that beggars and not choosers. Jamaica is an economically poor, third world country, that depend on a lot of these first world countries for valuable foreign exchange through tourism, exports of goods and services and also a lot of hand outs. In the face of such a threat and the repercussions if such a boycott prevails put the Jamaican government and the Jamaican society in a conundrum. Should we bow to their demands and change our views against such a lifestyle in order to benefit from sustained relations with these countries? Or should we stand for what we believe in the face of the effects such actions would have on out life? The Jamaican government has not yet issued a response, what is your response?

PS: You can also vote on the poll at the bottom of the page!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Year, New Age, New Look!

I have finally upgraded my blog to the new Blogger widget version and also changed the template for the blog to a more contemporary look. I hope you all like the new look of Stunner's Afflictions.

I have been toying with the idea of changing the look of the blog for some time now but, just couldn't settle on a template that I like until I found this. It has some faults but I like the look. More and more Wordpress seems more inviting, but to get the flexibility I would have to host it myself. So until I decide, I will keep using Blogger.

Continuing on where I left off last night, before I fell asleep. This new version has a few perks to it:
  • My Photos - which displays photos from my photoblog My World My Lens.
  • Weekly Poll - thought provoking question for you to vote on.
  • Subscribe - Both types of subscription options are now grouped together.
  • Drop Down Archive - The archive is now in the drop down menu format.
  • With the widgets I can update the blog roll and links much quicker.
Browse through and enjoy the new Stunner's Afflictions and let me know what you think!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Carnival Road March - Bacchanal Carnival - Part 2!!!

It's another Friday, which means it is another weekend. But this is not just any old Friday, as today I am one year older, another change of the increasing digits that marks the length of time of my existence on on the face of the earth. I have nothing much planned for the day, but I plan to take it easy and relax today. Achieving this milestone in life has mixed feelings as I'm happy to have made to one more year on this planet but it also brings feelings of sadness. yeah, the inevitable fact that I'm getting older and stepping ever closer to old age and sagging, wrinkled skin and gray hairs. But I still have some youth left so I think I should enjoy it and continue to achieve and maintain fit body, so I age gracefully. Anyway, to show your appreciation for Stunner, you can always donate a few of the green back to the Stunner's Appreciation Fund or by me a drink or two!

Today I will continue with set 2 of 3 of the Bacchanal Carnival road march. Don't forget to check My World My Lens for other photos that I haven't posted here. I hope you enjoy it! By the way what are your plans for this weekend? Whatever it it, have fun!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Carnival Road March - Bacchanal Carnival - Part I!!!

So as I said in my last post, Jamaica Carnival road march wasn't much to desire, but Bacchanal Carnival had a lot more excitement and a lot more better looking women. I spend most of the time with the Bacchanal Carnival road march as it is much better judging from my past experience. Anyway, no more chatting, here is the first set of pictures of Bacchanal Carnival.

[Click on the photos to enlarge]

This was the first set of Bacchanal Carnival, hope you enjoyed it. More to come!