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Monday, April 07, 2008

The Great Canadian Homosexual Boycott!!!

Almost everyone in the world, by now knows, the stance of most Jamaicans on Homosexuality and in particular gays. Jamaica and Jamaican Dancehall artistes have been the centre of much debate, verbal attack, protests and boycotts due to their strong stance and unmistakably denunciation of gays and homosexual relations. Yes Jamaica is a very homophobic society, and this trait has led to public denunciations , a law against buggery, verbal abuse and even violence against of such relations and the perpetrators. This has not gone unnoticed by worldwide human rights groups and countless homosexual rights groups which have made it their mission to change our views and actions against homosexuals and to impose their way of life on Jamaicans.

The latest [see also] in this attempt stems from our neighbours further up north, Canada. According to the Thursday Star, a leading human rights and a church supporting the rights of gays and lesbians in Canada has given a May 12 ultimatum to the Jamaican Government to protect the rights of homosexuals or face an all out boycott against Jamaica. they have also made a "list" of demands of the Government which includes:

  • public service announcements to to denounce homophobic/transphobic violence
  • a national homophobia/transphobia education campaign
  • repeal of the buggery law
If these demands are not met by May 12, then on May 17, they will call for a boycott against our dear country, which includes a Canadian tourism boycott and also a boycott of goods and services from Jamaica. they have even threatened to push for expulsion of Jamaica from the Commonwealth.

Let me begin by saying that I am totally against homosexuality and homosexuals. However, I don't care what anyone wants to do behind closed doors, that's their business and their choice, after all it's their lives. Also I don't condone violence against someone just because of his/her sexual orientation and suspected private behaviour. But, I do have a problem with homosexuals exhibiting their homosexual activities and lifestyle in public, frankly it disgusts me! Simply put, as far as I see it, it is wrong and an unnatural behaviour [although some scientist may say it is natural in the animal kingdom]. Therefore, I am pretty upset with all these so-called human rights people, homosexual rights groups and, lord have mercy, churches forcing us to accept this lifestyle. No, I do not want any public campaign telling the children of Jamaica that homosexuality is alright, no I don't want to see two men kissing in public, nor two women joining hands in marriage and definitely I don't want another man feeling free to approach me with homosexual advances! The religious beliefs, greater society and even the laws of Jamaica do not condone this "alternate" lifestyle, therefore one who choses this form of lifestyle should not flaunt it in the face of the public and these human rights and homosexual organizations have no right to be forcing this deviant behaviour down our throats!

If a homosexual is well aware of the stance of the wider Jamaican public and decides that he/she is going to go out in public, at a place where a crowd is congregated and publicly engage in homosexual activity, like what a group did at our recent Carnival, then they should expect to deal with the consequences of their actions! I have seen several lesbians and gays here in Jamaica working and going through the normal routines of life without being attacked, but they do not go out in public and flaunt their sexual preference with homosexual acts. If these groups have such a problem with our low tolerance of such behaviour, then why don't they file for these homosexuals here and integrate them into their tolerant societies!

One thing though, these human rights and homosexual rights group have a lot of influence and also so do some of these homosexuals, also, there is the fact that beggars and not choosers. Jamaica is an economically poor, third world country, that depend on a lot of these first world countries for valuable foreign exchange through tourism, exports of goods and services and also a lot of hand outs. In the face of such a threat and the repercussions if such a boycott prevails put the Jamaican government and the Jamaican society in a conundrum. Should we bow to their demands and change our views against such a lifestyle in order to benefit from sustained relations with these countries? Or should we stand for what we believe in the face of the effects such actions would have on out life? The Jamaican government has not yet issued a response, what is your response?

PS: You can also vote on the poll at the bottom of the page!

16 commented:

There's really not much to say in response to your post, since there's no room for dialogue there.

Regarding your poll; it is not clear to me what you expect to learn from it. Rather, the question is framed and informed by your biases, and clearly intended to support your point of view. No reasonable conclusions can be drawn from the responses you receive.

The question presumes that one's answer is directly analagous to one's position on issues related to the dominant view of homosexuality and the treatment of homosexual persons - individuals and as a group - in the society.

Note that I said "issues", since "homosexuality" (I'm assuming that you are referencing same-sex sexual behavior here)
can be discussed ad nauseum but there is nothing that can be done (besides deputizing lynch mobs, doing mass incarceration or committing genocidal violence) or said that can change homosexuality. But, you clearly believe that sexual practices are at issue here, even though you make the claim of right to privacy

Rather, what is at issue - and which the Canadian activists and many others have correctly identified - is whether sexual orientation should be a protected category; whether citizens can be excluded from the social compact based on sexuality; what are the limits or boundaries between individual attitudes and public policy in a neo-democratic society; should specific religious positions be mandated as legal statutes, etc. etc. etc.

Based only on the statements you made in this post, your answer to the question - "hell no...etc."would not indicate the contradictory ideas that you raise in your statements.

On one hand, you claim that you don't care what people do in private; but on the other, you also state that don't like what homosexual people do in private or public. You think that sexuality can actually be compartmentalized into private vs. public, but its not clear that everyone draws the lines the same place, or mean the same thing as you do. You support vigilante and extra-legal violence against groups and individuals whose private identities and practices you do not approve of; you don't think that the state should protect groups or individuals who are citizens but do not conform to the status quo. Each of those positions are based on certain core assumptions which need to be articulated, or at inquired into. That is, it would be far more useful to see what people think about any of those aspects.

Nor does the question speak to the issue of the implications of the points of view for the body politic. What does it mean to state that "homosexuality should not be accepted?" What does "accepted" mean? By who? On whose terms? According to what standards? If the right to privacy is to be denied to homosexual persons, how will one actually do this? Are citizens expected to spy on each other? Is there some kind of test for whether one is homosexual or not? Is it only homosexuals to be denied the right to privacy? And if so, how does one justify such discrimination without creating the blueprint for other similar kinds of discriminatory practice? Are there to be protections put in place so that non-homosexuals are not caught in this policy trap? What are those protections to be? Determined by whom?

At the core of the issue here is your failure to think. You believe that your disgust for homosexuality, as you claim, should be the basis for state policy, because it is supported by what many other persons say. Hmmmm....should my personal disgust for men who urinate or spit on the street and in every conceivable nook and cranny in public space be the basis of public policy? I think I would be able to build a really strong argument that showed the impact of such behaviors on the society in general. But, chances are, its not the "public good" that you are appealing to. Rather, its validation of some deeply ingrained prejudices that are based on political expedience and a good dose of fundamentalism - the religious and nationalist kinds. That's not exactly a recipe for progress or a healthy society. At the very least, the results of your poll will validate the extent of your readers' commitment to such an unhealthy and unlivable society.

Long Bench

Live and let live...
The world is full of different people and this an enrichment...
Why are we afraid of people of other cultures, races, backgrounds, sexual preferences?

Stunner, re this ultimatum, am I to assume that the Canadian embassy here is backing this move? Have they issued an official release on the matter?

lol does the star really classify as news?

Jamaica, the land of many one people but them apparently :p

They have done me no wrong so I am indifferent to them but the voilence against people just because of their preferences is unacceptable.

All I have to say is we should be mature enough to tolerate differences.

never even heard of that church star, had to go look them up online.

Anyways they cant tell you guys what to do and as far as Canada goes dont let the whoe gay marriage thing mislead you there are as many people opposed to that as they are for it.

I wouldnt really get too tie up over this to be honest. they can make their ultimatiums but they have no power over a soverign state. I may be wrong but I dont think they will have much effect on anything in jamaica or and I hardly think the reigning Conservative party in Canada supports this.

oh and i may b wrong but i think sodomy is still on the books in some US states even if the laws arent enforced

There may be sodomy laws on the books but they were all struck down in Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003) and rendered unconstitutional.

This isn't about sovereignty although one could pull the 'liberal' card and claim it is. If it were, then we wouldn't have international tribunals, mass boycotts, and even - ridiculous as it is - wars. Change is already happening, so get used to it. I suggest that you spend more time worrying and trying to do something about the massive infestation of rats and infectious diseases related to the garbage pileup around the country. Now there is an issue that could use some energy.

Seems like great minds think alike! I posted on this tonight. Will our Government bow to their demands? Hard to say. Let's see.

Lucky for you freedom and equality still exists on the web allowing you to express your homophobia with impunity. God bless the government of Canada, God bless the Jamaican citizens for whom it has taken this historic stand.

Am with Sidney on this one live and let live. I do not condone violence and discrimination against anyone for any reason real or imagined, yet i think bedroom issues should be left there.

too many words too many words!
and you poll options...maybe? i dont know???

stunner...u a bias di ting

Longbeach you said everything I wanted to say. and let me say I am Jamaican, not gay and male. This guy Stunner is an amazingly confused and conflicted homophobe with many of the insular views most Jamaicans have. Believe me only a uncorrupt dictator can save Jamaica. Stunner must be afraid that he will be turned on if a gay man makes advances at him. As I say to my wife I would feel nothing if I held the penis of a gay man in my hand..perhaps stunner would feel something rushing downward. Jamaica has much more serious problems than its redneck,ignorant,uneducated stance on homosexuals..much more serious problems I repeat. P.S. on a related issue of crime and the penal system; I believe the govt should seriously consider the 24hr, I repeat 24hr running of explicit hardcore xxx GAY movies at all prisons to all men 'convicted' of serious crime including all gun related crime, robbery, murder,etc

I'm a Muslim fundamentalist, therefore bound to say that all homosexual acts or even promotions of homosexuality should be banned in Jamaica and enforced capitally. The only homosexuality to be tolerated is that about which no one ever finds out. Frankly, Jamaica is right to outlaw it and should only make one change in those laws... adding the death penalty to the laws against it. Not just doing it and getting caught, but also for promoting it. If someone even says publicly that it's all right, get the witnesses to a trial and shoot the one who said it if they testify.

Only one thing about Jamaica's homophobia is scary, and that is that someone can be falsely blamed for being a fag and get beaten to death without being guilty, from what I've been told. Is that true or was I misinformed?

I too would like to tell all my Jamaican brothers and sister to stand firm on what we all know and believe is wrong in the sight of God and man.

Because most of these countries embrace what is wrong, we don't of to accept their immoral belief.

The same God that destroy Sodom and Gomorrah will not permit our country to suffer at the hand of those who us to suffer by boycotting tourism.

Why don't these so call lover of the practice give visa to them? so we can have some clean living.

However, Prime Minister Golding, aught to remember the stance Pilot had taken, because he wanted to be accepted by the elite, who he eat and drinks with, he Pilot could have been saved. But he put friends ahead the God of heaven when he was convicted of the truth.

The act of homosexuality is wrong, and should not be accepted in no way, signing to it as is embracing it in our society.

Remember we are a people of courage who prefer to die for clean living.

Don't bow! to the one who orchestrater's this lifestyle. They say we are backward, but they are more backward than us, for I can't see how a person in their normal mind would choose to use a septic tank for sexual practice.

Please don't sell your soul like Pilot did.

[D]efinitely I don't want another man feeling free to approach me with homosexual advances! The religious beliefs, greater society and even the laws of Jamaica do not condone this "alternate" lifestyle, therefore one who choses this form of lifestyle should not flaunt it in the face of the public and these human rights and homosexual organizations have no right to be forcing this deviant behaviour down our throats!

If a homosexual is well aware of the stance of the wider Jamaican public and decides that he/she is going to go out in public, at a place where a crowd is congregated and publicly engage in homosexual activity, like what a group did at our recent Carnival, then they should expect to deal with the consequences of their actions!

You agree, then, that a heterosexual Jamaican man who is feeling free to approach a woman with heterosexual advances (unwanted ones, I assume) should expect to deal with the consequences of their actions?