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Sunday, April 20, 2008

So Disturbing

I said in a previous post that I would rant about the increase in taxes on motor vehicles, but I have accepted that no matter what, taxes will always increase and I will have to pay them, no matter how much claught (indecent language) I curse! Also I won't even stress myself over the road to Port Antonio, as my two experiences last week driving to and from was too traumatic for me to recount the painful details. However, while browsing through The Saturday Gleaner I came across an article with even more disturbing news. What could be more disturbing than increased taxes in an overtaxed country and driving on over 50km of treacherous dirt track?

We have heard so many stories of young teenage girls being sexually assaulted and raped by their step fathers or their mother's common-law husband and the mother refusing to believe her own child, often chastising the child for making such an accusation. But this one was a real shocker to me! A woman was recently charged and sentenced after she admitted to restraining her thirteen (13) year old daughter while her common-law husband raped her daughter on more than one occasion! What the hell! How can a mother do such a thing to her own child? Her own flesh and blood that she carried for nine months and gave birth to? Instead of protecting her daughter's innocence from this wanton predator, she willingly helped to violate her own thirteen year old daughter!

A man like this should be made to pay for for this awful crime to the fullest extent of the law, but what kind of punishment could befit the crime this woman committed? The courts only saw it fit to imprison her for two meager years, which I think is woefully inadequate for such a heinous crime. She should be punished more severely than that for scaring the life of her own child in such a wicked manner. I would say she should be publicly stripped and flogged till she bleeds, or even thrown in a male prison, where she would be raped repeatedly for the rest of her life! But I won't, as I would be viewed as cruel, inhumane and may be censored by Human Rights organizations. But it is just so disturbing that a mother could do something like this to her own child and really angers my soul how this woman betrayed her own daughter.

This poor child has been scared for life, and no doubt this will affect the relationships she will try to form from now one, intimately and even with her own children if she has one. Hopefully someone will help her through the trauma and that she will be able to recover to a measurable extent from such a painful ordeal.

17 commented:

This is horrible. I don't even know what more to say.


1. chop off the man buddy and send him back to society
2. I like your sending the mother to a male prison. lol

very sad story though.

Dear God man. I don't know how she can justify doing such a thing. I hope the girl can form healthy relationships with men after this.

this is hirrible...lawd mi whole mawnin cross now!

loving the new look of ur site stunner

both of them want punishing severely

Sickening! Sickening ! Sickening!

So sickening. I hate when those responsible for protecting the youth do the opposite.

I say jail for life is appropriate

Stunner, I just don't understand where our Caribbean leaders are heading, overtaxing people who can barely afford to pay the last set of taxes and not increasing the pay for teachers and people in the medical field.

The mother who did this to her child has forfeited her rights as a human, I can't see how the human rights people can say anything against the punishment you suggest for her. TWO measly years in jail? That's all she got? Where did this happen?

The world is going mad. I can't understand as a woman and a mother how you could even bear to witness such a thing, not-to-mention restraining your own child. There isn't enough punishment in the world for something like that.

You're right, this human rights bullshit has bitten the sane in the ass too many times. The soft hearted and naieve have allowed this to continue.

I am all for public flogging. However it has been deemed cruel, inhumane and degrading and therefore unconstitutional.

If I could I would have them both flogged in front of the clocktower in half-way-tree and jailed for 12 years with hard labour.

Stunner, there have been so many scary stories like this for some years now and they seem to be increasing. I just don't understand it. All of these "adult" men and women and all they want to do is get after these young kids. And don't get me started on one's own flesh and blood... it's just sickening man..

Stunner, I saw this article as well and my stomach churned.

Sadly, the man has not been captured so he's still out there.

The child is now in state care. Hopefully some dunce judge does not decide to return the child to the mother after she's released from prison.

I don't agree with sending her to a male prison to be raped repeatedly, though.
There is no excuse for what she did, but you'd be amazed at the thought process (or lack thereof)of some Jamaican women. Having a man (which translates in their mind to food on the table) is paramount to any feelings they may have towards their children.
Sadly, she probably had the same thing happen to her as a child.

I object to your use of the term "mother" to describe this woman....mothers indeed parents, real parents, seem to be almost extinct these days. Lets hope this little girl learns to love herself in spite of this experience.....bless her up.

before judging this woman consider what she may have gone through as a child herself
people who grow up in normal loving environments couldn't possibly resort to such behavior

Yes, I agree with Ann and GC about the thought process of some women, and what they've probably gone through as children themselves.

I don't know if poverty is the cause, I've heard stories about such things happening in wealthy families but of course, it would not come out in the media, the shame, the scandal, etc.