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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sawed in Half,Weekend Recap (Not Necessarily in that Order)

I was going to blog about the increase in taxes, but I don't want to start off your week on a sad note. So I think I'll leave that till Tuesday. How was your weekend? Great I hope! Mine was kinda busy, went to the airport on Saturday to pick up my parents who are visiting for the first time after migrating to the US two years ago! Boy, were they glad to feel the nice warm Caribbean climate and see the brilliant sunshine. There faces were almost as bright as the sunshine itself! I quickly dropped them off at my apartment and I was off to work by 4:00 pm,... sad eh. After reaching home at midnight, I had to get up by 6:30 am Sunday to get ready to head to Port Antonio! Why so early? Well if you have been to Portland in the past months you wouldn't need to ask! That damn road bad... well, that's a lie... there is no damn road to ratid! A two and a half hour journey now lasts almost four hours! Well, I guess it's not too bad as the road isn't just in its usual deplorable state but it is in the process of being upgraded to a major highway, the final leg of the North Coast Highway. Cyaan wait fi it done star, cause mi going deh deh every week! Anyway after driving through that pathway to Portland I had to plow my way back with the Stunnermobile to get to work by 4:00 pm once again... Jah know, mi tyad [tired], can't wait to go home. But, alas, I will have to endure the treacherous route once again when I go back to pick them up, grrr!

As I said in the beginning of my post, I have to start your week off right. Although this "work week jump start" might freak you out, I'm sure you will enjoy it! Check out this video...

12 commented:

how are your parents enjoying their visit and why did they ever migrate to the US?!

hey stunner, i like the new look.....and no, no need to visit new posts yet just cathcing up on some blogs!

I sooooo love Portland, but don't get to visit often enough. Take me with you next time, i'll wont give any trouble. Scouts honour.

lol! I don't grudge you the drive at all. I think the work that went on creating the North Coast Highway was one major reason I stopped driving into Kingston. It was traumatic to drive on that road. LOL.
Now that the work is pretty much over and the road is pretty decent, I'm realising that I'm still not over the mi still nuh want to do the drive! :(

Had no idea your folks were in the US. Hope they enjoy the visit. That video was freaky man!

I can't believe the road's gone bad. Booo to the road fixing people.

I traveled to Portland via St. Thomas. Was fabulous.

Gosh, I could take a trip to Jamdown now! Bypass Kingston though.

The weekend was good for me. Fine food and fine company. I hope your parents are having fun in Jamaica.

So Stunner,you leaving soon to meet them or you prefer to reap the benefits:)

I hear the road to P/Antonio is terrible. Can imagine the toll it takes on the car. And with the car taxes going up ... oh, you said not to talk about it ... sorry.

@GC: They enjoyed as they spent most of it visiting friends. I guess they went on to greener pastures, something I need to do too.

@V: Glad to hear from you, hurry up and come back!

@Tami: Of course I would take you when I start going there regularly. Hmm, what kind of trouble yuh talking bout?

@Ann: Traumatic is an understatement!

@Leon: Yeah they migrated about 2 yrs now.

@Guyana-Gyal: Don't worry it will be a great road when it is completed. Why yuh frain of town, it nuh dat bad.

@Shotta M: Yup they certainly are.

@Abeni: lol! I think I too will be leaving.

@CoolDestiny: It's worse than terrible! And don't mention the tax increase on cars as I want a newer car now.

I hope your parents are loving every minunte of it.

so the road really is that bad huh
i been meaning to take a portland trip...i think i'll hold off till dem done!