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Monday, April 16, 2007


Stunner got the apartment! YEEAAAHHHH!!!! And if all goes well I will be moving in by this weekend!

I have started to post the Jamaica Carnival 2007 pics but you will have to go to my photoblog My World My Lens to view them! I will be posting one photo a day for the remainder of the week! I will however be uploading the few video clips I shot to Youtube and post them here on Stunner's Afflictions this week! So you can look out for that!

Still unda the exam pressure and now moving pressure so not much blogging from me and I may not be able to visit your blogs regularly until the second or third week in May! But nuh fret Hold tight mi peeps!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Talk di Tings Dem!

Well my fellow Bloggonians, exams are just around the corner and Stunner still not in the study mood! I have my FINAL final exams week after next, so I need to pull up my socks! So I will remain infrequent until mid the second week of May when my major project is completed. This week is the last week of classes...officially. I say officially as there are still some last minutes classes few lecturers have to squeeze in. So I have one class next week. I got back one of my assignment grades and my mid-semester exam grade and I must say I'm shocked! Let's say I'm a man of the 90's! Hopefully all the rest of the grades look like that, including the finals! Now I have only one more assignment to complete and hand in by next week and then it's bookwork time and MAJOR Major Project stress! Help!

Tomorrow is Carnival Sunday here in Jamaica and that means road march! Yes my friends, scantily clad, round bottom women wining and gyrating in the streets! Although your boy Stunner won't me marching and gyrating behind those women, I hope to be moving along with the parade with my trusty camera! I have cleared my memory card and purchased a charger and rechargeable batteries set! So I hope to get some great shots tomorrow!

House Hunt
I'm still on the hunt for a new place, I went to look at one today and this one certainly hit the spot! This is te first place since i have started to rent that I actually had no reservations about! Ample space inside the apartment, secure complex, centrally located, parking right in front my apartment and the price is reasonable. Unfortunately, the couple renting the place are taking applications and will deliberate before coming to a decision by Monday! So I have started praying that they decide to rent me the place! Please God!

My photoblog, My World My Lens, is still going strong and I have quiet a large collection which is growing everyday! I enjoy photography, even if i don't make money out of this.....and I hope I will.... I won't mind because I enjoy this hobby! Scratchie is doing quiet well on his photoblog too, seems he has been a natural unda the quiet! So you can check them out!

Anyway nah tarry, likkle more!

Friday, April 06, 2007

No Glasses!

I'm afraid I'm suffering from a little blogger's block! So here is a little video for your enjoyment! Enjoy the holiday weekend!