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Monday, April 16, 2007


Stunner got the apartment! YEEAAAHHHH!!!! And if all goes well I will be moving in by this weekend!

I have started to post the Jamaica Carnival 2007 pics but you will have to go to my photoblog My World My Lens to view them! I will be posting one photo a day for the remainder of the week! I will however be uploading the few video clips I shot to Youtube and post them here on Stunner's Afflictions this week! So you can look out for that!

Still unda the exam pressure and now moving pressure so not much blogging from me and I may not be able to visit your blogs regularly until the second or third week in May! But nuh fret Hold tight mi peeps!

10 commented:

congrats man. thought it'ld never happen. Some carnival pics should be posted on photoja soon as well. you can take alook at whats gong on so far. photoja

hmm.. you have been looking for a new place for a while now. I'm sure your floating on a cloud now :p

wow Stunner
I can't believe the search took so long. Congratulations on your new digs. Are you going to bring in a decorator?

Congratulations on not being homeless... Oh, and consider turn of that 'snap'... I can get annoying bro...

hmmmm... Ok, try reading 'turn' as 'turning' and 'I' as 'It' in the last comment [although 'I' can be annoying too...]

dem tek one look pon yuh an' si seh yuh is one decent youth!

what area?

Way to go! I hope you enjoy your new digs.

Congrats! I'm feelin' the pressure too.

There's nothing like striving for something for so long and then it finally happens. It makes all that you went through worth it. Congrats and here's hoping as I type this, you are making it happen.

That's just great..Now don't go falling out with the landlord and all:)