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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Return of the Stunner

Taah tanataa tadaptada! [Trumpets blowing]
Hail all mi fellow bloggers in Blogland! I are back!

I know it's been a while, but the Stunner had to handle some school business. Yep Exams are over and I'm in the homestretch now. The coursework grades are good and I feel as if I passed the exams. So it's almost over now, just the damn Major Project standing in my way of absolute freedom from that university! I am so happy to be finished with school...well at least for now. The only thing I'll miss are those sexy ass girls especially the ones in Leon's class hehehehe.

Now it's time to get my social life back on track, and considering my somewhat recently unfortunately acquired single status (I won't get into that as my heart is still broken) I have a lot of work to do! So watch out ladies the Stunner is on the prowl and he wants you!

I have settled in to my new apartment pretty well, and in good time. Well I had to settle in quickly as I had exams just a few weeks after moving. I got my internet within a week of moving, but it wasn't used much as I was logging on mostly to my books. I unpacked the last box of books unto my bookshelf yesterday and cooked my first big cooking today. Want to know what Chef Stannerboyarde cooked? Well I made a serious beef lasagna with cheddar, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, steamed string beans, carrots and tin corn in my special butter sauce and some fruit punch to wash it down. See ladies, the Stunner can take care of you! Now I just need to buy a few frames to put up my drawings and photos and a few more little things to set up my bachelor pad! Now hopefully the next time I tell you I'm moving, I'll be moving into my own palace!

For some time now my TV has been showing signs of aging, the picture quality was diminishing and considering I had fixed it once before I decided it was time to upgrade. So to prepare for the idleness that would follow the ending of my studies, I got myself a new TV. I traded in my old 20 inch traditional TV to a 27 inch flat screen, and let me tell you, Serena's ass has never looked bigger! I don't feel bad splurging on the new TV as the old one was donated to me by sister some 5+ years ago when I moved out on my own. And after all a man has got to enjoy some fruits of his labour! Also I got a DVD play as a present, so you know di I inna business!

Don't worry I wont become a cholesterol filled, lazy, blog of a couch potato. I plan to hit the parties and shake my two left feet with the ladies and also I have decided to explore this beautiful country and capture it's breathtaking scenes with my camera. So you'll get my party reviews here and my photos on my photoblog! Also I have only one month to get the official 2007 Summer Body so I can hit the beach, so I have a lot to keep me occupied this summer.

Well enough about me in one post! I have to save some for the other posts. Mi gone find out what you have been up to!

13 commented:

welcome back stunner.Good to hear you settle in nicely in the new apt and that exams didn't kill ya. You got to have a big party!

ahh welcome back to the matrix man.

Finished with school as in finished your degree or on summer break?

I want to add another tv to my place too but I know i'll feel guilty shelling out cash for a LCD now.. maybe when we get more cashy :p

welcome back and congrats on finishing up

Keep at it Stunner. The major project is the me. If yuh finish the rest of the courses the project will fall in line. Sounds like you're happy about the new place.

You sound to be a happy boy at the moment - long may it last!

Waaaay ta go Stunner my man... Doing it straight up Island styleeee! Respect...

mmm lasagna
all you had to do was mention some food. What time should I show up?

Yay! The Stunner's back in town!

well don't you sound perky and pleased as punch. Happy for you.
Please post pix of the summer body :)

Well, welcome back *throws confetti* Lawd help them, as you are now unleashed.

Dude I'll miss them too. Since we're specializing, the group's gonna break up. Dammit! And I had my eyes on a couple of them too.