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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Woolmer Guessing Game Continues

Heart attack, poisoned, manual strangulation and now we are back to heart attack! What the hell is this, guess the cause of Woolmer's death? Today in the Sunday Gleaner on the front page there is a story that the famous Scotland Yard detectives have concluded that the Pakistani coach was not murdered, but died from natural causes, a heart attack! What the hell, now we have now gone back full circle. This is in total contradiction to the Jamaican Constabulary Force's conclusion of murder by manual strangulation.

This would be a serious embarrassment for the Jamaican police who after many weeks of investigation, post postmortem, coroners inquest and guesses have confidently proclaimed that Woolmer was strangled. The Jamaican police has not been known as a proficient crime solving entity here in Jamaica and with this release from the world renowned Scotland Yard on this well publicized case the whole world will know how "wutliss" the Jamaican police is!

Then again, could the Jamaican detectives and coroner be right? And Scotland Yard be wrong? Is it there by any remote chance the Jamaican police will come out the victor and be vindicated on the world scene? Well remote, very remote is the operative road, as I doubt very much that the Jamaican police will be correct and even so be anywhere close, even in their wildest dream to find the murderer and solve this case. However, the Constabulary Force have decided to stick by their verdict and continue with their investigation as they are confident that their investigations have proved the cause of death to be murder by manual strangulation. I guess we will just have to sit and wait to see how this plays out.

I may be very critical of the Jamaican police, but that's how I view them based on the number of unsolved murders in Jamaica, the lack of tools to solve crimes, and the general "dunceness" of the average police officer coupled with rampant corruption among its ranks. It seems that neither the police or the politicians are serious about curbing the scourge of crime on this island, despite their "bag a chat". I guess this just highlights the serious condition of the Jamaican police force.

13 commented:

I know our Jamaican police dotn have a good record of solving murders...but soemhow i smell "cover-up" all over this one!

This case has confused me from the start. Strangulation cases are pretty obvious by the damage to the neck. I wonder what is going on.

That has also crossed my mind too marangand.

Justacoolcat, I'm just as confused!

I'm with marangand on this one. Somehow I just think it has gotten tooooooo big and everybody take up a hands off approach. Call it natural causes and let it be.

I'm with coolcat
those big red handprints would be a dead giveaway. If those were present, I could see how being strangled could lead to a heart attack. Which occurred first is up for speculation. But strangulation is pretty obvious.

something is not right. strangled vs heart attack?? This sounds like a cover-up to me.

It looking like this one will never be solved. All we know is the man dead

I'm critical of the police period.

i was goining to blog abut this this week. its pathetic

Interesting that the BBC had an article yesterday on the rising tide of violence in Ja.

I think this one is going to be an unsolved mystery.....

Everyone is cussing the police on this, but wait up! What about the pathologist? The cops based their conclusion on the report from the pathologist! That is a doctor who is supposed to have gone through years of study, plus actual hands on training + years of experience. If he has made an error, well, how many people we have in jail on murder charges where he proclaimed the person was murdered?! I mean, this is a big, big thing! Somebody needs to lose their jobs over this, if the Scotland Yard people are telling the truth! The thing is, are they? I think the gov't needs to present the pathology report from that case + two or three others to some well recognised pathologists from other places (apart from England) and invite them to give their conclusions. That way they won't know which is the one for Woolmer. See what they think!

Well bull you need to do a follow up on this one cause you all hit the nail in the head ...Now we gonna have an enquiry... how much one of those trhings cost again?

just in case you don't know minoramp = Bobby