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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting Back Fit for Sigma 2013 and Beyond

My Running sneakers
It has been many years since I blogged about doing the annual Sigma Corporate Run! The last time I blogged about participating in the event was back in 2008 and 2009 when I challenged myself to run the five kilometer race not just  in the name of charity but also as a personal feat. It has also beed quite a while since I even ran any at all as I have not done any exercise since I quit the gym in September 2013. However, after gaining a few unwanted pounds and the fact that being a photographer demands that I be fit and healthy I have decided to get back on track... literally!

What better way to get back into being fit than to challenge myself to complete the very race that I haven't done in ages! So I got signed up for Sigma 2013 as a guest of one of the participating institutions. But it would really be foolish of me to just get up and expect to run the five kilometer race to start off my fitness journey once again! With that in mind I have started my fitness journey before race day, yes I have begun to train for the Sigma Corporate Run! By ding so, I will be in good shape for the race and well advanced in my challenge to lose the extra fat, build my endurance and to be fit and healthy overall. So how am I doing?

Well I started last week Tuesday and ran 4 straight laps before I alternated between walking and running for a total of 10 laps. Ten laps on the Emancipation 500m track is equivalent to 5 kilometers which is the full distance of the race, so this is a decent training ground. I went back on Thursday of last week I ran 6 straight laps and this week so far I have ran 8 straight laps in approximately 30 minutes. Today I ran 11 full laps in 38 minutes so hopefully I can do 12 laps in half hour or less before the end of this week or early next week. In the coming weeks I will be working on running 15 laps then work on my speed up to race day so I can at least complete the 5 kilometer race in under 25 minutes.

I am hoping to keep determination going and keep my motivation high to make it not just through the race but also after the race. I am hoping to get a medal this year though as that would definitely be a significant reminder of a milestone in my fitness journey. So the fitness challenge continues!

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