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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Bond of James

She came "From Russia with Love"  because I was recommended by "Dr. No" and she wanted me "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". She looked at me with her "GoldenEye" and said it was "For Your Eyes Only".

 Right then and there I knew for certain I had a "License to Kill". So I "Goldfinger" her "Octopussy"  with a "View to a Kill" because I am "The Man with the Golden Gun" and the "Thunderball". I made her see the "Living Daylights" which made her fingers become a "Moonraker" on my back.  She wanted to "Die Another day" because she was floating on cloud nine like she just scored big at the "Casino Royale".  

She said "Live and Let Die", because "You Only Live Twice" and "Tomorrow Never Dies". I told her without her "The World Is Not Enough".  She Held out her fingers and said "Diamonds Are Forever" because you are "The Spy Who Loved Me" so don't make my "Skyfall" because if you leave it would be a "Quantum of Solace".

- Stunner

7 commented:

Skyfall was OK. certainly not the best movie ever.

Didn't like Skyfall, was very boring & anti-climatic.

You coined this one? If so, good stuff. If not, boo hoo. Agree with you on that one Stunner, then again the only time i watch anything James Bond is when im subjected to it by a male.

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Of coursed I sat and penned this myself! You doubting my creativity Tami? But si here!

Very creative writing indeed!

Lovely write up. Please check out my Jamaican blog below as well: