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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dark Knight

So after seeing the trailers that flooded the TV screens and the Internet, reading the countless comments and reviews, I decided I wanted to go to the movies to watch the much hyped Dark Knight. I had great expectations going to see this movie, after all the trailers were fast pace, heart pumping and action packed. And the reviews were enticing, not to mention the huge turnout at the box office, this movie must be the best thing since Spiderman!

So on Saturday I went to the Cinema in the Cross County Shopping Center to watch this most touted summer block buster. Well, after watching the movie, I was speechless, not because the movie was so great, but because I don't really know how to describe the movie. First of all it didn't live up to my expectations, based on how the media, trailers and reviews hyped it up to be. I expected more action scenes and some kick-ass fighting scenes, but that was not fulfilled. The overall story line was good, but the only problem I had was the extremely minor role Two-Face played in the movie. The movie wasn't boring, yet it wasn't exhilarating, as it was just enough to keep you interested from the beginning to the end.

The late Heath Ledger, as said by many, did put on a good performance as the Joker. It was kinda weird watching a new release with a dead actor though. This new interpretation of the Joker was definitely different from what I was used to! He was pretty darn demented and evil, but a very clever mastermind, who brought Gotham to its knees.

Overall, I think it was a pretty decent movie. Even though it did not live up to my expectations, I didn't feel like it was a waste of money to watch it at the cinema. If you wanted to go to the Cinema to watch it, you should go as it's not a bad movie and of course i am not a professional movie critic. I give it a Stunner rating of 3.5 out of 5, partially due to it's failure to live up to my expectations.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Passenger's Log, Air 'Always Delayed'

04:15 am: Stunner's alarm goes off and after snoozing the alarm for 10 minutes I finally get up out of bed. hop in the shower, make some coffee, check and double checked, then it was off to the Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA).

06:15 am: I arrived at NMIA, and was greeted by an everlasting check-in line that seemed to never end. So being the Stunner I am I stepped past than pathetic line. Well, no I'm no big shot at the Airport and no I can't afford Fist Class. The night before I decided to try the Air Jamaica Web-check-in, so I proceeded to the web check-in line which only had 3 persons it. While in the line I received a text message that the flight to Montego Bay was delayed by 1 hour. Yes, travel savvy Stunner signed up for light notification. One hour delay was no biggy, I was expecting that so it was off to the waiting lounge. My, my NMIA has certainly changed, escalator, elevator, conveyor belt! Wah, we have first world airport deh though!

08:30 am: The plane taxi's down to the runway and we were off to Montego bay to catch the connecting flight to New York! Stunner still has a smile on his face.

09:30 am: The plane arrives at Sangster International Airport and I'm sitting in the departure lounge waiting to board the next flight. An announcement rings out on the PA system, "...flight number 'now delayed again' will not be leaving until 11:00 am, Air 'Always late' apologizes for the inconvenience." by this time passengers have started to quarrel and bicker in true Jamaican, Air Jamaica passenger style. But not Stunner, I expected this, I just plug in my cell phone's headset and listed to some Fame FM and chatted on the phone to my friends.

11:00 am: Another announcement rings out, "... flight number 'delayed even more' will not be leaving until 4:30 pm, Air 'Always late' apologizes for the inconvenience." What the ra.., by now the tiredness has started to set in and I'm crossed nu ratid! Well, at least I wasn't the only one upset as several passengers started to voice their opinion about the dutty, tinking ... I mean Air Jamaica.

12:00 pm: Another announcement rings out, as Air Jamaica being bitten by its conscience decided to treat us to lunch. Well it was the least they could do for such an unreasonable delay. frankly I would prefer a half of my air fare back! But for this cash strapped airline, that would definitely be a resounding no. So we were off the the Sunset Jamaica Grande Sunset Beach Resort, 5 bus load of hungry, tried, frustrated passengers. I was really hoping it would be lunch and bed, but that too was just a dream, as I had to just settle for lunch. Well, wanting to get my money's worth stunner made full use of his day pass arm band. Lunch buffet style, I sampled a bit of every thing! All the meat, all the starch, all the vegetables. When i was done, it was back for the pastries, then the fruits. Nope, arm band nuh done yet, the bar was open and so was my appetite and off to the bar I went. By 2:oo pm Stunner was fast asleep on one of the chairs in the hotel's lounge area, gut full, back slumped down in the soft cushion, head phone in ears, one foot on my hand luggage (primarily for security reasons, lol), and a half glass of Amaretto Sour on the table.

03:00 pm: I was awakened by a fellow passenger, as the buses had arrived to transport us back to the airport to catch the 4:30 flight. After waiting about 15 minutes for the stray passengers who seemed to have forgotten about their flight and wondered off on the hotel's property, the bus finally rolled out.

04:00 pm: After circling the entire airport to get the liquor I purchased at NMIA I was in the departure lounge once again. Why did I have to circle the airport? Well as I had purchase liquor I had to leave it at customs before leaving the Sangsters Airport. When I arrived from the hotel, I had to check-in again, go through security, proceed to the waiting lounge, go through the gate, down the arrival ramp to customs, up back the arrival ramp in the opposite direction of the arriving passengers and finally back through the gate and to the departure lounge.

04:30 pm: I finally boarded the plane with my fingers crossed that there will be no more delays, as I have experienced a delay, before, of an hour while seated on the plane.

05:00 pm: The plane finally taxi's down to the runway and finally after a nine and a half hour delay, I was on my way to New York.

Now I really think I need to kick Air Jamaica to the curb and as Owen said, leave this "abusive relationship" and fly with another airline. Dutty, tinking,...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Di Plane Land!

Finally, I am in New York after e lengthy delays caused by Air Jamaica kept me at bay in Jamaica for a ridiculously long time. Yes I know what you must be saying, "But it's Air Jamaica, what do you expect?". Well, yes I did go to the airport expecting the flight to be delayed, but not as long as it did! I will give you that story on Monday. But I'm glad I reached safely and now it's time for me to explore and shop New York style, even though I am on a strict, meager budget. Until Monday you can enjoy my theme song for the trip, Richie Spice, "The Plane Land".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NY Here I Come!

Can you hear that? Can you feel that? Can you see it? Well if you can't then you don't have it right now! What the hell is dat bwoy Stunner talking about? Well, as of today I am officially on VACATION!!! Yes my friends, no work, no reluctantly leaving my house to go to my place of employment, sleeping as late as I want, staying up as late as I want and the time to do whatever I want including just lazing around. Well, this is my second vacation of the year, the first I spent it in Jamaica so now it's off to New York! So I will be leaving the rock bright and early tomorrow morning destined for the Big Apple.

I think though that sometimes, I am a sadistic person who love to inflict pain and suffering on myself. Well, I must be, because once again I am taking Air Jamaica, which means I will be subjecting myself to the possibly of lengthy delays and the resultant frustration and aggravated mental state. Fortunately I can convince myself that I am not as being a struggling young professional (just like the phrase), Air Jamaica had the best price of all the airlines at the time for the period I wanted to travel. So due to my financial disadvantaged state, I have to pt up with the Air Jamaica foolishness to get to my destination.

Delays or not I have to get up by 5 am for my 7:30 am flight, yes that's the cheapest fare I could get as Air Jamaica flights have different prices for the same day. So I need to go pack... no mi nuh pack yet. Since I am on vacation, I should have more time to blog, well... between shopping and having fun. So until I next drop a post, wish me a safe flight!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Last Week... This Week

Just as quickly as the rain came on Friday evening, that's how quickly it disappeared by Sunday morning! Well, this is how I like the rain to fall, nice two days and then back to some sunshine. Long enough to moisturize the soil, yet short enough for me to wash an get my clothes dried on the line. The only problem with the rain, is that it makes your job so much harder when you have to work on a rainy day and you work for a Telecommunication company that relies heavily on JPS. But I survived the rainy weekend.

So it's Monday once again, the beginning of another promising week, full of unknowns. Judging from the events of last week, we need to brace ourselves here in Jamaica just in case this week turns out to be the same. What am I talking about? Well...

Trouble in SistaP Camp
After denying the evident rumors, Peter Phillips finally announced that he will once again challenge Sista P (Portia Simpson) for the presidency of the People's National Party. Despite the superficial unity displayed during the last general election, the rivalry between the Portia camp and the Phillips camp never died down. It only seemed to fester under the election blanket and has once again revealed itself. So once again these two factions of the same party will battle it out to see who will be the one to take down the ruling JLP party in the next general elections. but, as shown in the last battle for the top seat, these teams play dirty. So I guess Jamaica is in for some more, snarling, bickering and good ole cussing, because Sista P "nuh fraid a no man, no gyal..."

Oops... Olint Again!
Another famous alternative investment scheme comes under attack. Unlike it's counterpart Cash Minus (Cash Plus) and previous attach on it's operations, Olint is now under fire from the US authorities. it has been reported that US agents ordered Olint's Miami offices closed and ceased documents from the home of the head of the institution. this was also compounded when the authorities froze the company's assets in Turks and Caicos. This latest attach, send shock waves through the the hearts and minds of many Jamaicans who are all to familiar with the trauma caused by the fall of the defunct Cash Plus. Many Jamaican investors of Olint are holding there breath on this as some persons have gone all out and invested their entire life savings and properties into this risky high yield investment scheme. Well if we have a repeat of the Cash Plus fate, nuff people going ball.

Sun, Sea and... Weh Di Sand Deh?
Earlier this week 500 truckloads of sand miraculously disappeared from a 64 acre prime beachfront! Well according to the report, the 500 truckloads of sand were stolen from the property. I had to use the word miraculously as it is hard to understand how so much sand could be moved from one location without anyone knowing. After all we are not talking about some small pickups, we are talking about some big noisy trucks hauling white beach sand. Then again, this is a very unregulated, anything goes country, so it should not be surprising that so much sand could be transported without anyone paying attention to it, even the police. But it just seems fishy that some entity would massacre a beach like that. this cannot be the undoing of some little privateer, but there must be some big player behind this dastardly deed. the Jamaican Government and the private investor, ...yes it's no longer owned by the Jamaican people as with everything else..., are furious bout this magic trick, I mean this large scale theft. It will be interesting to see how this riddle pans out. but something fishy, and it's not the sea.

Thrown From Window... Here In Jamaica!
I am used to hearing news like this from the American media, as I always thought crazy things like these only happen in America... no offense to my American readers. But to my shock and horror I learned from the news that it happened here. A 28 year old woman was allegedly thrown from the washroom window of her 3rd floor apartment by her ex-boyfriend. What the hell! i just can't understand some men, they behave as if there is only one woman in the world and if the relationship doesn't work then the whole world will end and they go totally crazy! Yes one can be in love with someone and feel so strongly about that person but if the relationship ends or if the person cheats, that's not the end of the world. There are a lot more women out there, you only have to walk through Half Way Tree to see that for yourself! But still, there are some crazy, coke head men and women out there!

To top off the weekend, probably the best thing to happen for the weekend depending on where you live, we finally had some rain to quench the parched land. A tropical system passed over the island bringing with it lightning, thunder, some wind and plenty showers of rain. I would elaborate on that, but I guess said enough about that already. But just in case you forgot, this should help.

What can I say, we live in an interesting country, with interesting people and interesting events. So are you ready for another week? Well, ready or not, it is here! Have a great week!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pull it Up...It's the Weather for Love

After almost endless days of brilliant sunshine and extreme heat, the summer rains have finally come. With a flash of lightning and the crash of thunder the rains came down as if it was being announced like royalty. It started as a moderate shower last night, but then it got more intense. It seems the rainclouds found the soil to be too parched for moderate showers and decided to drench the thirsty soil.

The rain fell all night last night, the kind of rain that makes you want to cuddle up in bed all night with that special someone, or make some sweet passionate love all night long. Saturday morning picket up where Friday night left off with the rain, from light, to moderate, to down right heavy and so the cycle continues as the land is massaged and cleansed by the incessant rain drops. It's one of those mornings that you don't want to get out of bed, or if you do it's just for some breakfast to give you that feeling of contentment as you crawl back to the warmth of your bed and the arms of your lover.

But not everyone can be so lucky, no, not me. I had to get up out of bed, reluctantly put on my outer garments and beat it through the weather of romance, drive along the wet city streets to of all places, work. But I guess, that's how I keep a roof over my head, my mode of transportation, and the electricity and internet to keep blogging. If you are in your bed all curled up, listening to the pitter patter of the rain drops, then count your blessings with every drop. If you have been torn from the warmth and comfort of your bed, like me, just hope you will be off the next time the cozy weather comes back around.

For all the lovers out there, wrapped up in the warmth of each other, this is one for you. Biggest Pull it Up ever, enjoy...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Midweek Perk!

Well if your week has been getting to you like mine has, then you need something to perk up your pressuring, stressful week. So this is for you my Blogging peeps...

Read this...
A young Jamaican University graduate applied for an engineering position
at a Kingston based firm. A Trini Engineer also applied for the job, and
both applicants, since they had the same qualifications on paper, were
asked by the Department Manager to take a test.

Upon completion of the test, the manager went to the Jamaican and said,
"Thank you for your interest, but we've decided to give the man from
Trinidad the job."

The Jamaican asked, "Suh why yu do dat? Bote a wi get nine questions
rite. And dis is Jamaica,and me is Jamaican, so a me shoulda get de wuk!"

The manager said, "We have made our decision, based not on the correct
answers, but rather on the question that you both missed."

The Jamaican asked, "An how in the name of Jesus yu decide sey one wrong
answer betta dan de adda ?"

The manager replied, "Simple. The Trini put down "'I don't know" for
question 5, and you put "Me nuh know either".

A lilly sup'm supm' fi yuh watch...

Now a little activity for you...

You Are 64% Healthy

Your diet is quite healthy, but you don't too crazy with what you eat.

You know how to eat what's good for you, but you're also careful not to deprive yourself.

Now who seh Papa Stunner nuh tek care a unuh? Hope that brightened up your week!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Beware of Supermarket Specials!!!

On Saturday I decided to go to the Supermarket to pick up a few items that I had run out of. So off I went to a well known supermarket, which I will not name, on Red Hills road to restock on the few items. One of such item was butter... well margarine. So after picking up some of the items I went down to the isle to the section with the butter. But this time I decided to deviate from my normal choice of Blue Band Creamy, is search of a different taste and value for my money. Then as my eyes glanced across the shelves, a Special sign caught my eyes! This wasn't any ordinary special on any ordinary butter! It was a very good special on some really tasty, foreign, Country Crock butter! So immediately I was drawn to the brightly coloured yellow and red sign to investigate!

I stared in disbelief as the small tub of Country Crock, which is almost equivalent to the big tub of Blue Band and Flora, was only JM$84.10 (US$1.16) down from the regular price of JM$177.75 (US$2.46)! I couldn't believe it, this was my chance to indulge in butter that I only enjoy when I am in the US on vacation. This was too good to be true, so I immediately pawned up a tub to throw it in my shopping cart until...

Then I really wondered to myself, 'this is too good to be true, there must be a catch'! And right I was, as when I spun around the tub to look at the expiration date, to my disappointment it said August 05, 2008! What the hell, my dream of buying tasty foreign butter cheaper than the small tub of my ordinary butter was dashed! Well for someone with a family this wouldn't be bad, but for a health conscious, single male this is a problem. That tub of butter would serve me quite a while, and even longer as I will be away on vacation in a weeks time and won't be back till after that expiration date. So after inspecting all the tubs, which as expected had the same expiration date, I placed them back on the shelf and took up one of the ordinary priced tub of butters with acceptable expiration dates. Surprisingly, it was cheaper than the big tub of the margarine I normally buy.

Oh, yeah, I just remembered, the moral of the story: 'beware of supermarket specials, always check for the pros and cons'. It seems this is a good way for the supermarkets to get rid of stuff that will soon expire. Yes, lure unsuspecting shoppers with promises of great deals with their bright colourful signs!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Roundup With Some Sweetness

It's Friday again! Yay!... Well, nothing much to get excited about though, even though I am, strangely, off this weekend. The thing is, I am so used to NOT having weekends off, that when I do get one I don't know what the hell to do with it. So of course, this is one such weekend that I have no particular plans for. But I am sure that I will find something to do, even if it is lazing around the entire weekend, after all doesn't a hard working young man deserve that! So what has the Stundar (Stunner Radar) picked up this week?

Who Am I?
During my regular browsing on the Internet I found out that Beenie Man, the girls dem suga or more like D'Angel suga daddy, has released his biography entitled "Who am I?... The untold Story of Beenie Man" [photos here]. Well this seems to be a good move to increase his earnings, but come on, there are actually more stories? Beenie Man's life has been basically a public saga from his inception into Dancehall till now! The latest being his well known love affair with female Dancehall Artiste, D'Angel. But based on what we know so far of the Artiste's dramatic life, this book should definitely be interesting!

More Celebrity Expos'e!
The Internet expos'e continues in our little island of Jamaica! This comes hot off the heels of recent videos of well known Jamaican television/media personalities engaging in their personal sexual activities. There are pictures being circulated on the Internet, I know because I got them, of a popular television personality posing topless for the camera. In the picture there is no mistaking who she is or where she works as if you look closely you can see her company logo on the shirt she had on. But what is interesting about this one is that she is the coworker of the famous "Milk" and as if that is not enough, she is now hosting the very same show that Milk hosted before the release of her sex tape! Maybe it is just me, or is something a bit fishy about this? Looking in, looking out, looking even better, indeed!

Gloom Over the City
Once again the city of Kingston has been covered with gloom, no not crime, that hasn't left! No it's smoke sweeping through the city from the Riverton landfill as it is once again on fire. I personally have not been affected by the smoke as persons in other areas of the corporate area have. Maybe it's due to my location or the wind direction, but even though it seems the smoke has reached everywhere by now, it is not as bad where I am. The last time (yes, it seems to happen every year) there was a fire, I was living off Red Hills road and I ended up at the doctor and on medication. So I have a lot to be thankful for this time.

That's just some of the news hitting the Stunner-waves this week. Hopefully I will enjoy my weekend off and hope you will too! As I haven't dropped on of these in a long time, here is a Weekend Eye Candy to kick-off the weekend.

Borrowed from Outa Road

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Clash of the Titans ( A Stunner's Afflictions Exclusive)

Yesterday I went out on my back porch to take up a few things I had left outside when to my astonishment I walked into an active turf war! What kind of turf war could be going on where I live, after all I don't live in any volatile community? Well it was a full fledged fight, a clash of muscle and strength, teeth, jaws and technique. two massive ground lizards were dueling for control of the backyard! So being the adventurous, journalistic person I am, I made a dash for my camera and turned it to the video mode and started recording the events. So I decided to share this once in a lifetime never recorded on local camera before, exclusive video. Brought to you in association with National Stunnergraphic, Stunner's Afflictions is proud to present A Stunner's Afflictions Exclusive video, "Clash of the Titans". Crickey!

Produced by Stunner
Video by Stunner
A National Stunnergraphic video
Brought to you by Stunner's Affliction Exclusive

Monday, July 07, 2008

Busy and Dealing with Increases

Once again Stunner has been beset by a long spell of blogger's drought. I wish I was now explaining to you that my absence was due to immensely pleasurable and relaxing adventures. I wish I was reporting on my trips to the north coast or even that I just came back from a long weekend at Portland enjoying the Portland Jerk Festival (Even though I just heard it wasn't that good). But unfortunately this is not so, there was no basking in the sun, no frolicking in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, no visiting of exotic places.

The truth is that I have been rather busy, busy chasing vanity and a striving after the wind. I have been working the day shift all of last week, which seems to me more hectic these days for some unknown reason. There is also this website that I am building, as my client requires a new website. So for the most part I have been busy chasing after the mighty dollar. Not to get filthy rich, but just to make ends meat and have some form of purchasing power. In the midst of this I have to be trying to chase my next seemingly unattainable dream of having a muscular, well tones, eye turning body... well I have downgraded that to just being able to take of my shirt and feel good on the beach. So by the time I am through with all of this I have no use to myself, the only thing I can think of is the comfort of my bed.

On another note, the Stunner has been battling with high light bills which seem to be getting higher every month. So prodded by these increases I have decided that my step to outfit my house with energy saver bulbs wasn't doing enough. So I embarked on more stringent measures such as limiting the number of lights on, as it is summer I have turned off my water heater indefinitely, and I have been using my electrical appliances less. however despite my endeavors an article in The Sunday Gleaner has dashed my hopes of paying less for my power bill. Yes my friends, JPS has once again decided to hike up their energy charges! It reported that "consumers are seeing increasing amounts - ranging between 100 and 250 per cent - on their light bills"! Now I am in fear of what my next light bill will look like! I can just picture myself walking over the the Credit Union to take out a loan just to pay my light bill! The though of investing in solar energy and integrating it in my power supply is seeming more and more a reality with these crippling power charges.

What did you say? If the OUR will intervene? On the contrary it seems the OUR is in partnership with the JPS to milk paying customers pockets dry! I think the comic below, from The Gleaner, sums up the OUR's view on the increases.

I am officially opening the Stunner's Energy Bill Fund, so feel free to make your donations to keep the light on my my tiny apartment.