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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Di Plane Land!

Finally, I am in New York after e lengthy delays caused by Air Jamaica kept me at bay in Jamaica for a ridiculously long time. Yes I know what you must be saying, "But it's Air Jamaica, what do you expect?". Well, yes I did go to the airport expecting the flight to be delayed, but not as long as it did! I will give you that story on Monday. But I'm glad I reached safely and now it's time for me to explore and shop New York style, even though I am on a strict, meager budget. Until Monday you can enjoy my theme song for the trip, Richie Spice, "The Plane Land".

10 commented:

why you no stop tek air jamaica and complain about? your like inna abusive relationship with a airline

i was delayed for hours on my way back last month too -_-

Hail up, Stunner, THANKS fi da boom chune ya! Peas an' Rice, Richie Spice nice!

Long time since I've been by here. Hope you are well...

Enjoy the Big Apple Stunner!!

I gotta laugh with regard to that"abusive relationship with the airline" comment. never heard it put like that before.

Di chune sell off Stunner. Enjoy your vacation.

Idren Stunner,

Nuh mek babylon blind unnu eye-eye dem wit she bling bidnez.

We need your safe return home to sweet Jamaica.

I swore off AirJamaica after the flight on which our luggage was riffled and items stolen. No, it was not TSA employees, because this happened before 9-11.

Air Ja may be the national airline, but I don't want to put my life in the hands of an airline that looses millions of dollars a month!

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

@Owen: trust me, it's only the ticket price. But now I think I need to pay the extra.

@Jamaipanese: welcome to the club!

@Melody: Glad to hear from you! I'm happy you like it!

@princessdominique: Indeed! It's great that you dropped me a line!

@Anonymous: Thanks.

@Dutty Bwoy: Yes owen does have a way with words, lol! Glad you liked te chune!

@LADY ROOTS: Yeah, it definitely seems I need to give up that airline indeed. That incident with your luggage was just awful!

have yourself a least you reach safe.