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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pull it Up...It's the Weather for Love

After almost endless days of brilliant sunshine and extreme heat, the summer rains have finally come. With a flash of lightning and the crash of thunder the rains came down as if it was being announced like royalty. It started as a moderate shower last night, but then it got more intense. It seems the rainclouds found the soil to be too parched for moderate showers and decided to drench the thirsty soil.

The rain fell all night last night, the kind of rain that makes you want to cuddle up in bed all night with that special someone, or make some sweet passionate love all night long. Saturday morning picket up where Friday night left off with the rain, from light, to moderate, to down right heavy and so the cycle continues as the land is massaged and cleansed by the incessant rain drops. It's one of those mornings that you don't want to get out of bed, or if you do it's just for some breakfast to give you that feeling of contentment as you crawl back to the warmth of your bed and the arms of your lover.

But not everyone can be so lucky, no, not me. I had to get up out of bed, reluctantly put on my outer garments and beat it through the weather of romance, drive along the wet city streets to of all places, work. But I guess, that's how I keep a roof over my head, my mode of transportation, and the electricity and internet to keep blogging. If you are in your bed all curled up, listening to the pitter patter of the rain drops, then count your blessings with every drop. If you have been torn from the warmth and comfort of your bed, like me, just hope you will be off the next time the cozy weather comes back around.

For all the lovers out there, wrapped up in the warmth of each other, this is one for you. Biggest Pull it Up ever, enjoy...

11 commented:

Awwwww...hush babe! Next week you'll be in paradise and the pitter patter of the raindrops will be the last thing on your mind! With that said, enjoy your will all be over before you know it!

well i was enjoying it to no end...that ends now as i do the same as you and head off to work :(

I wholeheartedly agree! Yesterday my girlfriend suddenly made up with me, after weeks of putting me on hold. Wonder if the weather had anything to do with it?

cozy? rain? I've never really understood that link to be honest. lol.

I'm one of those people who love sunshine. All the time. No matter how hot it is give me sunshine over rain any day. I suspect I'd do well in the Middle East.

We haven't had much heavy rain today...well at least not where I am. It has been raining all day though. Last night was really windy. So windy that it woke me up! No rain fell though.

Weather for lovers?! That blasted wind seems to have moved my dish! I can't watch no TV in my bedroom and I will probably have to pay good money to get it reseated! Blast!

ah, that rain... it really is love-ly weather.... even if it sometimes sets off a series of unfortunate envents...

One my fave Beres...After a while too much rain gets on my

Weather for leather ~ I hear yuh brother man.

nyiiiicceee! Yep - its been a lovely weekend! ;-). I got a lot done, with a few blog posts in between. Enjoy the rest of the week!

damn why did the rains stop I didn't want to go back to work (in a few hours)