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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Clash of the Titans ( A Stunner's Afflictions Exclusive)

Yesterday I went out on my back porch to take up a few things I had left outside when to my astonishment I walked into an active turf war! What kind of turf war could be going on where I live, after all I don't live in any volatile community? Well it was a full fledged fight, a clash of muscle and strength, teeth, jaws and technique. two massive ground lizards were dueling for control of the backyard! So being the adventurous, journalistic person I am, I made a dash for my camera and turned it to the video mode and started recording the events. So I decided to share this once in a lifetime never recorded on local camera before, exclusive video. Brought to you in association with National Stunnergraphic, Stunner's Afflictions is proud to present A Stunner's Afflictions Exclusive video, "Clash of the Titans". Crickey!

Produced by Stunner
Video by Stunner
A National Stunnergraphic video
Brought to you by Stunner's Affliction Exclusive

18 commented:

oh more thing...Where's Michael Vick??? hehehe

whoa dude1 That neck lock at 9:01 with the panting hard still. Dam i hope it wasn't coochie he was fighting for cuz most men wud have given up already. Good stuff Stunner, thumbs up. BTW Whats ur real name and how do u look?

you sure this isn't some sort of mating ritual? One of those lizards could be female. i'm just saying...

Stunner this is going to give me nightmares!!! You know Jamaican woman fraid o lizard like puss!!! :)

Now, you KNOW I aint into the lizard business, and I am quite disgruntled that you run for a camera instead of bleach, machete, dynamite, or something to kill the nasty buggers! Yech!

lizards? those are some big able dinosaurs. since whe ya move to jurrasic park


The jaws on those fellas.

for once i am glad work blocks videos !

and stalker tami at it again :P

haha. Not all J'can women are afraid of the crawlers. I made frens with some in my garden.

AND yes pep i am.

Ok...I couldn't go through the entire video cause I think reptiles (all reptiles) are things this planet could do without...Cudos on the video Stunner, but do you have the khaki shorts and shirt to go with the image and are you taking stpes not to end up like the Crocodile Hunter?

All of 10 minutes??? LOL, you're crazy. Yesterday was a pretty slow day, yes?

glad I read the comments before watching
that Vick comment was hilarious

Awesome fight. This could get a few thousand hits on YouTube. Just put a crappy soundtrack in the background. If Vick were using these, no one would care (far less cuddly).

damn those dudes are really going at it! wish one of them fired a lazer beam from his eyes are had firebreath. Then this fight would be crazy!!!!!!!!

Hey Stunner...those boys are ruthless,pal..!!!

I LOVE it! Which one won? Did you give it a prize? What happen to the one that didn't win? Make sure you create a friendly environment in your backyard so they can stay around. These creatures are quickly dying out, thanks to screaming women and sadistic little boys who love to kill them.