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Monday, July 07, 2008

Busy and Dealing with Increases

Once again Stunner has been beset by a long spell of blogger's drought. I wish I was now explaining to you that my absence was due to immensely pleasurable and relaxing adventures. I wish I was reporting on my trips to the north coast or even that I just came back from a long weekend at Portland enjoying the Portland Jerk Festival (Even though I just heard it wasn't that good). But unfortunately this is not so, there was no basking in the sun, no frolicking in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, no visiting of exotic places.

The truth is that I have been rather busy, busy chasing vanity and a striving after the wind. I have been working the day shift all of last week, which seems to me more hectic these days for some unknown reason. There is also this website that I am building, as my client requires a new website. So for the most part I have been busy chasing after the mighty dollar. Not to get filthy rich, but just to make ends meat and have some form of purchasing power. In the midst of this I have to be trying to chase my next seemingly unattainable dream of having a muscular, well tones, eye turning body... well I have downgraded that to just being able to take of my shirt and feel good on the beach. So by the time I am through with all of this I have no use to myself, the only thing I can think of is the comfort of my bed.

On another note, the Stunner has been battling with high light bills which seem to be getting higher every month. So prodded by these increases I have decided that my step to outfit my house with energy saver bulbs wasn't doing enough. So I embarked on more stringent measures such as limiting the number of lights on, as it is summer I have turned off my water heater indefinitely, and I have been using my electrical appliances less. however despite my endeavors an article in The Sunday Gleaner has dashed my hopes of paying less for my power bill. Yes my friends, JPS has once again decided to hike up their energy charges! It reported that "consumers are seeing increasing amounts - ranging between 100 and 250 per cent - on their light bills"! Now I am in fear of what my next light bill will look like! I can just picture myself walking over the the Credit Union to take out a loan just to pay my light bill! The though of investing in solar energy and integrating it in my power supply is seeming more and more a reality with these crippling power charges.

What did you say? If the OUR will intervene? On the contrary it seems the OUR is in partnership with the JPS to milk paying customers pockets dry! I think the comic below, from The Gleaner, sums up the OUR's view on the increases.

I am officially opening the Stunner's Energy Bill Fund, so feel free to make your donations to keep the light on my my tiny apartment.

12 commented:

braze yourself for the me they are coming. Many Jamaicans will soon be able to take much and no more

I stopped fretting ages ago, all it does is get me depressed; and father ho long or whatever him name write a bag a shit inthe paper today.. bout wi mus "step down the ladder" not step up.. Easier said than done.

Here the govt is too busy playing politics to worry about inflation which is now at 35%. I wonder how much more we can take seeing that a second job is inevitable.

Light bills are just as expensive here in SVG. Using fans less, turning off lights in unoccupied rooms etc are some energy saving measures. However, despite your best efforts it seems that the bill gets no lower...sigh

Yeh my bills quite ridiculous right now to tell the truth.. our money not worth nothing. Can anybody say 5million dollar bill around the corner.. We in real trouble. but truth be told I'll be rich before all that occurs.

What is this "Fuel & IPP Charge" on the energy bill anyways? Mine is consistently over J$4,000.00 and accounts for 65% of my bill.


Everything is ridiculously expensive these days. All over the world we are getting pinched, and yet someone out there is getting richer...

my light bill last month wasnt that bad.. when does the new rates apply? this month?

now I am afraid too :(

looks like you will have to start catching peenie wallies; either that or going to bed very early. Well, at least you'll be quite refreshed.

They do it to us here too and they also get to jack us with heating bills in the winter. The rich get richer.

I long thought that the OUR was in cahoots with the JPS and the other utility comapnies. That cartoon is dead on.

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