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Sunday, June 29, 2008


After watching the flashy previews and trailers and after going to to see the local ratings I decided that I wanted to see the movie Wanted on the big screen. So on Saturday night the opportunity presented itself for e to go see if it was all hype or something that I really 'wanted' to see.

The movie started with some funny scenes and narration, but this did not drag on as the action didn't hesitate to jump in full force! If you wanted a definition of an action packed movie, then Wanted would be one of the illustrative definitions. If fast, racy, gun slinging, car chasing, stunt filled action is on your menu, then Wanted is certainly the movie to wet your appetite! The main characters James McAvoy (Neva know him till this movie) who played Wesley and Angelina Jolie (Fox) delivered some serious action and did the movie justice and then there is Morgan Freeman (Sloan), well what can I say it's Morgan Freeman you can't expect nothing less than the best. What would an action movie be without killer graphics? The graphics in this movie was totally awesome and blended well with the action this movie spewed.

Of course no movie is perfect and thus Wanted does have it's own faults. There are one or two scenes that just seem out of place with the movie and one particular scene that I just think pushed the limit of my imagination a bit to far. Of course you know I won't tell you the scenes as this will just spoil it for you. However, it did not spoil the movie for me as the action was good enough to keep me occupied. Overall Wanted was a pretty good movie, and certainly a gret movie if action is what you are into. I give it a Stunner rating of 4 out of 5.

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Stunner, just the ads for this movie pushed the limits of my imagination too far--it seemed like such a trite regurgitation of the "mysterious assassin ancestor"/"geek turns cool" fantasy that I just wanted to barf every time the ads came on (which btw was every 5 seconds!) So I'll be skipping it despite your 4 out of 5

I haven't even see it advertised yet.

I guess I haven't been watching enough tv.

im curious to know which scenes you think the movie cud have done without...
i kno which scenes must have pushed the envelope lie nuh fawt but worth every penny

Wanted seems like a good movie, but I'm in a superhero mood this summer.

James gave an excellent and notable performance in "The Last King of Scotland".

Personally, I am tired of the so-called action genre that tests a body's intelligence just to take my measely likkle dollar! Cho! But, if I aint gots nutting better to do, I will give it a peak, based on your recommendation ; )

Hmm I saw it yesterday, thought it was a good action movie, but the story was terrible, so many holes, for instance when the wheel spitted out a name, how did you know who the person was? Surely there are lots of people with the same names, even middle name....

and why did angie believe when he said all of their names had come up and killed even herself! lol

too much indeed

I'd go see anything this woman stars in.

Neever even heard of it before. These days movie house don't even see me.I'll wait for the dvd:)

@GC: LOL! Spiderman was the last movie I watched like that. But I just wanted to see some action.

@justacoolcat: really! Seems you really haven't as it was being advertised a lot.

@Pepper: The first part with this guy jumping across sky scrapers. That super human quality wasn't developed in the rest of the movie. And that whole train scene was just too freaking unbelievable! One thing for sure they have some serious faith in a weaving machine! But you are right it was damn good, even though extremely unbelievable!

@Leon: Hmm, no Hulk for me, just not impressed. But Dark Knight is on my list.

@Mighty Afroditee: Hey! Glad to hear from you Afroditee! It has been a while. Hope you enjoy the movie.

@Crankyputz: Good point. The story wasn't all that but the action was damn good!

@Brotha Buck: LOL!!!

@Abeni: I hardly go to the movies. The movie has to really interest me for me to go watch it.

@Jdid: You definitely should if you want to see some serious action.

As bobby and i were discussing, how did the bullet know to stop going around in a circle after she was killed!!!!
More like 2.5 out of 5 for me!!!!