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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brake Up! High Prices Ahead!

Remember my grand dream of buying myself a 2005 new shape Honda Civic? Will I guess it it still and will continue to be only a dream, as the price tag certainly put some brakes on my car buying plans. Our week Jamaican dollar coupled with the increase in import duties have caused the the car prices to skyrocket. This is further compounded by my weak salary and the salary increase that seems to be eluding me.

I have been checking out the prices of the 2005 new shape civic and it has been one heartbreak and disappointment after the other. I have been looking online at Japanese export websites and even those prices seem out of my reach as the average estimate (my own calculations that is) is $1.7 million! If you think that is bad, you need to hear the used car dealer prices. I went to a used car dealer to investigate. So I went to a particular dealer near to my home even though I didn't see any on display. To my surprise they had one stashed away at the back, so I went with the sales rep to drool uncontrollably. There it was, in it's glory, glistening in the sun, it was beautiful! So I dared to ask the price and I was certainly slapped with the response of $1.95 million! Can you believe it $2 million for a three year old, used vehicle!

My friends my car hunting seems dismal as my dream has become a nightmare filled with the haunting of high prices. But the search continues, hopefully there will be a beam of hope in shining through these dark clouds of high prices. The search continues...

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Can you believe it $2 million for a three year old, used vehicle!

I remember a few years ago a fella was braggin up his 2mil mercedes van and now it's the same price for a car?


Stunner it look like we 'ave to go back to the mule cart days mon.

...cause vehicles are too high!

Bummer....but I like your spirit my brother...keep searching, better must does that mean that the new one is around $5mil?

Bwoy is a scooter a dweet fi di I.

@justacoolcat:Yup, cars are really expensive in Jamaica, especially now that the import duties have gone up and the value of the JM$ has gone down.

@iriegal: It seems so with this high car prices!

@Emanicipated?: One has to keep hope alive. The new one is about $JM3 million.

@ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID: LOL, seems like an idea and it may be a little faster than the mule cart Iriegal mentioned! lol!

Stunner, I so feel your affliction. My car is ten years old and am looking o change it. Shock and bloody horror! >.<

who are all these people buying those shiny new cars?????

You must break it down in USD for us lazy Non yard posters. Whn you add in the cost of gas the mule cart looking bettter

sorry to hear about the high price of cars. thats crazy

Pssh, Stunner better you just buy a bicycle down Bashco and pimp it out. The price tag may soon go up since it environmentally friendly, dont use gas and is small enough to fit anywhere.
I'm thinking spinning spokes, fur handle bar and an extension for your ipod, what u think?

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tell the dealer you are motivated, ready, willing, and able to pay 1 million and see what he says.

I just checked on that price and he is looking for almost 14K US?!!! If he wants that much the mileage better be under 100K and it better have belonged to a grandma who only used it to go the supermarket, never had so much as an fender bender, and had her mechanic grandson change the oil every Tuesday.

no, wait, that 2 million is more like 27K US
I'm telling you to offer him US 14K
That's more than reasonable
you would be doing him a huge favor

I have to say that I am loving public transit more than ever. A car is becoming simply unaffordable, trouble is in a place like Canada where everything is so uber far it is a necessity.

How about alternative options like a car share program? We have a few of those in Canada and they are becoming more and more viable options....

@Ann (MobayDP): It is sooo painful indeed! Bus as you say people are buying them, so some people are actually getting payed.

@Abeni: I should have. GC did a good job!

@Jdid: Crazy indeed!!!

@Browning: With so many idiots on the road, I don't what to chance it with a bicycle!

@GC: Yep a 3 year old car here cost the same as a brand new one in the US! Crazy!!!

@Crankyputz: I have had enough of public transportation! I don't want to go back there.

while you're out looking if you find me a yaris/platz/vitz holla at me pls


That's truly sad. Better ban yuh belly. No more partying for you.