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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Videos, Videos and More Sex Videos!

It seems like it is a new phenomenon to sweep the Jamaican landscape, no not hurricanes we get that almost every year, it is sex videos galore! From horny adults, to high school teens, to pre-teens, television personalities and even actors, everybody seems to be doing it these days. It seems the voyeuristic side of Jamaicans has grown exponentially these last few years with several videos being circulated on the Internet and on cellphones via bluetooth! Adults and children alike having sex with their partner, some performing oral sex and even orgies are being recorded by the parties involved or their compatriots!

I can seem to count the amount of "school girl" videos I have received in my email and on my cellphone, as it seems the "schoolers" seem to be the most common perpetrators... or should I say porn stars! I can even remember the most shocking video I saw, where pre-teens were having sex on the steps of a school in plain view of even younger children! I have even received one with high two high school boys batterying (orgy) a school girl. But the "schoolers" aren't the only one getting in on the act as there have been several videos of adults having sex and oral sex have been in regular circulation. This is not limited to just your average unknown faces, but local television personalities and actors have been participating in the habit of recording their private sexual acts! this has been highlighted by the latest videos, one featuring Milk and the other featuring Johnny and Donisha (Yes mi a call name, everybody done know already). But it seems these tapes are not ending soon as even up to tonight I received one of a female, supposedly an employee of a well known bank, having sex with who appears to be her boyfriend.

But the question is, what prompts people to knowingly record, or allow the recording of there most private acts with the knowledge that there is a very good possibility it might fall into the wrong hands and get circulated? I it too much exposure to pornographic movies that has induced this voyeuristic behavior? Is it the ease of videoing these acts, brought about by improved technology? Or is it just an inherent curiosity we all have to see ourselves "performing", that overwhelms us to give in to recording our intimate moments? I will not say it is wrong to video ones own sexual activities, to each is own and everyone has the right to seek pleasure. However, as with everything else those who choose to video themselves "doing the nasty" need to be responsible enough to ensure they can really trust the other party/parties and take all precautions to prevent that video from leaking.

But even with all the precautions, "shit" still happens and some of these videos do get out. I do feel sorry for these persons who get caught, even though the videos serve as entertainment, hehehe. Whatever adults choose to do is their private business even though it may end up public and they made their "grown up" decision to do so. But, it is the videos of the these "schoolers", teens and worse pre-teens, that bothers me. But with how do we break this trend when technology makes it so easy to make a video? When there is abundant sex videos on cable, in stores and one the streets? And when there are persons interesting in videoing their intimate moments? This seems to be a growing phenomenon, which we may not be able to stop as we continue to see videos, videos and more sex videos!

PS: This is my 300th post, YAY!!!

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what I want to know is why they are being sent to you.
I would not be pleased if someone thought they should send me such a video.

Congrats on your 300th post!

Re the adults, I think that it boils down to exercising responsibility so that this unfortunate trend will no longer be perpetuated.

the new generation is very blase about sex, it doesn't seem to be a big thing to them, and with the plethora of tv shows expousing silly sexual behaviour, video tapping sexual acts have become common place. Shows like Rock of Love or the Bachelor have made it okay for people to make out and be sexual with multiple people at one time, there was a time we would scorn at such behaviour, now its become main stream....

Great post btw...

the new generation is very blase about sex, it doesn't seem to be a big thing to them, and with the plethora of tv shows expousing silly sexual behaviour, video tapping sexual acts have become common place. Shows like Rock of Love or the Bachelor have made it okay for people to make out and be sexual with multiple people at one time, there was a time we would scorn at such behaviour, now its become main stream....

Great post btw...

I like to come from a perspective of "actions have consequencies" Milk's little son will know that mommy has quite a bit of dexterity with appendages, and she has to deal with that and all the issues which will flow from the knowledge. Can we stop the videos?....I hope not before I see the one about "Bad Boy Trevor". As you say the technology makes it too easy to do, the mentality relative to sex is too free and clearly the youngsters can't manage academics so they are exploring the realm of the Arts as their saving grace from poverty.....with so many odds stacked up against the society, how can this phenomenon stop. persons need to be sensible and clearly we are at a stage in this country and world over, where sense is an almost completely depleted asset. Being in the footprint of the US doesn't help either. We can't stop the adults and "role models" from doing crap, but our children need to be nutured more and taught some of those core values we grew up with, as well as instilling in them a strong sense of self so they are not led out by problmatic content on phones or the internet or whatever platform.

Congratulations on your 300th post.Nuff respect star!!The sex and video thing a get out of control.

I think adults needs to be more sexually responsible and the teenagers and younger school children are being way too blase about engaging in sexual intercourse without really understanding the consequences of their behaviour. Parenting skills are too lax and the 'village' that raised us needs to be implemented again. What? These kids never attend sunday school or even learn about self respect? Really sad!

I just think we are becoming too narcissistic. These leaks are becoming a bit too convenient for me so am inclined to believe the performers are more than willing to show the world how good they are

Congrats on the 300th Post.
Alot of nude pictures and sex videos seem to being going round here too. I dont understand the purpose of such videos or pictures, dont people care that such could come out and once on the internet forever they will be for generation to come. Maybe we have it all wrong, sex is private and confidential. I miss days when sex was conservative now we too liberal. In this day and age of HIV/AIDs arent we encouraging promiscuity? God help us all, it is really a sad thing.

its the changing of the times

People are crazy. That's all.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Oh, wait! I did.

P.S. Dude, you've reached 300 posts? This is madness! Madness? (take it from there)

The popularity of this new form of sexual exploration is a direct reflection of how sexually repressed this society still is. The kids having sex are doing it BECAUSE they are forbidden to talk, learn, ask about sex. The adults who are having sex can't talk about what they do honestly, or even admit their lack of knowledge. The range of things that we can get pleasure from is constantly limited by judgmental attitudes and a culture that insists - at every level - that the less curious one is, the better off. Its the absence of healthy attitudes about sexuality that creates the market and the appetite for these videos, etc.

Listen to the conversations - even on this blog - and you can hear the tut-tutting and the moralizing about values, decency, responsibility, etc. Therein lies the problem and why we will run around in circles blaming everything else except looking at ourselves.

If sex remains this thing that only some people are supposed to have knowledge about or to be able to talk about without being labelled in some pejorative way, then performing sexual activity will remain a status symbol. And people will continue to undermine the value of that status symbol by doing it in these public ways - and sending it via cellphone and sattelite for all to see.

The stuff on these videos - I've seen enough of them - is so boring. The worst of vanilla sex, frankly, which demonstrates a complete lack of sexual imagination. College students in my time were far more creative than what I'm seeing! If that is all that Jamaicans know and are doing in private, no wonder the consumption of porn and sexual services is inching up! And that tells you something -- we're looking to find something that we're curious about and to make us feel better in this violent-crazed time, and hopefully the next video will deliver. So far, they haven't.