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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Can You Stomach It?

So I have been watching a few shows on TV lately, I'm not talking sitcoms, movies or porn. I'm talking shows that are a little more beneficial, like those on Discovery, National Geographic, HGTV and the Travel Channel. So it was while watching the Travel Channel that I stumbled on Bizarre Foods, a show where the host, Andrew Zimmen, travels all a cross the globe sampling as much nasty, disgusting, stomach turning, appetite killing... well you get the idea, bizarre foods that people eat in the countries of the world. This show is not for the faint of heart or for those who do not have strong stomachs, as the cuisines he samples are not your ordinary quirks, but some serious skin crawling dishes. Spiders, bugs, grubs, tripe, rodents, scorpions, worms, you name it. Once it is disgusting he has had it! One thing is for sure is that, he definitely won't die of starvation. But seriously, based on the trends of food prices these days we may need to start getting familiar with these exotic cuisines!

I don't think I'm as adventurous as he is where food is concerned, as I would never eat half of the thing he eats on his shows. But don't get me wrong, I'm somewhat adventurous, after all, I have had conch, live oysters and octopus. But that's as far as I have gone where food is concerned. So what is the most bizarre food you have ever eaten or would eat?

6 commented:

Bwoy, mi nuh dat adventurous when it comes to food.I man very conservative.Most time a strictly yaad food a dweet it fe di I.

I eat tongue on a regular, its an Indian specialty, we also eat brain, liver, pigs feet. Nasty stuff really

lol thanks to my mother it sounds like cranky and I shared the same plate when I was young.

lol trotters :p

Cow cod, chocolate covered ants (most Jamaicans have eaten ants without knowing it, and weevils in their flour), goat balls, goat brains and horn, octopus, chicken gizzard, cow tripe, heart and lung, snails, Wilfred patty.

That's my list.

Umm... I'll haveta get back to you man. I don't think I've EVER eaten anything that would be deemed bizarre. But some of the things I'm reading here on these comments are turning my stomach... whoops! Gotta go to the restroom... (eeek)

Have had pig feet,chicken foot souse,manicou, cow heel,sushi,iguana.