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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So Scarce... Where is My Mojo? Where is Stunner?

Wow, my posting here has been scarcer than the rain in Jamaica! Well, maybe not as scarce as rain here, considering that the rainy month of October passed without any rain worth mentioning! It seems I have lost my Blogging Mojo, because I have been here so infrequently and the same can be said about me visiting blogs. is it that I have lost that drive to blog and keep up with the posts of other bloggers? Or is it really that I lost my Blogging Mojo and need to find it back? Or maybe it is Twitter to be blamed since I am almost always tweeting away? Well whatever the reason, I hope I can start posting here more frequently. So what has been happening in the Stunner's life?

Well, I wish I could say I am happily employed in a job a love and enjoy and being well compensated for my hard work. But alas, that's just a figment of my imagination as I don't even have a miserable job that can barely pay the bills. Yes my friends, I am still unemployed, still combing the Gleaner for job ads, still sending out applications one after the other, still unemployed and looking. Hopefully I will find something soon, and the searching goes on.

My photography

On a lighter note though, I am still toying with my hobby, photography, and trying to improve my skills in hopes of making some decent money from it. In fact, I have had a few gigs, the money isn't much to talk about, but it can pay a one bill here and there. In fact I have one to work on right now, but this damn place to damn hot to do anything that requires moving from in front the fan for even a second! If you are interested you can check it out here Maybe you'll see a photo you like and order a print from me, or like my portraits and hire me for a shoot, right, right, right...

YS Falls St. Elizabeth

My girlfriend was here for a few weeks and that kept me busy, no not in the bed, behind the steering wheel as we were on the road quite often. And I found myself traveling from St. Elizabeth in one end of the island to Portland on the other side of Jamaica. I didn't mind it though, it was great to spend some time and also to get out of this damn hot house and enjoy a bit of Jamaica. I finally made it to YS Falls after being disappointed on so many occasions before. I actually wanted to see this attraction for over four years now and never made it. So getting to go there and see it first hand was a wonderful experience for me. However there is more traveling in store, as this weekend will be the monthly flickr group photography trip and I am looking forward to that!

That's just about it in a nutshell, nothing super exiting and dramatic. Hopefully I will drop a decent post soon and get back that mojo! Come on mojo, you can do it come on...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Passport Rush!!!

The scene at the Passport Office on Wednesday from under one of the tents.

People, people and more people!!! That was the scene yesterday at the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) as hundreds and possibly in the thousands descended to get their new passports! It was so full that people were everywhere on the compound and even large tents were constructed to house only a fraction of the crowd! But why this great rush for for passports? Well the government announced on Tuesday of this week that effective Monday November 17, the fee for obtaining passports will see increases ranging from eighty percent to as much as three hundred and eight percent! this means that the cost of an adult passport will move from JM$2500 to JM$4500 and for minors JM$1500 to JM$2700. But if your passport is lost or stolen and you need to replace it, you are in fo a shocking increase! The fee for replacing a passport in such circumstances will jump from JM$2500 to a whopping JM$9500! So make sure you keep your passport under some serious lock and key!

So with this announcement, hundreds of Jamaicans descended on the passport office in a bid to cash in on the last of the low prices before the new fees take effect. Yours truly Stunner was also one of the members of this large throng of people trying to avoid the increase in fees. When I arrived at the passport office at about midday I was shocked by the sheer number of people there in hopes of getting their new passport, so I proceeded to the desk at the side of the building and after having my documents checked i was issued a number H84. Hmm, H4 shouldn't be so bad, so i went and asked one of the passport office staff what number are they processing and was told they were in the low B's! What, that mean I had hundreds of people as the tickets were numbered [Letter A-J][01-99]! With that in mind I decided I would go about my business until they close the gate at 3:30pm. I came back to the passport office at 3:40pm and was still greeted by a huge crown which seemed to have only increased since I was last there! However, determined to get my passport I decided to stay, and stay I did. I waited and waited until the day progressed from a brightly lit afternoon to dark night as my number wasn't called until approximately 6:40pm! After going into the office itself, I spend about 20 minutes to get processed, basically a whole day combined!

According to The Gleaner's website, the crowd at the passport office has not subsided but is even larger than it was yesterday! It is so bad that according to the report, three police units have been deployed to the passport office to aid the private security company to maintain order! judging from yesterday, I can just imagine what that crowd looks like today and fear to even imagine what it will look like on Friday! I am sure the passport office will make more than their Christmas money between Wednesday and Friday! But it is terrible to see that the government as well as employers are cutting back on increases and cutting jobs, yet government fees and the prices of goods and services are skyrocketing! As Buju said, "What more unuh want... people fi do?", thing rough and they are getting rougher. If you plan to get your passport before the fee increases, I wish you well!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Restaurant Week 2009 Is Here!

It's that time again, the time for the top restaurants and the well known ones to put out their best and lure diners with not just savory meals, but with a ease of the pockets. however, what we all know as Kingston Restaurant Week (KRW) has expanded this year and has taken the sampling of delicious, discounted meals to the City of Montego Bay and the town of Ocho Rios. This recent expansion has led to the name of this week long event being changed to Restaurant Week (RW) to reflect this broadening of this culinary event.

Restaurant week kicked off on Saturday November 7, 2009 and will run until Saturday November 14, 2009. As usual the restaurants are divided in four categories, based on their price range, namely:
  • Epicurean JM$3500
  • Delectable JM$3000
  • Savory JM$1600
  • Tasty JM$1350
So based on your preference and the strength of your pocket you can choose from the four categories and have yourself a delicious three course meal for a price much lower than normal. There are the usual restaurants as well as new restaurant that have joined on for the event. However, the well sought after Mac;s Chop House is not on the list this year. Nevertheless there are still ample restaurants to choose from, not only in Kingston, but now in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. For a full listing of the participating restaurants and the category they are in you can visit the Restaurant Week website.

I'm thinking I will be trying out the Savory category once again due to my financial constraints, but I just can't afford to miss out on dining at a reduced cost. Lookout for my review post where you will know which restaurant I visited and my review of my Restaurant Week experience. If you are going to Restaurant week, happy dining!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trip to the Centre of the Island!

Last month I went on my monthly Jamaica W.I./Lovers of Photography Jamaica Flickr group trip which took me along the south coast and into central Jamaica. I always like to go on the Flickr group trips as apart from getting to indulge in my photography passion, I get to explore this island I call home and with a fun crowd of people with similar interest. It is amazing how little of this island I know in all the almost thirty years I have been living on this island. These Flickr group trips are a wonderful way for me to explore the island as it only costs a nominal fee as we all pool together to charter a bus which significantly saves on the gas money I would have spent if I decided to ventured out on my own.

As I was saying, the trip took us to several places in Clarendon, St. Catherine that I have never been to before, some I have heard of and some had no clue existed. Here is a summary of the places that we visited on our last Flickr field trip.

The first stop of the trip was the ruins of Colbeck Castle, located in the community called Colbeck located two miles north of Old Harbour, St. Catherine.

Colbeck Castle St. Catherine

The next stop was a little pumping station located along the path of Salt River.

A boat docked along the river at the pumping station

The third stop was a quarry located in Clarendon, not sure of the name of this quarry.

A small lake that has formed in one of the holes of the quarry

The next stop was the bathing area of Salt River, where we enjoyed not the warm and cold salty water of the river but some spicy fish tea.

Salt River Clarendon

Next it was to one of the Oldest Churches in Jamaica, the St. Peter's Anglican Church located in a community call Alley.

St. Peter's Anglican Church

We then visited Alligator Hole, known not for alligators, but for crocodiles and manatee (sea cow). Unfortunately even though some of the members of the group got to see a lone manatee and some shots of the manatee, I had no suck luck.

Alligator Hole

The final photography stop of the trip was at Guts River, on the black sand beach where the river meets the Caribbean Sea.

The beach at Guts River

I had fun on the trip and I am already looking forward to the next trip, where I am sure I will have fun, see new places and of course get more photos!