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Monday, March 31, 2008

Carnival Road March - Jamaica Carnival!

At last it was here, Carnival Sunday! The big day, the grand finale, the road march! My last opportunity to capture some of the life, the fun, the dancing and the women! But there was an ominous sign in the sky, the day was dangerously overcast, an indication of imminent rain. My fears were soon realized as the light gray clouds were replaced by dark heavy clouds and then down it came, the rain. Immediately the dreadful thought came to my head that I may not get to go on the streets to take pictures this year. But I didn't fret too much, after all the rain must hold up at some point right? So I went about my other business in the house, season some chicken to oven BBQ and cut up some vegetables to steam. Of course I didn't expect to cook before heading on the road, but it is a great idea to have everything ready to cook when I get back.

It was some time new two o'clock that the rain finally stopped falling and one of my coworker called and said, we are good to go, so i grabbed my camera and off I went with a smile on my face! The normally 10 minutes drive to New Kingston to get somewhere to park took about 30 minutes due to what seemed like Monday morning traffic before the extra lane of Constant Spring road. So after parking in New Kingston I had to double back to Half Way Tree so I could get to sample both carnival road marches, Jamaica Carnival and Bacchanal Carnival.

I must admit, that I was somewhat disappointed with both road parades, I don't know, maybe it was the rain, or the music, or they were just plain tired, but I didn't see much dancing or revelry at all. for the most part people were just walking and merely jigging with the beat, which was rarely punctuated by a few instances of wining. After seeing Adrian's photos I was expecting, not the same thing, but at least something close. I took quite a few photos though, some came out alright while some were just poor and blurry, but I did get some nice shots! While walking along with the Bacchanal road march I saw my fellow blogger and photo enthusiast taking photos f the road march. I will be posting separate sets of photographs, one series here and the other series on My World My Lens during the course of this week, so you have to visit both sites to see all of them.

Anyway enough of the bag a chat, I know Irie Diva is waiting impatiently, so here are the pictures.

Set One (Jamaica Carnival)
[Click on the photos to enlarge]

I didn't get much pictures of the Jamaica Carnival road march as I arrived late and was more interested in the Bacchanal Carnival road march. Next Bacchanal Carnival!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Carnival Weekend... Last Chance for 2K8!

So I saw highlights of last weekend's Beach Jouvert and let me tell you I'm green with envy!!! It looked like it was wild, wild, wild!!! Hot sexy girls, scantily clad, all wet with paint, wining, gyrating and drunk! This year, it seemed they even had on less clothes as there were a couple of girls that were topless, the only thing covering their voluptuous breasts was the paint! Yes, they were wearing only paint and short shorts! It seemed I missed out on a lot of eye-popping fun.

Tonight, as in Friday night is street Jouvert, but I doubt I will make it as my coworker hasn't called to let me know if we making a flex and then Saturday is some water war party. I am working tomorrow night, but I might just make a run since it is close to my office, that should be fun, but I don't think I'll be carrying the camera. You know water and electronics nuh guh well together. But I would love to go and take some photos though. Now, Sunday is the finale, the big day, the road march! I do plan to be there as I want to get some great photos this year. Maybe I can compile a CD with my carnival photos, let's see, "Stunning Carnival 2008" or "Carnival 2008 Stunner Style", hmm...

Well, let's hope that this weekend will turn out fine and no rain falls, as we have been having regular showers these days. So that's the weekend plan. What will you be up to?

Here is a likkle something for you:

Recently, this Jamaican won the 10 million special lottery for a dollar. As soon as the office of the Lottery Corporation was open on the following day, he was there to collect his winnings.

Graciously, he presented his winning ticket to the clerk and in his best English uttered his request 'Me cum fi collect the 10 millian dallars, si me ticket ya'.

After reviewing and checking the ticket with his manager, the clerk returned and requested on how he would like his payments. The Jamaican replied, 'Mi wan all a de money now'.

'Unfortunately, Sir' the nervous clerk responded, 'The procedures are that we can only give you one million now and the balance equally over the next 20 years'.

Furious and agitated, the Jamaican asked for the manager, who re-iterated 'Sir, my assistant is correct, it is the regulation of the corporation that we initially pay you one million dollars now with the balance paid to you equally over the next 20 years'.

Outraged, the Jamaican slammed his hand on the desk and shouted in anger, 'Oonu tek me fi idiat, me wan all a de money now or oonu gi me bak me dallar!!'

Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Yogurt Ever!

I do eat yogurt even though I must admit that when I was much younger I detested even the sight of it. I can't really remember when I started liking yogurt, but I think it was since I started my twenty's. But I have been eating it ever since as now it tastes good to me and it is also good for me. But with so many yogurts out there, it's hard to decide which one is the best. but so far I will have to say Yoplait. Why you ask? Well any yogurt that is advertised on the supermarket shelf like in the picture below, must be the baddest yogurt out there!!!

OK, maybe they didn't really mean Yoplait yogurt "whips ass", but that price tag is certainly an interesting one. I was at the supermarket and saw this when I was buying yogurt and just had to snap a picture with my phone. But honestly, Yoplait is one of the better tasting yogurts on the market. They are a bit on the pricey side, but I do think I deserve to treat myself to some of the nice things in life now and then. So tell me, do you like yogurt? And if so which brand do you consider the best?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ninja Warrior!!!

Ok, I know you all may think I'm a bit weird when I say this, but Ninja Warrior has become one of my favorite TV shows of late! I don't know why and when this show became one of my most watched TV programmes, but I enjoy watching this show. maybe only Jamaipanese would have an idea of what I'm talking about, so let me enlighten you. What is Ninja Warrior?

Ninja Warrior is a Japanese athletic challenge show, where 100 contestants must defeat various challenging obstacles of what is called Mount Midoriyama. The challenge has three stages, each with it's own set of individual obstacles which varies from tournament to to tournament. The one who defeats all the obstacles (that is making it through all the obstacles without falling or running out of time) earns the ultimate title of Ninja Warrior. However, very few make it pass the first stage much more become Ninja Warrior. The show is aired on G4 TV daily so you can flip over to that channel and check it out. So that's what it is in a nutshell, but why do I like it?

Well, maybe it's because for some reason I find it pretty entertaining, even though I do not understand one work the commentator is saying and have to be reading the caption while trying to keep focused on the action. As I said before there are several obstacles, which befalls so many challengers so I get a really good laugh when they fall in the murky water below. Trust me some of these competitors get some pretty funny falls in this competition, form face dives to belly flops into the muddy water. Also, it is pretty cool to see some of these competitors fight fatigue, use all their strength and overcome these obstacles, even if they fail in the next round. Also some of the competitors on this show are darn funny in their ridiculous costumes and comical behaviour. Those are the reasons I can think of, of they may just be saying some hypnotic Japanese words that keep me tuned in!

Just in case you don't get the chance to check it out on G4 TV, here is a clip below you can enjoy and satisfy you curiosity about Ninja Warrior!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Recap and Alcohol

Arrgggh! Another boring weekend. Yep, you guessed it, I didn't go to any of the Carnival events this weekend and my camera is devoid of any hot party pictures. My coworker who I was supposed to link up wit for the party canceled as he had some assignment to hand in at his class the following day. I totally forgot that UWI Ring Road was Saturday and not Sunday and that the Sunday was the beach day! Dufus!!! [Stunner hits himself in the back of the head!] So the entire weekend was boring, no Mass Camp Friday night, no UWI Carnival party Friday night, no photos of the UWI Ring Road Carnival, and since I had work on Sunday evening, no beach trip. I basically spend my weekend at work and working on a website that I have been building for someone, which accounts for my absence from my blogs. Given the dismal outcome of this past weekend, I am hoping next weekend will be better and that I will actually get to have some fun!

On a more 'spirited' note, I have expanded my alcohol collection once again thanks to the very generous Magna cheques that I have received over the past few months. Having a Magna card and a Scotia Magna credit card does pay off! I have been receiving these checks ever since I received my Magna card and that increased when I got my credit card. I have been using them to buy various things at Magna participating stores, however I have decided to use these cheques to treat myself, and this year it I will treat myself by expanding my liquor collection. The first check I used to buy myself a bottle of Punche de Kuba and a bottle of Coconut Rum. However today, I used my other cheque to buy myself of Baileys Irish Cream, to satisfy the Irish in me. But what is so special about this purchase, is that they has a special package that came with 2 free Baileys Irish Cream glasses, for the same price as an ordinary bottle! So now I have not only the Irish Cream, but specialized glasses from which to drink it. If you don't have a Magna card yet then I suggest you go get one!!!

My spirits collection is not much so far, hmm, let's see, I have: a bottle of Appleton Rum, White Rum, Coconut Rum, Smirnoff Vodka, Tia Maria, Punche de Kuba and now my Bailey's Irish Cream. So what's next? Well with the rest of the Magna checks I'm due this year I want to get a Creme de Cocoa and Creme de Banana. So if you're in the area, you can stop by at the Stunner's Lair for a drink or two.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Carnival Weekend and Photos?

Another weekend is here again! Is it just me or do the weekends seek to be coming around much quicker these days? It seem like it was just a few days ago (and when I say few I mean two) was last weekend. I'm not sure what I'll be doing this weekend even though there will be a lot of Carnival activities this weekend as this weekend is UWI Carnival! A few of my coworkers are hinting that they want to go Friday night, so if I'm up to it I may go to see see first hand what this famed UWI Carnival is all about. If I don't go on Friday, then I may go on Sunday to the road march on Ring Road to take some photographs. I know I would get some really raunchy, hot photographs! But that's the most I have planned for the weekend, if all falls through then I guess I will have a quiet boring weekend at work.

Speaking of Carnival and photographs, I am hoping to get some really good photographs this year of the road march. Last year I got a few, but they were not all that spectacular. So this year I hope to get in the mids of the action with my little auto focus Kodak Z650, unlike the lucky ones Taylor and Jamaipanese who brandish Digital SLR cameras. I just won't be able to buy one of those pricey cameras for this year's Carnival. In fact I have been saving for that camera from last year and I'm still a couple of thousand Jamaican dollars short. But I hope to have it my the end of the year. Speaking of pictures, here are a few of my latest posts on mt blog My World My Lens Give di I some support and check out do photo blog nuh :)

What are your plans plans for the weekend? Whatever they are I hope you have a great one!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stunner Does Sigma 2008!!!

On Sunday morning at 5:30 my phone alarm goes off, I grab it and put it on snooze, only ten more minutes, that's all I need. But by the time my head hit the pillow the phone rings. "Yow my yute, yuh up?", said the person on the line. It was my coworker, I had asked him the day before to call me at 5:30 am just in case I did what I just did. "Yeah, mi up.", I replied. I had only a half hour to get a quick bite, a shower and get out of my apartment. Why did I ensure I would be up and out of my house so early on a Sunday morning?

Well, Sunday, March 9 was the 2008 Sigma Corporate Run, and I had registered through my company to participate in the Run Race. The Sigma Corporate Run is a 5 Kilometer (3.1 miles) race through the corporate area of the city of Kingston and St. Andrew which has a two fold purpose, to promote fitness and also to raise money for charity. The race is actually split in two three categories, Run Race, Walk Race and Wheelchair Race. This year the proceeds will be going to the renal units of three of Jamaica's major public hospitals. I have never participated in the race before for several reasons, one I wasn't really interested, I didn't think I was fit enough and I hate getting up early. But this year was different, I felt the urge to challenge myself and to participate in a collective effort for a purpose. Also, I am in a much fitter physical condition than the previous year. So I decided I would be a part of this huge race through the city for charity and fitness.

As I said before the race was a 5K race, a distance I have never ran in my life, but Stunner was up to the challenge. For the previous weeks I have been putting out a little extra effort on the treadmill in the gym. Yes I was in training for the big race... well kinda. I arrived at the staring point, Emancipation Park at approximately 7:00 am for the 7:30 start time and made my way along with my coworkers through the approximately 8000 participants to a spot in the crowd and after one false start, we were on our way along the 5K route which started at the Pan Caribbean Building on Knutsford Boulevard, then it was on to Trafagar Road, Waterloo Road, West Kings House road, Constant Spring Road, Suthermere Road, Hope Road, Winchester Road, Ruthven Road, Half Way Tree Road and then ending on Oxford Road. Here is a map to give you an idea. (Yes Stunner high-tech, brap! brap!)

View Larger Map

I had a strategy to just pace myself and maintain my pace, which worked for the most part, until I reached Winchester Road where I had to start walking briskly for a while to recuperate a bit and then I was back to my running pace again. I wanted to run the entire route with out having to walk, but I didn't do too bad and if I keep fit and participate next year I know I will run the entire way. I must admit that I had a whole lot of motivation throughout the race by various, women who came out to strut their stuff in their tights and short shorts, hehehe.

I know you all are asking, "Suh Stunner how much yuh come in the race?". Well, to tell you the truth I have not the foggiest idea and that doesn't really matter to me. You see, I ran the race not to win, cause God know mi couldn't win, but to challenge myself and to just participate. One thing I know though, is that I wasn't last and I did pass a lot of persons who sprinted out at the beginning of the race! The results should be in during the course of the week or by as early as tomorrow. So I'll let you all know how I placed in the race later in the week. Nevertheless, even if I am placed 1000th, it wouldn't be bad as about 2000 of the estimated 8000 were runners.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rat-aliation! (I Smell A Rat II)

Flashback to a couple posts ago, when I wrote about the rodent invasion I suffered on my back balcony and my subsequent defensive measures. Well, I thought I was succeeding in my fight against the killer rats that were creating havoc on my balcony. Well I was wrong!

A few days ago, I went out to throw some clothes in my washing machine that is located on the said porch as I had a few items I wanted to wash. In they went in the machine, the soap and the machine began to thrash out the dirt. A few minutes later i noticed I didn't hear the familiar hum of the agitator. "That's strange, the clothes cyaan done wash already!", I said to myself. So I went out to investigate, only to notice that the machine had stopped in the "rinse" cycle. As much as I tried I could not get the machine to start! Could it be a belt, could it be a switch ore worse, could it be the motor. However, immediately I suspected my enemy the Rats! Those bastards must have found a way to get back at me for the rat poison, and sabotaging my washing machine was their plan. Immediately I started feeling the effects of not having my washing machine, as I had to wring out my clothes with my hand and within a few days my dirty clothes started to pile up. So I had to call Courts to get a recommended service technician and scheduled an appointment for this morning.

The service technician came this morning and yes, I was right! It was those despicable, disgusting, dutty stinking bastards! When he removed the shell of the machine, rat feces was everywhere all over the floor where the washing machine stood. There was also one type of rat poison, the blue one. It seems they knew the blue one was poison, as the ate the other one and carried the blue one under my washing machine and mixed it with their feces in an act of spiteful defiance! And worse of all they decided to make me pay and defecated all over on of the switches that controlled the motor and rendered it useless. Those bastard! I can hear them sing their sweet revenge as the look along from the shadows at my plight!

The repairs set me back $5000 (~US$ 70)! Oh the humanity! [Stunner hold his head in grief] Those dutty stinking varmints! [Stunner face changes to that of a man crazed by rage] It was actually $5400, but the service technician gave me a discount, not because of my suffering, but only because he didn't have any change. But those damn rats just put a serious dent in my weak pocket and pissed me off even more! But the war is not over, they have only strengthen my resolve. Now I will not only set poison behind my balcony, but even at the garbage receptacles where they seem to congregate to hatch their evil plots and at the foot of trees! No more will I buy the blue one that they know, but with that $400 I got back I will buy the other one that they gobbled up leaving no trace. Heck, I may even buy one of those old time traps that snaps down on the necks just to get the satisfaction of watching the bastard/s suffer a slow, painful, antagonizing death! The stakes are now even higher, the attacks have become even more personal, this is only the beginning of their pangs of distress, they will learn to fear The Stunner!!!!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Prendy's On the Beach

This was the most boring weekend ever, one of the few weekends that I get off and I didn't do squat. No mass camp, no Yesterday. So let me reflect on last week Sunday, when I actually did something.

After hearig about Prendy's On the Beach on a Sunday night and seeing all those video's on YouTube and DancehallReggae, I decided to go check it out myself. I had work that Sunday evening, so after work, yes midnight, my coworker and I ventured out to Hellshire to explore this part of our Jamaican culture.

When we arrived at Hellshire there was already cars parked on the outside and along the foot road up to the restaurant and patrons were fining in as the Dancehall music filled the cool night air. So we walked through the restaurants and on to the beach we went as we scoped out the place and the multitude of curvaceous women slowly rocking to the beat. I could hear the selector making several suggestions to a few girls who were dancing in the camera light, while the rest of the female and male patrons rocked as they looked on intensely.

I must admit, I was a bit nervous, as just a few weeks earlier police raided the event and I didn't want to see the headline the next morning, "Stunner Busted at Prendy's On the Beach". Furthermore, the air was saturated with the smell of "high grade", so there was no way I could convince the police I was not burning a joint of the weed.

The night continued and we circled the crowd to get a closer look at the girls that seemed to have the camera man circling like a vulture to a carcass. I managed to take only a few pictures, as I didn't want to annoy anyone. I also did manage to record a short clip too of some girls getting on bad. the quality wasn't that good, as the camera man wasn't working with me and kept facing me instead of allowing me to be beside him to use his light.

It wasn't as hardcore as I expected and the selector wash simply chatting too much and playing all kind of songs from Dancehall artistes trying to get "a buss". But I figure it gets better as the night progress and the music gets better and the alcohol consumption increases. Maybe one of these days I go there again and stay for the entire time and record some of the more raunchy moments. Things were just getting a bit too boring, so we rolled out sometime near three am. Here is the video that I recorded, hope you can see it.

How was your weekend?