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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ninja Warrior!!!

Ok, I know you all may think I'm a bit weird when I say this, but Ninja Warrior has become one of my favorite TV shows of late! I don't know why and when this show became one of my most watched TV programmes, but I enjoy watching this show. maybe only Jamaipanese would have an idea of what I'm talking about, so let me enlighten you. What is Ninja Warrior?

Ninja Warrior is a Japanese athletic challenge show, where 100 contestants must defeat various challenging obstacles of what is called Mount Midoriyama. The challenge has three stages, each with it's own set of individual obstacles which varies from tournament to to tournament. The one who defeats all the obstacles (that is making it through all the obstacles without falling or running out of time) earns the ultimate title of Ninja Warrior. However, very few make it pass the first stage much more become Ninja Warrior. The show is aired on G4 TV daily so you can flip over to that channel and check it out. So that's what it is in a nutshell, but why do I like it?

Well, maybe it's because for some reason I find it pretty entertaining, even though I do not understand one work the commentator is saying and have to be reading the caption while trying to keep focused on the action. As I said before there are several obstacles, which befalls so many challengers so I get a really good laugh when they fall in the murky water below. Trust me some of these competitors get some pretty funny falls in this competition, form face dives to belly flops into the muddy water. Also, it is pretty cool to see some of these competitors fight fatigue, use all their strength and overcome these obstacles, even if they fail in the next round. Also some of the competitors on this show are darn funny in their ridiculous costumes and comical behaviour. Those are the reasons I can think of, of they may just be saying some hypnotic Japanese words that keep me tuned in!

Just in case you don't get the chance to check it out on G4 TV, here is a clip below you can enjoy and satisfy you curiosity about Ninja Warrior!!!

9 commented:

I can't say that I like it but I guess it could be interesting, but my inability to multitask...reading the caption and keeping my eye on the action......makes it difficult so I usually end up flipping the channel.

Yeah, Stunner, it is quite interesting. Do you think you would try it yourself? Looks like it could be fun.

OF COURSE ITS FUN!!! stage 3 is awful though

@Emanicipated?: It is interesting, even with the caption! Hmm, most of the time I'm just concentrated on the contestants falling shamefully!

@MB: Yes it is and fun too! Maybe i would try it, but I doubt I would make it past the first obstacle in the first stage! lol!

@Owen: Hah! Another Ninja Warrior fan! Yeah stage 3 terrible!

Ninja warrior is a great show, always full of action

I love Ninja Warrior too. MXC is more my style though.

I've not gotten to watch it. Unfortunately I don't have cable. Anyways Stunner I'm passing through to provide a hail up. Yes I still exist!!

Anyone who doesn't know about Ninja Warrior is, is a, numnut! I watch it all the time and unlike u stunner i do understand what they say though i think the narrator says what he wants and not exactly what their hosts says. I especially like when they are introducing them and their names and what super powers they come with. G4 is awesome! There is this other one that comes on sometimes too where i think sexuality is thrown out the door, to see who can sustain the most hurt to their privates or else where. It's funny as hell.