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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Prendy's On the Beach

This was the most boring weekend ever, one of the few weekends that I get off and I didn't do squat. No mass camp, no Yesterday. So let me reflect on last week Sunday, when I actually did something.

After hearig about Prendy's On the Beach on a Sunday night and seeing all those video's on YouTube and DancehallReggae, I decided to go check it out myself. I had work that Sunday evening, so after work, yes midnight, my coworker and I ventured out to Hellshire to explore this part of our Jamaican culture.

When we arrived at Hellshire there was already cars parked on the outside and along the foot road up to the restaurant and patrons were fining in as the Dancehall music filled the cool night air. So we walked through the restaurants and on to the beach we went as we scoped out the place and the multitude of curvaceous women slowly rocking to the beat. I could hear the selector making several suggestions to a few girls who were dancing in the camera light, while the rest of the female and male patrons rocked as they looked on intensely.

I must admit, I was a bit nervous, as just a few weeks earlier police raided the event and I didn't want to see the headline the next morning, "Stunner Busted at Prendy's On the Beach". Furthermore, the air was saturated with the smell of "high grade", so there was no way I could convince the police I was not burning a joint of the weed.

The night continued and we circled the crowd to get a closer look at the girls that seemed to have the camera man circling like a vulture to a carcass. I managed to take only a few pictures, as I didn't want to annoy anyone. I also did manage to record a short clip too of some girls getting on bad. the quality wasn't that good, as the camera man wasn't working with me and kept facing me instead of allowing me to be beside him to use his light.

It wasn't as hardcore as I expected and the selector wash simply chatting too much and playing all kind of songs from Dancehall artistes trying to get "a buss". But I figure it gets better as the night progress and the music gets better and the alcohol consumption increases. Maybe one of these days I go there again and stay for the entire time and record some of the more raunchy moments. Things were just getting a bit too boring, so we rolled out sometime near three am. Here is the video that I recorded, hope you can see it.

How was your weekend?

9 commented:

Miss blue Dress having a real good time:) I had a boring weekend but next weekend is Blues Fest and am going both nights so I should have something to report

Very quiet weekend for me on this end of the pond, both this weekend and last weekend.

yea yeah! try and get in closer next time star but I see what ya mean about the other cameraman.

hey since the other camera man seems to be always opposite you you may show up in the video on reggaedancehall :-)

cool video, this coming weekend will be fun for me ^_^

This post made me real depressed....

Beach, music, sigh.

It was cold again, and not worth the effort to go out.

on the flip side I ate real well at mum's place...

I did the movies thing Stunner! 30 Days of Night, Beowulf, Michael Clayton and extra-cirricular activity.. 'na mean man? Love that pic too.. you always bring it.

Seems you had a lot of fun, and it's clear that the hotties on the beach were too.

Weekend was aiight. Went to a party and tried 7 different types of sushi. Nearly feel into a pool after drinking a smirnoff, i think it was the fact that i had flu medication b4. Then hung out the rest of the weekend. Was aiight. Everyone shud link up one weekend.

@Abeni: She sure was! Looking forward to the report and some pics!

@Mad Bull: I'm tired of the quiet weekends, I want to party just for once!

@Jdid: I will try to get closer the next time. I really didn't want the camera to capture me at all, but that damn cameraman wouldn't work with me at all!

@Jamaipanese: Glad you liked it.

@Crankyputz: Well at least you were well fed, lol!

@Luke Cage: You watched some decent movies. I only watched Beowulf, wasn't bad at all. A lil extra curricular is always good on the weekend ;)

@Leon: They had a lot of fun. But it wasn't as good as I expected.

@Tami: That's a pretty interesting weekend! Just careful with the medi and alcohol! We [Caribbean Bloggers] have done a link up before, we should do it again!