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Monday, March 31, 2008

Carnival Road March - Jamaica Carnival!

At last it was here, Carnival Sunday! The big day, the grand finale, the road march! My last opportunity to capture some of the life, the fun, the dancing and the women! But there was an ominous sign in the sky, the day was dangerously overcast, an indication of imminent rain. My fears were soon realized as the light gray clouds were replaced by dark heavy clouds and then down it came, the rain. Immediately the dreadful thought came to my head that I may not get to go on the streets to take pictures this year. But I didn't fret too much, after all the rain must hold up at some point right? So I went about my other business in the house, season some chicken to oven BBQ and cut up some vegetables to steam. Of course I didn't expect to cook before heading on the road, but it is a great idea to have everything ready to cook when I get back.

It was some time new two o'clock that the rain finally stopped falling and one of my coworker called and said, we are good to go, so i grabbed my camera and off I went with a smile on my face! The normally 10 minutes drive to New Kingston to get somewhere to park took about 30 minutes due to what seemed like Monday morning traffic before the extra lane of Constant Spring road. So after parking in New Kingston I had to double back to Half Way Tree so I could get to sample both carnival road marches, Jamaica Carnival and Bacchanal Carnival.

I must admit, that I was somewhat disappointed with both road parades, I don't know, maybe it was the rain, or the music, or they were just plain tired, but I didn't see much dancing or revelry at all. for the most part people were just walking and merely jigging with the beat, which was rarely punctuated by a few instances of wining. After seeing Adrian's photos I was expecting, not the same thing, but at least something close. I took quite a few photos though, some came out alright while some were just poor and blurry, but I did get some nice shots! While walking along with the Bacchanal road march I saw my fellow blogger and photo enthusiast taking photos f the road march. I will be posting separate sets of photographs, one series here and the other series on My World My Lens during the course of this week, so you have to visit both sites to see all of them.

Anyway enough of the bag a chat, I know Irie Diva is waiting impatiently, so here are the pictures.

Set One (Jamaica Carnival)
[Click on the photos to enlarge]

I didn't get much pictures of the Jamaica Carnival road march as I arrived late and was more interested in the Bacchanal Carnival road march. Next Bacchanal Carnival!!!

9 commented:

In a couple of years there will be no Carnival at all. Church people will rejoice.

re: bottom left
why didn't that woman just take off her shorts already?
I already saw her bottom

lol look at that girl with all of her batty out a door :p

I got a glimpse of some of the road marches on tv yesterday and it did look well flop. zzZz

@Tami: lol! I know they will. While walking to meek up with the road march I heard one old woman just coming from church calling down evil on the patrons.

@GC: Maybe that was all she was wearing down there! lol!

@Adrian: Yeah she was surely showing it off. The rain did dampen the spirit.

You followed the jamaican carnival dude.. :( you shoulda went bacchanal man.. trust me. more energy it was a great experience. those people really know how to party

not bad. but i think they need some trinis or brazillians to teach them how to make real skimpy costumes :-)

@taylor2nd: No i didn't follow the Jamaica Carnival, I only took pictures of it while in Half Way tree. Most of my pictures are of Bacchanal carnival.

@Jdid: Bacchanal carnival is a lot more revealing, but not as much as Trini, much more the mother of carnivals Rio!


damn if some of these ladies are ganna walk around naked at least have a body worth looking at for crying out loud.