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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stunner Does Sigma 2008!!!

On Sunday morning at 5:30 my phone alarm goes off, I grab it and put it on snooze, only ten more minutes, that's all I need. But by the time my head hit the pillow the phone rings. "Yow my yute, yuh up?", said the person on the line. It was my coworker, I had asked him the day before to call me at 5:30 am just in case I did what I just did. "Yeah, mi up.", I replied. I had only a half hour to get a quick bite, a shower and get out of my apartment. Why did I ensure I would be up and out of my house so early on a Sunday morning?

Well, Sunday, March 9 was the 2008 Sigma Corporate Run, and I had registered through my company to participate in the Run Race. The Sigma Corporate Run is a 5 Kilometer (3.1 miles) race through the corporate area of the city of Kingston and St. Andrew which has a two fold purpose, to promote fitness and also to raise money for charity. The race is actually split in two three categories, Run Race, Walk Race and Wheelchair Race. This year the proceeds will be going to the renal units of three of Jamaica's major public hospitals. I have never participated in the race before for several reasons, one I wasn't really interested, I didn't think I was fit enough and I hate getting up early. But this year was different, I felt the urge to challenge myself and to participate in a collective effort for a purpose. Also, I am in a much fitter physical condition than the previous year. So I decided I would be a part of this huge race through the city for charity and fitness.

As I said before the race was a 5K race, a distance I have never ran in my life, but Stunner was up to the challenge. For the previous weeks I have been putting out a little extra effort on the treadmill in the gym. Yes I was in training for the big race... well kinda. I arrived at the staring point, Emancipation Park at approximately 7:00 am for the 7:30 start time and made my way along with my coworkers through the approximately 8000 participants to a spot in the crowd and after one false start, we were on our way along the 5K route which started at the Pan Caribbean Building on Knutsford Boulevard, then it was on to Trafagar Road, Waterloo Road, West Kings House road, Constant Spring Road, Suthermere Road, Hope Road, Winchester Road, Ruthven Road, Half Way Tree Road and then ending on Oxford Road. Here is a map to give you an idea. (Yes Stunner high-tech, brap! brap!)

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I had a strategy to just pace myself and maintain my pace, which worked for the most part, until I reached Winchester Road where I had to start walking briskly for a while to recuperate a bit and then I was back to my running pace again. I wanted to run the entire route with out having to walk, but I didn't do too bad and if I keep fit and participate next year I know I will run the entire way. I must admit that I had a whole lot of motivation throughout the race by various, women who came out to strut their stuff in their tights and short shorts, hehehe.

I know you all are asking, "Suh Stunner how much yuh come in the race?". Well, to tell you the truth I have not the foggiest idea and that doesn't really matter to me. You see, I ran the race not to win, cause God know mi couldn't win, but to challenge myself and to just participate. One thing I know though, is that I wasn't last and I did pass a lot of persons who sprinted out at the beginning of the race! The results should be in during the course of the week or by as early as tomorrow. So I'll let you all know how I placed in the race later in the week. Nevertheless, even if I am placed 1000th, it wouldn't be bad as about 2000 of the estimated 8000 were runners.

16 commented:

Congratulation are in order! Am proud of you.

now yuh mek mi feel bad about laying in my bed and skipping this event -_-.

i'll be ther next year though!

good work! dont know if i have it in me to run that far

Good on you.I won't even try:)

Ganbare Stunner! I normally do the race...but I'm a walker... glad to know you made it to the finish line!

p.s. thanks for stopping by my page... :)

Hey! Congrats on signing up and actually finishing.

Thumbs up for doing such a charitable thing. I should try participating myself. You know, to test my limits.

Way to go! Charity runs are fun and for a good cause.

Yuh just trying to get in shape for your ultimate battle with the rat....

Way to go btw...

Well done is what I have to say. Rather you than me. I'll give you all the big up you need but don't expect me to ever do sum ting like dat! Congrats!

lol I am often tempted to sign up for these run/walk events.. but I'll be damned if i'm going to drag myself out of bed to bun up in any sun over it.

hurray for Stunner
I almost feel inspired to get off my butt

hey.....i did it too, it was my second year of running, i sometimes run at the dam (2 laps is a little over 5K) so i was able to run the entire way.....there was a site out with the results but it went down as they say they are verifying the results....on the earlier site i was #575 on the list.....

Way to go Marangand! Yeah I'm still awaiting the official results.