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Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Yogurt Ever!

I do eat yogurt even though I must admit that when I was much younger I detested even the sight of it. I can't really remember when I started liking yogurt, but I think it was since I started my twenty's. But I have been eating it ever since as now it tastes good to me and it is also good for me. But with so many yogurts out there, it's hard to decide which one is the best. but so far I will have to say Yoplait. Why you ask? Well any yogurt that is advertised on the supermarket shelf like in the picture below, must be the baddest yogurt out there!!!

OK, maybe they didn't really mean Yoplait yogurt "whips ass", but that price tag is certainly an interesting one. I was at the supermarket and saw this when I was buying yogurt and just had to snap a picture with my phone. But honestly, Yoplait is one of the better tasting yogurts on the market. They are a bit on the pricey side, but I do think I deserve to treat myself to some of the nice things in life now and then. So tell me, do you like yogurt? And if so which brand do you consider the best?

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I like yoghurt as well, my favourite brand is Breyers. Am not so sure these brands are good for you though, at least not the highly sweetened ones. The plain, yucky-tasting yoghurt is the best one healthwise, unfortunately.

I make my own, low fat too!

MB, you can do all kinds of things with the plain, yucky tasting yoghurt. I eat mine with honey and bananas and chopped nuts. My neighbours add home-made jam to theirs.

Some folks eat plain yoghurt and rice, add some cukes, chopped onions. Or they blend yoghurt with salt, some black pepper, milk and drink. Or yoghurt and milk and mango or papaw.

If I buy, it would be Yoplait.

Also, we just buy plain vanilla yogurt and add fresh fruit.

them indians do alot with yoghurt, eat it with everything

i havent had yoplait cus as u seh its pricey and the anchors brand is pretty good so i just stick to that

I love it .Don't have a fave brand tho cos I'll eat any that's available. I love to put raisins in it too

I like the stuff but Yoplait is a little overrated I think, they do have a key lime flavour that's great if you're not too big on sweet yoghurt....Anchor is good, french vanilla only though....don't like those with the little bits of fruit or anything else running around in it. Its a meal in a cup that's healthy...what's not to like?

lol its kinda sad that I have no idea of the kind of yogurt I eat. I just pop the lid and gobble them down.. no time to notice the brands :-$

As long as it's not "Whipped Ass Yoghurt."

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L O L!!!

Somebody did that on purpose.

I love Dannons creamy yogurt,it's tasty and rich almost like ice-cream and because I have no will power and looove icecream,this is the next best thing.Also i can lie and tell myself even tho' it's so rich,it's yogurt and it's healthy...