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Friday, March 14, 2008

Carnival Weekend and Photos?

Another weekend is here again! Is it just me or do the weekends seek to be coming around much quicker these days? It seem like it was just a few days ago (and when I say few I mean two) was last weekend. I'm not sure what I'll be doing this weekend even though there will be a lot of Carnival activities this weekend as this weekend is UWI Carnival! A few of my coworkers are hinting that they want to go Friday night, so if I'm up to it I may go to see see first hand what this famed UWI Carnival is all about. If I don't go on Friday, then I may go on Sunday to the road march on Ring Road to take some photographs. I know I would get some really raunchy, hot photographs! But that's the most I have planned for the weekend, if all falls through then I guess I will have a quiet boring weekend at work.

Speaking of Carnival and photographs, I am hoping to get some really good photographs this year of the road march. Last year I got a few, but they were not all that spectacular. So this year I hope to get in the mids of the action with my little auto focus Kodak Z650, unlike the lucky ones Taylor and Jamaipanese who brandish Digital SLR cameras. I just won't be able to buy one of those pricey cameras for this year's Carnival. In fact I have been saving for that camera from last year and I'm still a couple of thousand Jamaican dollars short. But I hope to have it my the end of the year. Speaking of pictures, here are a few of my latest posts on mt blog My World My Lens Give di I some support and check out do photo blog nuh :)

What are your plans plans for the weekend? Whatever they are I hope you have a great one!

9 commented:

have fun at carnival man

awsome shot of the bird--was he actually blue or was it the light?

also I should mention I never knew the right name really was Gaulin--I thought it was what people called the bird in my area.

Boys&Girls Champs sound better than carnival.Also,the various track and field events will present you with a lot of photo opportunities.A dat(champs) di I fi check out.RESPECT star!!

My cam is actually not a DSLR, just a semi prof point and shoot that looks like one that takes excellent pictures ^_^.

I hope you get some great pictures. Looking forward to them. Thanks for visiting my photoblog at regularly.

HAD no plans but to get my hair done.
did my hair dis morning. it actually looks healthy.
went to MICO to support my baby playing cricket.
@ work now.
looking forward to being off from work tomorrow.
have lotsa assignments to do for skool on monday.

screw carnival
i was actually anticipating it (like last year) but digicel nuh gi mi nuh free costume so mi nah support NOTHING!!!!!!!!

It seems to me like the weekends can't come fast enough.

Nice shots!

@jdid: It didn't work out for the UWI Carnival. :(

@GC: No he is actually white, the blueish colour was due to the lighting.

@ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID: No star, dem pickney deh too dangerous fi mi!!!!

@Jamaipanese: I thought it was a DSLR! Well it certainly takes some really good photos!

@Nickiesha: I hope your Sunday was productive. LOL Digicel bruck yuh vibes!

@justacoolcat: My weeks blow by so quickly! Glad you like the photos!

Consider yourself lucky. I have NO digital camera! Nice pics.

I went no where.. I did get my photos though. Which came out great. I have some landscape shots to acquire this weekend which I hope i cant accomplish. and hpe i dont leave any needed equipment this time.

And your camera takes nice photos btw. You dont always need a dslr, Keep working on the creative eye. (not saying you dont have it already)