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Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Recap and Alcohol

Arrgggh! Another boring weekend. Yep, you guessed it, I didn't go to any of the Carnival events this weekend and my camera is devoid of any hot party pictures. My coworker who I was supposed to link up wit for the party canceled as he had some assignment to hand in at his class the following day. I totally forgot that UWI Ring Road was Saturday and not Sunday and that the Sunday was the beach day! Dufus!!! [Stunner hits himself in the back of the head!] So the entire weekend was boring, no Mass Camp Friday night, no UWI Carnival party Friday night, no photos of the UWI Ring Road Carnival, and since I had work on Sunday evening, no beach trip. I basically spend my weekend at work and working on a website that I have been building for someone, which accounts for my absence from my blogs. Given the dismal outcome of this past weekend, I am hoping next weekend will be better and that I will actually get to have some fun!

On a more 'spirited' note, I have expanded my alcohol collection once again thanks to the very generous Magna cheques that I have received over the past few months. Having a Magna card and a Scotia Magna credit card does pay off! I have been receiving these checks ever since I received my Magna card and that increased when I got my credit card. I have been using them to buy various things at Magna participating stores, however I have decided to use these cheques to treat myself, and this year it I will treat myself by expanding my liquor collection. The first check I used to buy myself a bottle of Punche de Kuba and a bottle of Coconut Rum. However today, I used my other cheque to buy myself of Baileys Irish Cream, to satisfy the Irish in me. But what is so special about this purchase, is that they has a special package that came with 2 free Baileys Irish Cream glasses, for the same price as an ordinary bottle! So now I have not only the Irish Cream, but specialized glasses from which to drink it. If you don't have a Magna card yet then I suggest you go get one!!!

My spirits collection is not much so far, hmm, let's see, I have: a bottle of Appleton Rum, White Rum, Coconut Rum, Smirnoff Vodka, Tia Maria, Punche de Kuba and now my Bailey's Irish Cream. So what's next? Well with the rest of the Magna checks I'm due this year I want to get a Creme de Cocoa and Creme de Banana. So if you're in the area, you can stop by at the Stunner's Lair for a drink or two.

14 commented:

Easter ahead, 4 day weekend will passby for a drink or four, say a taste of everything. LOL.

Fickin sweet dude! You can join my Alcoholics no so anon group on face book. I just tried Sangsters and Bailey's a few months ago and i must say that i'm a fan. Don't worry about the lost weekend, you were probably saved of the bordum of UWI carnival. I should join you for a drink sometime.


somebody introduce me to punch de kuba last year and i love it!

Brethren,your bar(STUNNER's LAIR) is definitely growing.By the way a very interesting name.I will definitely take you up on a drink one of these days.But guess what, I am waiting until you line the shelves with some good Scotch whisky.Nonetheless,one is not averse to a shot of vodka, and also not indifferent to the good old Jamaican white rum,which is referred to as nitroglycerin in my part of the island.It is always good to have some good spirits around the house or flat. RESPECT star!!

lol build the gingerbread house and the children will come. Tia Maria, Punche de Kuba? sounds like you will be attracting a lot of young ladies with that house :p

@gishungwa: You are welcomed to Stunner's Lair anytime!

@Tami: LOL, no prob, I don't mind becoming a member! Sangsters and Baileys are great! You are always welcomed to Stunner's Lair!

@Jdid: It is a great alcoholic drink!

@ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID: Hmm, never had Scotch or Whisky! I will have to give those a try.

@Adrian: Shhh, nuh seh dat too loud!LOL!

Adrain! what is that :p? Is tongue u showing stunner? Come on man, fix that up. hehe

You gotta add some martini mixes in there for when I come over!

I want to recommend you a haitian rum
rhum barbancourt
you will find it does not taste like engine fluid unlike some jamaican rums that shall remain nameless

wray and
**cough cough**

Wow Stunner. You've got quite a collection there. Don't make it sound as if its the end of the world just 'cause you didn't get to go to a couple parties. There will be others.

I want some Tequila and Coronas:)

Sounds like some of my liquor is there already so me safe. Lets see thoough, you probably need a little Hennessey to round out your collection.

address please :)

baileys is my fave rum cream and cocomania is my favorite alcohol

dont take up este on his scotch offer...dat is a BIG MAN drink! u hear him talking bout di whites it'll give u a few chest hairs

lets see what else u need....oh...flavored vodka...preferrable green apple

thanks :)