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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Powerless Yet Romantic

Well one week has past and things are slowly getting back to normal...well at least here in Kingston. The few days after hurricane was rough! No light and for some people no water. These couple of days surely made you appreciate how much we are dependent on the comforts of modern civilization, that we often take for granted. I had water even right after the hurricane, but definitely no light.

It took me about two days to get power after the hurricane, and those few nights were hell. I said nights as things were OK in the days, since I was basking in the fluorescent light and air conditioning at work. But When I got home it was a different story, no power, which means no fan, no lighting, no cool drink, no hot water and no meat! Trying to sleep was not easy at all as I had to endure the heat of my apartment which was compounded by an onslaught of some serious hungry belly mosquitoes! These damn mosquitoes attack you even while you are moving, it's as if Dean had cut off their food supplies.

Cooking was definitely no fun. Trying to cook with candle light is not something desirable, as you can hardly see what you are cooking and the candles take up all the space on the counter top. But I did manage to do some cooking one of the evening though. Oh yes I had a nice romantic setting, dinner by candle light! Of course it was by myself, but the candle light did give a nice feeling as I ate my Grace tin mackerel and flour dumplings, with some syrup served at room temperature. What did you expect? Beef sirloin, creamed potatoes and tossed salad with freshly blended fruit juice? It's post hurricane time! Anyway here is a picture of my romantic dinner for one.

So you can just imagine my excitement when I got home form work a few days later to see the light radiating through out the complex and when I got inside my apartment and flicked the switch! It was such a relief to get back my light, oh yes, my bulbs filled the room with fluorescent light, cable was back, the Internet was sitting and waiting and I dashed to plug in the fridge. Things are certainly getting back to normal as time goes by.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hurricane Dean Video Clip

Since the approach of Dean Jamaica has been without power and still is in some areas...including mine. I wont be writing much as I have to stay back a little at the office to post this and check up my email. I recorded a few video clips during the hurricane, it's not act they are very crappy... I was working during the hurricane. I have posted them below. The first video has a lot of talking, me and my co-workers. Hope all in the path made it through the hurricane ok.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Close Shave! (Bye Bye Dean)

The sun is once again shining through the partly cloudy skies here in Kingston, Jamaica and hurricane Dean has passed! We got a pounding by endless rain, lashes by powerful winds but still standing. Thank God Dean changed course and traveled south of the island instead of plowing straight through!

I am not sure of the extent of the damage, as I am still at work and have not ventured out or seen any news updates. But it seems things are not as bad as with Ivan. Now I need to head home after work and examine my place and take a good shower! Yes there is still water in my part of the city, just hope it is clean enough to bathe. This is just a quick post but I hope to post some pics and videos in my next post. I don't have much as I was at work the whole time. Hope all the Cayman posy is hanging in there and will be OK as well as the folks on the Yucatan Peninsula. Thank you all for your best wishes and prayers.

You can still track hurricane Dean on my previous post. I will replace it with a snapshot after Dean dies out.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crunch Time (Hurricane Update)

Well, the beautiful weather that Jamaica experienced yesterday has given way to the dark, rainy conditions associated with the outer bands of the hurricane system. Dean has changed course a little and the track is projected south of the island. But this can always change, but we hope it moves even further southwards, thus lessening the impact of the hurricane force winds. I have not seen any strong winds here in Kingston so far and we have not experienced any heavy showers, but things will deteriorate as time goes by. The most we can do now is just pray and hope the system continues to move south of us.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Worst Nightmare!

Yes folks, even though this morning is a bright sunny beautiful morning, Jamaica's worst nightmare has just been realized! within a few hours Jamaica will begin to feel the first impacts of the Cat 4, or even possible Cat 5 Hurricane Dean. I have not been on the road since this morning, but I can just imagine how bus it must be with the frantic last minute shoppers, buying and preparing fo the horrible tempest ahead.

I have not done much preparation for this hurricane. I think what I have done so far is sufficient. I bought myself some bottled water, tin food, easy to cook non-perishables, and cleaning and sanitizing solutions. I did this from Thursday, yes I know it was early, but I did it to avoid the mad rush the few hours before the hurricane, and also because...

I will be at work! What the hell! Yes I have been forcibly drafted in the hurricane team and will be at work for quiet a long time. During the entire pre-hurricane, hurricane and post-hurricane periods. So I will spend the rest of my day securing the home front, then later it will be off to work. I guess some of us have to make sure vital services like communication remains up during such a critical time. I would rather not be at work and at home to somehow protect my property... or at least feel like I am... somehow!

This hurricane is the strongest to hit Jamaica in such a manner in a long time. I am just hoping that by some miracle Dean decides to dip southwards and spare Jamaica the carnage! I know for a certain that our already limping economy and substandard facilities cannot handle a Cat 4 much more a Cat 5.

You may visit this blog later in the night as I may be able to post a short update on how Dean is affecting the island. I will be busy at work, but I'll try to give a quick updates for as long as the internet connection stay up. To my fellow Bloggers in Jamaica and Cayman, stay safe and those not affected, keep us in your prayers.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

War Path!!!

I was going to give you a review of the Borne Ultimatum, but I think I have more pressing issues to deal with! You must be wondering what I'm taking about. But if you take a look at the picture below then you will know what I'm taking about.

The first real hurricane threat of the season is a reality and is quickly approaching. Hurricane Dean is is projected to be on a direct path to Jamaica. Although the eye is actually projected to pass just south of Jamaica, it's too close for comfort! It seems this weekend is going to be a rough one! Lightning, thunder, torrential rain and the dreaded gale force hurricane winds. The kind of winds that make trees bend and bow before it. Wind that mercilessly toss roofs, violently hurl objects wildly as it howls a deafening ominous cry. But the rain cannot go without mention, rain that pours and pours without end, swells gullies and valleys, devour the plains with no remorse, sweeping away houses, cars and valuables.

However that is still a few days away and thing might change by then. However the small islands of the Eastern Caribbean do not have that luxury, as Hurricane Dean is right at their doorsteps! Although Dean is still a Category 1 hurricane, it can still do much damage. All we can do is keep them in our prayers and hope the ride out the storm OK. I hope it does not strengthen at all, as this would mean disaster for those islands and Jamaica. And Jamaica with it's every slipping dollar and declining economy definitely can't handle a hurricane right now, much more a stronger one.

So brace yourself and stay tuned to Stunner's Affliction, Caribbean Hurricane Central. OK, the Hurricane Central thing did just sound cool, so I had to say it! But I will be providing updates as the hurricane crosses the Caribbean. Batten up, stock up and be safe!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rush Hour Jam

OK, this movie was going to be a "watch on DVD movie", but due to the lack of interesting movies at the cinema and the fact that my date and I wanted to see a movie together, I decided that Rush Hour 3 would be the movie of choice. I don't normally think sequels are really worthy of cinema time and money when the reach part 3 (except for Lords of the Ring). I believe that some movies are just wonderful staying at part one and only. So I decided to watch it against my better judgement.

But I will have to say Rush Hour 3 did not disappoint me! Yes it was actually decent! It certainly had its fair share of laughs and had the entire theatre auditorium laughing and giggling from the start. Chris Tucker was his normal, crazy self from the beginning of the movie certainly kept command of the comical side of the movie. While, Jackie Chan's amazing fighting scenes kept the action pulsing throughout the movie, although I had hoped to see more from him. I will have to admit they make a good action comedy movie combination. I really enjoyed the movie as it did keep me laughing the majority of the time.

As usual I won't tell you anything about the movie, as I think you should experience it for yourselves and also because I hate when people chat out di movie before or while mi watching it! So I will end this post by saying that the movie was a pretty decent movie, and although I wasn't eager to go watch it, I did not regret going to watch it at the cinema. I give it a Stunner's Rating of 3.5 out of 5.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

It is certainly pouring cats and dogs...and maybe more! For the past couple of days the corporate area has been experiencing the blessings of heavenly down pour of an abundance of water. But things certainly picked up steam yesterday and the sky opened up! But this was child splay compared to the rain that fell today! Normally the rain would start falling sometime after twelve in the afternoon, but toady it decided to get a head start and started some minutes after eleven with a few showers and then by mid afternoon the sky draped itself in dark, sackcloth-like drapes of thick puffy clouds. And the rain fell relentlessly.

I wish I was home cuddling with, as Dr.D would put it, a sweet "young lass". But unfortunately I had to be at work. But I was not too depressed about working a double shift today, because I certainly wouldn't want to face the rivers that flowed along the metropolitan road ways and definitely not that awful, miserable, rain induced Friday evening traffic! Trust me, no road condition is worse than being in a Friday evening traffic with rain falling as heavily as it did today. by the time my shift ends tonight, the road will be clear for me and Stunnermobile, to knife through the film of water covering the late night road.

But this is not the end of the rain at all. According to the weather report this tropical wave will be staying over in Jamaica this weekend. So the skies will be blear and dark, and the buckets of the sky will empty their contents on the city and the island. Although my dirty clothes basket is piling up more and more everyday due to the rain, I don't mind it so much...yet. The rain has certainly brought on some much cooler temperatures, a well needed break from the intense head that we have been experiencing. At long last my super heated apartment is cool and I can actually cover up with my sheet! Can you believe it! Well if you stayed at my apartment during those hot days you would understand my excitement. But I need some sun before my clothes run out, the sunny mornings and rainy afternoon can work for a few days. But I need a few sunny beach days, because I haven't hit the beach all summer.

Well, it's going to be a cool and wet, wet weekend here for me! Hope you all enjoy yours...wet or dry!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy Blogversary Stunner's Afflictions!!! (Belated)

Happy Anniversary to Stunner's Afflictions!!! I totally for got that it was my blogs anniversary I'm such a bad author! Yes folks on August 02, 2007 Stunner's Afflictions turned two (2) years old! Who would have known that out of curiosity about, the then new phenomenon to me, blogging would have grown into an addiction. And that my blog would have survived for two long years. Thanks to all my visitors and especially my regular readers for your continued support, without your readership I don't think I would have kept it going.

Update: Went home yesterday and the cable was back! Yeeeahhhh!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

*@&!(**!!&!! Miserable!!!

This is some way to spend a Holiday weekend. I man just feel miserable right about now. Why?


The much anticipated, entertainment weekend is here the Appleton Treasure Island (ATI) and Red Stripe Temptation Isle (RTI) weekend is here! This is a party animal's dream one entire Holiday weekend of partying, free liquor and all inclusive parties. This party overdose lasts for an entire four day period, leaving little time for sleeping as there is an ample buffet of parties to choose form, all with there own distinct flavour. The beaches and parties are just teaming with scantily clad females, who have thrown out much of their inhibitions due to the none stop flow of alcoholic mixed drinks. There will be a lot of wining and gyrating to the rhythms of the various mixes of dancehall, soca, reggae and hip hop that will be permeating the coastline of the resort town, Negril. Sound great doesn't it? So Why am I miserable? Because mi nah go deh deh, that's why. Right now as we speak and all this action is going on, I'm chained to my desk at work slaving away! Yes, young twenty something year old young man is at work on a holiday weekend that is dedicated to enjoying the glamours and vigour of youth! Ratid, I man nuh just miserable, I man cross!

Well, what to do, the bills have to be paid and I have to eat food to stay alive, and all of this depends on the crumbs scattered off the table of the employer. So I'll just have to suck it up and torture myself by watching the coverage on RE TV and HYPE TV......but wait! Mi cable nuh bruck down! !##*$&^!%!&*"?%^! Yes a now mi cross! Yesterday evening I did a little interior designing and changed up my living room a bit, as I had bought an new entertainment stand. This little redesigning included moving the TV to another part of the room. So every thing was all set, but when I turned on the TV, pure rice grain! What? How could this be? So I checked all the connections, the cable wiring, the TV and the cable box, but nothing seemed to be wrong and yet nothing is showing. I am not certain if it was something I did as I didn't turn on the TV before moving it. Now this is not all, being a weekend and a holiday weekend too at that, the cable company is closed until Tuesday! !$#(#^%&%&~*! So now I can't even report my problem to them to have it fixed! So this means no cable for the entire holiday weekend! I plan to try another cable box, that my friend has to see if something is wrong with the box. I tried to test if there was any signal coming in from the cable, but my multimeter battery died also. Just great!

So let's recap how my holiday weekend has been going so far: I'm working all weekend, the biggest party weekend ATI is going on and I can't go, and I don't have any cable to watch for the entire weekend! Just ^@#^#&)#*#&! great! Anyway, how is your weekend so far?

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