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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Powerless Yet Romantic

Well one week has past and things are slowly getting back to normal...well at least here in Kingston. The few days after hurricane was rough! No light and for some people no water. These couple of days surely made you appreciate how much we are dependent on the comforts of modern civilization, that we often take for granted. I had water even right after the hurricane, but definitely no light.

It took me about two days to get power after the hurricane, and those few nights were hell. I said nights as things were OK in the days, since I was basking in the fluorescent light and air conditioning at work. But When I got home it was a different story, no power, which means no fan, no lighting, no cool drink, no hot water and no meat! Trying to sleep was not easy at all as I had to endure the heat of my apartment which was compounded by an onslaught of some serious hungry belly mosquitoes! These damn mosquitoes attack you even while you are moving, it's as if Dean had cut off their food supplies.

Cooking was definitely no fun. Trying to cook with candle light is not something desirable, as you can hardly see what you are cooking and the candles take up all the space on the counter top. But I did manage to do some cooking one of the evening though. Oh yes I had a nice romantic setting, dinner by candle light! Of course it was by myself, but the candle light did give a nice feeling as I ate my Grace tin mackerel and flour dumplings, with some syrup served at room temperature. What did you expect? Beef sirloin, creamed potatoes and tossed salad with freshly blended fruit juice? It's post hurricane time! Anyway here is a picture of my romantic dinner for one.

So you can just imagine my excitement when I got home form work a few days later to see the light radiating through out the complex and when I got inside my apartment and flicked the switch! It was such a relief to get back my light, oh yes, my bulbs filled the room with fluorescent light, cable was back, the Internet was sitting and waiting and I dashed to plug in the fridge. Things are certainly getting back to normal as time goes by.

17 commented:

lol @ romantic dinner for one

I don't think the storm was as bad as predicted, at least in Kingston and St Andrew

yeah I think I slept through the really bad parts of it

Bombo! Yuh know seh yuh in bad state when tin mackerel and flour dumpling mekking mah mouth water all now! Damn I need some yard food star...

You made light of a serious situation so your candor was pretty refreshing bro. Glad to see that you made it out okay and through the rough part of the storm. Here's to ya!

yeah yeah lucky you ... all now mi nuh get back water and mi bringle bad least you have water fi cook wid slice bread out fi kill mi Cho ..*$#@%*

Finally all is getting back to "normal" as you know it. ;)

The few days after the hurricane when I didn't have power my place was nice and cool. I slept by my large window and was so comfortable :D
I also had a large mosquito candle so those bugs stayed far.

Good to know things getting back ontrack.Yuh mean yuh couldn't invite over somebody to share the meal?:)

Hey, got my water back... so the slice bread thing done with. So by the way how was the meal.

Two is always better than one. During Dean was probably the only time you actually wanted to stay at work huh?

oh boy
you really need to meet somebody nice real soon
you can't let all this candle light go to waste

Stroops! Was looking for some scintillating details from the post topic, only to be led to the romantic dinner or one! Disgruntled!

Your dinner for one looks sumptuous....

feel your pain. when they had the big north american eastern seaboard power outage we were without power and water for two days. that was tough tough going

Two nights? That is all? Man look, after Gilbert [yes, I survived that one] I didn't get back lights for two WEEKS! In Kingston. Near to UWI.

Neck back! Boy dem mosquito dem rough man. You right bout that one! Ah wey so much of them come from so man? Is like Dean go round to each place en route from Africa and just gather them all and den just dump the whole of them here pon we!

Glad to see you have light back. I don't mind the lack of electricity as much (mi nuh eat meat so...)as the lack of water. That is what really starts to get to me.

@ Ann no meat at all not even "sausage"