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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hurricane Dean Video Clip

Since the approach of Dean Jamaica has been without power and still is in some areas...including mine. I wont be writing much as I have to stay back a little at the office to post this and check up my email. I recorded a few video clips during the hurricane, it's not act they are very crappy... I was working during the hurricane. I have posted them below. The first video has a lot of talking, me and my co-workers. Hope all in the path made it through the hurricane ok.

5 commented:

Wicked. Good to hear you're ok.

hey stunner,
you're back
glad to hear you are okay

Not the most exciting clips, but ok. Thought you'd be in the midst of the storm. Come back soon!

I didnt open them cos youtube is too slow on my comp.Hope power is back soon

Nice job staying away from the hurricane winds that turned the suzuki swift over. Good to know your well.