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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rush Hour Jam

OK, this movie was going to be a "watch on DVD movie", but due to the lack of interesting movies at the cinema and the fact that my date and I wanted to see a movie together, I decided that Rush Hour 3 would be the movie of choice. I don't normally think sequels are really worthy of cinema time and money when the reach part 3 (except for Lords of the Ring). I believe that some movies are just wonderful staying at part one and only. So I decided to watch it against my better judgement.

But I will have to say Rush Hour 3 did not disappoint me! Yes it was actually decent! It certainly had its fair share of laughs and had the entire theatre auditorium laughing and giggling from the start. Chris Tucker was his normal, crazy self from the beginning of the movie certainly kept command of the comical side of the movie. While, Jackie Chan's amazing fighting scenes kept the action pulsing throughout the movie, although I had hoped to see more from him. I will have to admit they make a good action comedy movie combination. I really enjoyed the movie as it did keep me laughing the majority of the time.

As usual I won't tell you anything about the movie, as I think you should experience it for yourselves and also because I hate when people chat out di movie before or while mi watching it! So I will end this post by saying that the movie was a pretty decent movie, and although I wasn't eager to go watch it, I did not regret going to watch it at the cinema. I give it a Stunner's Rating of 3.5 out of 5.

10 commented:

I went to see it yesterday but it was sold out :(

I had to watch the Bourne crap instead

lol so thats a negative on bourne as well as rush hour?

good to know :D

I saw Bourne and was not disapponted....hubby wants to see Rush hour and i have been ducking it....seems like it will be painful...but with your review and my bro also says it was funny....then i guess i might just subject myself.....the things we do to please.....

why did that come as anonymous???? i wasnt trying to hide...i guessi clicekd the wrong thinghy...

thanks for the review. I wasn't going to bother but now I think about it, the last one was a lot of fun too. Having fun at the movies is something I think we've forgotten about. Mostly we want to be shocked and awed.

Anyway, next time, you and your date should get a video camera and make your own movie--doesn't have to be racy. It could be a comedy set in the park.

I think it's playing here but not sure if I will check it out asyet despite your ratings:)

Hmmm...prior to your review, I would'a give it a miss, but, maybe I will take the trek and give it a view...

Thanks for telling us. I was cautious about the movie. Jackie Chan's gettin' old.

I have a simple philosophy to part III's. They are never superior to their 2 part predecessors. Unless of course you refer to Revenge of the Sith and possibly the Bourne Ultimatum which was an awesome movie. I never saw the Rush Hour movies at the movies, so I'll wait until DVD for this one. But I heard it was pretty decent as well. Way to go Stunner!

you're probably like the first person i've heard give this a good review. i was really waiting on this movie all summer but i've heard so many bad things about it that i havent been to see it now. maybe your review will motivate me to go. ...but first gotta go see bourne