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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crunch Time (Hurricane Update)

Well, the beautiful weather that Jamaica experienced yesterday has given way to the dark, rainy conditions associated with the outer bands of the hurricane system. Dean has changed course a little and the track is projected south of the island. But this can always change, but we hope it moves even further southwards, thus lessening the impact of the hurricane force winds. I have not seen any strong winds here in Kingston so far and we have not experienced any heavy showers, but things will deteriorate as time goes by. The most we can do now is just pray and hope the system continues to move south of us.

6 commented:

Our prayers are with you.

Prayers are with you.
Let the blog world know how things went. I've been through a Cat 2 before and can't imaagine a Cat4.
Love sent from Canada...

As I type this I know you are getting pounded; watching a news bulletin from Kingston on CNN right now. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

It looks pretty bad. I hope all is well. Stay safe.

You are all in my thoughts and even more in my prayers. Stay safe