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Monday, August 20, 2007

Close Shave! (Bye Bye Dean)

The sun is once again shining through the partly cloudy skies here in Kingston, Jamaica and hurricane Dean has passed! We got a pounding by endless rain, lashes by powerful winds but still standing. Thank God Dean changed course and traveled south of the island instead of plowing straight through!

I am not sure of the extent of the damage, as I am still at work and have not ventured out or seen any news updates. But it seems things are not as bad as with Ivan. Now I need to head home after work and examine my place and take a good shower! Yes there is still water in my part of the city, just hope it is clean enough to bathe. This is just a quick post but I hope to post some pics and videos in my next post. I don't have much as I was at work the whole time. Hope all the Cayman posy is hanging in there and will be OK as well as the folks on the Yucatan Peninsula. Thank you all for your best wishes and prayers.

You can still track hurricane Dean on my previous post. I will replace it with a snapshot after Dean dies out.

6 commented:

Great news Stunner! Glad to hear that everything turned out. I hope alot of the other areas that are in the path of this hurricane will be spared like your great island was too man.

Glad to hear that you are safe.


Phew! Thank God. Glad that you are safe.

@Luke: Yeah I'm glad we are ok. I hope the others in the path are too.

@Geoffrey: Thanks!

@gishungwa: Thank you!

@Kami: Thanks, it's good to be safe.

@Jamaipanese: YYeeaaahhh! Good to here that man! Hope you had no damages to your place.