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Sunday, August 05, 2007

*@&!(**!!&!! Miserable!!!

This is some way to spend a Holiday weekend. I man just feel miserable right about now. Why?


The much anticipated, entertainment weekend is here the Appleton Treasure Island (ATI) and Red Stripe Temptation Isle (RTI) weekend is here! This is a party animal's dream one entire Holiday weekend of partying, free liquor and all inclusive parties. This party overdose lasts for an entire four day period, leaving little time for sleeping as there is an ample buffet of parties to choose form, all with there own distinct flavour. The beaches and parties are just teaming with scantily clad females, who have thrown out much of their inhibitions due to the none stop flow of alcoholic mixed drinks. There will be a lot of wining and gyrating to the rhythms of the various mixes of dancehall, soca, reggae and hip hop that will be permeating the coastline of the resort town, Negril. Sound great doesn't it? So Why am I miserable? Because mi nah go deh deh, that's why. Right now as we speak and all this action is going on, I'm chained to my desk at work slaving away! Yes, young twenty something year old young man is at work on a holiday weekend that is dedicated to enjoying the glamours and vigour of youth! Ratid, I man nuh just miserable, I man cross!

Well, what to do, the bills have to be paid and I have to eat food to stay alive, and all of this depends on the crumbs scattered off the table of the employer. So I'll just have to suck it up and torture myself by watching the coverage on RE TV and HYPE TV......but wait! Mi cable nuh bruck down! !##*$&^!%!&*"?%^! Yes a now mi cross! Yesterday evening I did a little interior designing and changed up my living room a bit, as I had bought an new entertainment stand. This little redesigning included moving the TV to another part of the room. So every thing was all set, but when I turned on the TV, pure rice grain! What? How could this be? So I checked all the connections, the cable wiring, the TV and the cable box, but nothing seemed to be wrong and yet nothing is showing. I am not certain if it was something I did as I didn't turn on the TV before moving it. Now this is not all, being a weekend and a holiday weekend too at that, the cable company is closed until Tuesday! !$#(#^%&%&~*! So now I can't even report my problem to them to have it fixed! So this means no cable for the entire holiday weekend! I plan to try another cable box, that my friend has to see if something is wrong with the box. I tried to test if there was any signal coming in from the cable, but my multimeter battery died also. Just great!

So let's recap how my holiday weekend has been going so far: I'm working all weekend, the biggest party weekend ATI is going on and I can't go, and I don't have any cable to watch for the entire weekend! Just ^@#^#&)#*#&! great! Anyway, how is your weekend so far?

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10 commented:

well stunner everything happens for a reason they say. Maybe something good will come of it--like perhaps a month of free cable? Probably not though, eh?

man, I have work to do as well, and I'm procrastination like crazy

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ...a rollin on the ground..... WHOEEEEEEE!!!
Yiee water dropping from mi eyes .... a can't write a comment yet later .....LOL LOL LOL

Such is life at times brother...if it's any consolation..It's crop Ova kadooment weekend in Barbados and I still hey in sweltering S Fl.
as fuh de cable..just runo ova tuh de local video shop and sort yuhself out till de cable get fixed

i hate crowds especially large drunken crowds.

I was there last year and had a great time but this year I am just relaxing at home and going to the beach and park with my family and significant other

Ah feel yuh pain.I bet Shtta M and his crew down in Negril..Oops,I think I just made it worse for you:)

@GC nothing good can come out of this. No free cable at all, not with this company. It's back now though.

@Owen, I do the same thing some times.

@bobby on man grief is anothermans laghter...or something like that, lol!

@ Campfyah I thought you would be too tired for Cropover, seeing than you went on so many rides! lol. Well by the time I got home last night the cable was back, I didn't have to get any DVD.

@ Jamaipanese I have never been to ATI, I just want to see what it's like.

@Kami Thanks for rubbing it in! Grrrr and knowing Shotta M, he probably find himself down there somehow!

hey Stu can comment now, my yute if you into lots of easy sex, with young girls (17- 23), being drunk beyond belief or hanging around people drunk beyond belief very large crowds, with again lots of ladies scantly cladded, being totally oblivious to whats happening in the world, the scent of vomit, excessive hype and just pure hedonistic behavior ...then damn!!! you are missing something if not yuh not missin a thing... heh heh heh

ooooh glad to hear you got your cable back wonder sometimes how i use to live without it

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