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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dutty Burger King!

Dutty tinking Burger King! Yes I said it! Because I are cross and angry and miserable! A few mornings ago I was on my way to a function in the morning, but I woke up late so there was no time to make breakfast. And I man have to have my breakfast! So I decided to stop an the Half Way Tree Burger King to grab myself a breakfast as it was Sunday morning and my normal "cook food" place wasn't open. So when I went in I was greeted by an unusually long line for a Sunday morning, but I had no choice right, so I decided to join the line. While in the line I noticed that this line wasn't really moving, then I glanced up and noticed that there was only one cashier! Anyway considering that I was halfway in the line I decided to just stick with it.

Ok, only three more persons to go...but wait the line, not moving! What the hell is this woman doing at the counter, sounds like she has no clue what the hell she wants to eat. Then after taking an eternity to make her order and ask what comes with the order, even though it's displayed, she decides she has to pay with a debit card. As if this wasn't bad enough, the cashier decided she needs to take a break and asks another one to sign in. By now you know was getting really upset! Finally it was my turn to make my order, at last!

"We don't have any breakfast sir." the cashier said. "Pardon me." I said. What the &^*(%@(^$*@$%*@^@%^*@ Afta mi deh inna this line how long a waste weh! So hold on are you telling me that these people didn't have the courtesy to put up even a make shift sign to say that they don't have any breakfast! I was so upset! If I could trash that place and get away with it, there would be no Burger King left. How can they not have breakfast so early in the morning! I was so upset I just hissed my teeth and walked out! Damn you Half Way Tree Burger King!

On another note, I posted some more photos that I took while I was on vacation, this time it's of Washington D.C. So you can go over to my photoblog, My World My Lens, and check them out and let me know what you think of my photography so far.

10 commented:

a very good friend of mine is a trainee assistant manager at that burger king (there are two BKs in hwt now by the way, one more open recently near the portmore bus stop but I am talking the regular one across from the new bus park).

I'll get in a word for you, but please nuh badda mash up the place, yuh done know BK is the real king of all fast food ^_^

What kind of morning function were you going to that wasn't serving food? Next time turn them down.

LOL LOL LOL hey just call me when yuh redi, Bk is definitely having problems in the service dept. but GC does has a point though.
@ Jampanese: they got to be more than just food bro.

so stu when yuh redi lets trash the place...heh heh heh

Then just eat something else dude. I could never have breakfast at a fast food joint. Just seems unnatural.

Hahaha. That is rough man, always grab a cereal bar is my motto.

Just a pass through and hail yuh up

poor you-not:) Make sure you have some cereal home,it works all the time

lol.. I refuse to buy burger king.

It has been like 4+ years since the last time I've bought from there.

Sory man. but LOL LOL LOL ahh man.. thats a mini youtube skit right there. lol

That food will make you sick anyway. You're better off eating a banana.